Free Drone Training Course 2 – How to Safely Launch

by Jose
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The next thing I’m, going to show you how to do is how to safely launch your drone. I’m, going to show you two different styles. The first one is going to be nice and slow and then the second one’s. Gon na be fast, and I’ll talk about why we want to do either one of those.

So the first thing we’re gonna do is I’m, going to show you how to do a nice and slow takeoff? So I got the drone right now is sitting on top of the bag, and actually I’m just gonna move. It may as well.

Do it on the grass. The drone is on the grass and nice and stable. I’m gonna stand behind it, so what I’m directly behind the drone. I know that when I try and move it right is gonna be right and left it’s.

Gon na be left. We’ll, get into that later on in the training, but at first for takeoff I’m gonna show you how to do it nice and smooth. So once you power up the drone on the left, stick, if you push up or forwards on that, stick, it’s, going to start applying power to the motor and bring the drone up so from an environment like this, but there’S not too much dust and garbage and stuff like that, laying around we can take off nice and slow.

So all we want to do is just put a nice slow input on the left. Stick until the drone comes up, and then when the drone is up, we can see that it’s, nice and stable, and it’s. Not gonna be going anywhere bring the drone back down again so with the drone down that again, is a nice, slow, slow, stable, lift.

So again, that’s, just using the left, stick on the transmitter, nice and slow up, and there we go. Our drone is up an airborne another way to take off. Let’s, bring that down and quiet it. Now, if you’re, an environment that’s, got a lot of snow or dirt or dust or something, and you don’t, have a landing pad to help you.

You know keep dust and stuff away which they don’t always even do that in any way. But if you’re, especially in one of those environments, a dirty dusty whatever and you don’t want to get dust and stuff on your camera or into your motors and stuff.

One thing you want to do is get the drone up quickly when it’s. Spinning like this, it’s. Gon na create enough wind to this maybe start slowing, blowing a little bit of dust and stuff around. But as soon as you add some RPMs with the left stick and to make the drone come up, it’s, really gonna start blowing stuff around.

So what I recommend is, instead of going really slow like we just did, is to hit it really hard and bring the drone up quickly. So all you have to do to do that is on the left. Stick just push it up all the way up and give it full power up and quickly off the ground.

This way the drone is up and it’s minimizing how much time it’s on the ground and getting any dust or sand or anything like that into the drone. So we’ll. Just do that again, just fire up the drone and again just full throttle up or forward whichever way you want to think of it with the left stick and up in Erica another advantage of doing it.

This way is when the drone is, when you got a new battery. Sorry, not the drone itself, the battery you want to test and see if the battery’s gonna have any issues and one easy way to do. That is by giving it a full thrust up that’s, going to use the most power and the most voltage on the battery.

So by taking off that way, you can just continue it and just fire the drone all the way up and see. If there’s, gonna be any issues. If you’re gonna have an issue it’s. Gon na tell you right away on the screen that the battery is having a problem, so that’s.

A good way to take off either quickly or slowly, and you can decide based on your environment, which way you want to do it. [, Music, ],

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