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by Jose

What’s up? My friends. Welcome back! Let’s! Jump directly to this topic. As you all seen in my past videos, I built a few drones this last year. This was my 3d printed body for a drone and it’s quite awful since it’s very heavy and also has elastic arms.

So all the vibration from the motors will affect the flight. I couldn’t manage to fight this drone and the same happened with this body. This is made with aluminium tubes and 3d printed parts. Finally, I designed this drone.

This is a 250 drone and is based on Arduino. I have two versions for this one. The one is made with a multi-way platform, and the second version is based on my own code, which doesn’t work quite well.

Yet I’ve, even working on this mini drone with brushed DC motors, and if I design a PCB for this drone – and I hope that this project will turn out great. The full video for this project will be uploaded to my youtube channel soon.

So stay tuned for that we even had six months of university project testing and building a drone. So I know how PID works, the components that you need and everything you have to know about drones in order to build one.

We even learn how the propeller turbines will affect the lift up from the ground, but, despite all that, I don’t know how to fly a drone. Yet the reality is that I know how to build a drone, but another good pilot is more.

I’m, not a pilot at all and that’s, because I always test drones in cages or inside my workshop. Besides, here in Barcelona, it’s very difficult to find a place where you can legally fire a drone, because drones are quite dangerous.

You always have to go far away from the city center, so that’s. Why? I’m, not a good drone pilot, but that it’s about to change. Let me just clean my workshop table and explain you what I want to do. Okay guys, so I want to become a decent drone pilot and share my experience with you.

At the same time, also teaching you something about drones on the way because it’s, a very interesting topic, since there are a lot of electronics involved into these machines. So I will make a few videos start to finish about my experience and how I started my fpv drones flying starting with that you need for a decent, actively fight.

Then we will see how to prepare our drone, and we will have our flight also have in mind that I’m, a beginner of a TV drones. So this should be the experience of a guy that never used fpv racing drones.

So let’s get started: [ Music ]. What’s up? My friends. Welcome back in this part of this video series. We will talk about the that you need to start your first fpv drone pilot practice, fpv or first-person view refers to the fact that you will be able to see in first-person what the drone is see using a pair of fpv goggles.

So you will definitely need a pair of fpv goggles, but let’s start with the drone. There are a lot of shape and sizes that you could choose. You could build one piece by piece buying the motors, the flight controller and the camera, or you could buy one that it’s already mounted, which is what I did for this video fpv drones are small, fast and very powerful.

Its size is usually given by the distance between two motors in diagonal. We have the X square shaped like this one here or the rectangular one like this one, where one side is longer than the other. I’ve watched a lot of reviews on YouTube of a bunch of drones and I think I found the perfect one for me.

This is the fury, be dark max fpv racing drone. So what makes this drone so awesome? Well, it has everything mounted in place. We have for doing west brushless motors mounted on this carbon fiber frame, the four es.

These are already soldered in place down here and, as you can see, all the wires are well covered. We have the flight controller and the radio receiver already multi plates on the board. Also, we have the transmitter for the fpv camera and the camera itself here with adjustable angle.

So basically, this drone is ready to fly. As you can see here, it also has a space for a GoPro at 30 degrees, which is a nice thing to have. You can easily take out the top frame if you want to add something to the main board.

I don’t have a compatible radio transmitter for this receiver, but that’s, not a problem. I will just connect the S pass from i/o receiver, since this drone is compatible with s mass communication, and that takes us to the next part that we need a radio transmitter and the radio receiver.

I will use the radio link a t10 transmitter with the r12 Diaz receiver. This receiver has an S bus communication, so you basically just connect those wires to the flight controller and you’re good to go.

We will also need a battery to power. The drone – and here comes the next awesome part about this drone. It can handle up to six as batteries, which is crazy. The amount of power that this room could deliver it’s.

Amazing, I’ve, already seen some videos about this drone, and I was amazed how this drone flies for now. I just have four s batteries, but I already ordered 5s and 6s batteries for future tests. Now for the final component, we will need some fpv goggles.

I’ve started with these ones. These are the LS 800 d and only cost $ 50. They have a built-in video recording with an SD card and also uses two antennas. The mushroom type and the directional type, and that will increase the radio connection a lot it’s rechargeable with a simple USB cable and you’re good to go.

I think this is the best example to start as a beginner. Since I don’t want to spend too much money, yet all the parts that I selected are quite low price and you have the links for all the parts in the description below.

I really recommend you these Fury bit dark max drones, since it’s, quite a high rated drone for now, and also stay tuned for future videos. Where I’ll test this drone outside so guys as a recap, you will need a restroom, small and light.

In this case. The frame is made out of carbon fiber, which makes this drawn very strong and light. The drogue should have good motors and ESS a flight controller, a radio receiver of video transmitter with an FPT camera and a good antenna.

In my case, I will use the triple blade, propellers included in the drum kit. Next, we will need the battery the radio transmitter and the fpv goggles, and now we should be ready to fly our drone, but first we will need to configure the flight controller of the drone.

You have a list for all the components, one by one below with links and prices for each component in the next video of this series, I will start with a small review on this drone and also how to configure the flight controller of this drone using an Online platform, we will see how to connect the radio receiver with an S pass communication: how to set up the data sent from the transmitter in order to control the drone.

How to connect the battery and establish the video communication with the fpv goggles. And then we will be ready to go outside in the next video I’ll, also try to explain a little bit how the S, bus communication works and also I will try to talk about the gain of the fpv antenna and also a bit Of PID so stay tuned for that, so guys, if you would like to have my projects, I’ve got the patreon campaign.

The link is down below. I would really really appreciate that guys and also check the links for all the components in this video down below if you want to buy one and also some coupons for you, but that will also have my workshop at the same time, I hope that you enjoyed This first video of the series, if so don’t forget to click the like button like crazy and share this video with your friends.

If you have any question about this video or any other, just leave it in the comment section below or my Q & amp, A page also don’t forget to subscribe and watch all of my other great tutorials. Remember, if you consider helping my projects check my patreon page thanks again and see you later guys: [, Music, ],

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