FREE Drone Certification Study Guide: FAA Part 107 sUAS Test

by Jose

Hi I'm Tony Northrup and this is my study guide for the FAA part 107 UAS drone certification that will allow you to fly drones commercially within in the US in other words if you want to take Real-estate pictures or uh- mix drone photography into your wedding photography, this test is something you need to do to do that legally, read the description down below, I have included a Table of Contents, because this is a very long video.

It'll let you jump to the parts that you're most interested in You probably will not absorb all this information the first pass, so you might want to revisit some of it. The table of contents also links to my free study guide that will give you more information in written form and links to things like practice tests that can also help you get through it. Why would you want this? As I mentioned you need it if you want to legally commercially fly a drone for say, photography purposes in the U.S. and that kind of includes Youtube because you can make money from Youtube so it's kind of considered commercial although the F.A.A. hasn't been prosecuting Youtubers like Casey Neistat. But at the same time for us it's a good idea to do it if we use drones in our Youtube videos. How do you do it? Check the description down below.

My study guide will have specific phone numbers you can call. Basically you'll make a phone call, call up the testing agency, and you'll give them your full name, and your date of birth and like, your county of birth, and like weird information like that. And then they will call a testing center in your area and schedule a time for you and you'll go and take the test. Sometimes they'll even schedule it for the same day So you don't necessarily need to plan way out.

I just planned one day out and that was fine. When you show up to the test, you bring your ID and basically nothing else. No phone or anything. You can bring in a 4 function calculator: addition, multiplication, subtraction, division, nothing more complex. But I didn't need the calculator at all, and they did offer to loan me one while I was there. The test can take up to 2 hours, but I only needed like 45-50 minutes to actually take it. It's 63 or 64 questions and you need to get 70%. Multiple choice test, they give you 3 multiple choice answers So 1 correct answer, 2 wrong answers which makes it pretty easy. And I found that there's always 1 wrong answer, a "distractor" that's super easy to eliminate. So even if you don't know a question it's pretty much a 50/50 chance that you'll guess it right. I've taken in the ballpark of 40 different types of certification exams in my life. And I think this was the single easiest one I've ever taken. Nonetheless there is a lot of weird information to go over so I'm going to try to just give you all of that information.

This is not how I'm going to teach you to fly drones safely. This is how I'm going to get you to pass the test. Check our channel, we have a whole bunch of videos that can help you properly fly drones and choose between different models of drones and get great photos with drones and that type thing. This is for the certification test. This is the question you're going to be asking yourself frequently as we go through the material and as you take the test: Why the hell am I learning this bizarre information? Why do you want me to know the class B ceiling of a particular airport when I can't fly over 400 feet and I definitely can't fly near an airport. Why do I need to know how to read these bizarre 1950s weather reports when I can just open up a weather report on my phone and get more detail? I know. I'm not the one making the test, I'm not the one saying this is important for you. That's the FAA. But, think of it this way: you get a glimpse into this long history that the FAA has of providing really safe air travel.

It will give you an appreciation for what pilots go through and an appreciation of the greater airspace in the U.S. You will be a pilot. You will be an airman. Granted, it will be a remote pilot. But you will have a glimpse into that world and it's fascinating and it's historic. I found the whole process fun. So, if you often think that this isn't that practical, nonetheless it's cool. And if you want to do this professionally, it's absolutely necessary. If you want to actually learn how to fly a specific drone, visit this link. We're putting up tutorials on the mechanics of the drones and stuff. Again, this is different, and this link goes to our overall playlist with all of our drone videos.

First, let's go over various laws. I could've called this section numbers, because I'm just going to give you a bunch of numbers and then tell you the importance of it. This kind of makes it easier to remember. This is like flashcards. So, our first number is 0.55 pounds. That is the minimum weight that a drone would have to be before you need to register it in the U.S. All drones basically have to be registered with the FAA unless they're under this weight. That's really lightweight. Even this Mavic here is over .5 lbs. TO BE CONTINUED .

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