FPV and Drone Racing Part 1 – What is FPV?

Hi guys, we often get asked questions to require the help of an expert, and let me say that trying to find a real expert in this field is not easy. Not someone that’s got real life experience mixed with credible professional background, but today we introduce ash who is an expert, a real life sized accredited, experienced professional and a credible expert in the field of UAVs over the coming weeks.

He will introduce us into the world of hobby .

It’s pretty exciting, pretty much edge of your seat, stuff and absolutely amazing for watch.

So if you’re ready to move up in the phantom stay tuned to some amazing segments coming up, but today he starts at the beginning and explains what is and what it’s used for.


What we’re using these lightweight carbon fiber copter frames.

What we have is a camera onboard transmitting back to a set of that we’re wearing and basically, we’re flying as if we were seated onboard the aircraft.

So group of us get together.

We we race these things around kind of like your, your pod, races from Star Wars or something like the the Formula, one so very high speeds and and very tight tracks, depending on how you sort of setup something that’s specifically set up for racing.

In a higher voltage and a very small frame, you can get up to about 200 K an hour. Well, fat jack itself is just a brain.

There,’s actually quite a few different brands out there in the market.

Now fetch sharks, probably the most well known at what they are – is a set of glasses battery operated.

Of course, they’ve got a couple of little LCD screens that sit inside.

These are cost line up with your eyes, and what happens? Is it 39? S? Got a an Tanner and a receiver kind of like your TV and what happens is is from onboard these machines.

We’re transmitting video out it’s, coming through the air being picked up by your fat, chuckles and and then displaying the video inside on the on the little LCD screens.

What it means is a it’s, nice and quick, so you can just grab yourself a set of , a and a controller and go off for a day of fun.

So you’re only limited by the number of batteries you have.

There are different options, screens etc in these things, but for most of us that just want to go down the park for half an hour of fun, they just can’t be beat and what it’s giving is a nice immersive feeling.

So basically it’s as if you’re sitting on the front of this, these little copters, definitely the fun factor and and the immersion as well. So flying line of sight absolutely entertaining and and there’s a lot of fun to be have.

But when you can sort of take it to that next level, where you can dodge in and out of trees and through gaps and basically have a substantially longer sort of flight range.

So, depending on your, how you set up most of these little things are around sort of five or six hundred meters and, of course, being safe in having a person sitting with you duck to watch and keep a track of what you’re doing.

While you have your on and, of course, when you crash they, they typically know where you are, but what it means is that for most places you’re also complying with the rules having that person watching for you a spotter yeah, and that’s, Probably the most common common thing that they’re called as a spotter yeah.

There’s there’s at least three major brands available and quite a few sort of minor brands of different and most of the companies have a range inside their glasses.

So for someone like myself, that has really narrow eyes that chart works really well for me, because I can adjust my screens in really close together.

Some of the other means Boz came, etc, are much better for people that wear glasses so because of the way the fat Jack’s are sort of molded that they’re, no good for somebody that wears glasses.

Typically, some of the other brains are quite a lot larger and Aleya, where your glasses, you .

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