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Everyone, its Matt Williams, mr. mpw, and in today’s, drone expert secrets, video. We’re, going to answer a question that’s, come in from Alan with two L’s about what do I have to do? What rules do I have to stick to if I want to do a drone survey of the roof on my own house, everyone, its Matt with us mr.

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If you do give us a double thumbs down, tells you don’t like it. If you don’t and drop your comments, thoughts questions about this video in the comment section down below, so this question has come in from one of the subscribers to the channel a chap called Alan.

Now I won’t, go any further than that births. He’s asked what rules do I need to follow? If I want to do a survey of the roof on my own house, I have a PFC, oh, so what does that mean? Now? First of all, I would say a little bit frustrating away because your nqe, whoever you’ve used, should have told you about this.

They should have made it clear the rules and regulations. So if you need a little bit more guidance, if anyone needs a little bit more guidance on that, please give us a share. We do have a free. You can go into our ground school for free.

You go to pay-as-you-go PFC, Oh calm! You can watch the full ground school and we will explain that in there to you for free, so yeah don’t, go to another inquiry and be charged to find out or not find out at all go to pay as you go PFC.

Oh no calm now, then so on to the question hands. So first things: first, I guess now them when we are operating without a PFC. Oh, we can’t fly in a congested area that’s first things first, so if you haven’t got a PFC.

Oh you won’t, be able to do this kind of thing. Okay, because you have to stay 150 metres away from a congested area, and I guess by definition, unless you are fortunate enough to live in a house where you are isolated kind of on your own and there’s, no congestion around.

Then you can crack on as long as you can stay 150 metres away from a congested area and your house, I guess you giving yourself permission it’s under your control, so you can crack on. If you’re, not in that position, if you are in, as I think is the case with Alan from the situation, he provided us if he you’re in a terraced hair, Oh semi-detached house, or something like that, then you are By definition, I would suggest in a congested area, so you therefore need a PFC, oh to be able to operate there.

So it looks as though we ‘ Ve got that one ticked he ‘ S got a PFC. Oh the next thing. We need to do is to make sure that we have no person vessel vehicle or structure that isn’t under our control within 50 metres of as well Street are airborne.

Now that I would suggest is where things get a little bit tricky particularly understand the permissions. If you live somewhere, which is fairly built up, unless you can get 30 metres away from a road, you know the roads around you unless you can get 30 metres away from everybody and everything for takeoff and landing.

Apart from the things that are under your control, then you can’t even take off so that’s. The first trick is get 30 metres away. It may be that you could take off in a garden if the gardens are quite large and you can get that 30 metre separation.

That would be potentially the way to do it climb up to 50 to 60 metres, if required, and then move in gently and safely and carefully over the top of your house, which means that you can then stay 50 meters away from other things and say we Will have a video over the next couple weeks coming on the trigonometry behind staying 50 metres away from things not under your control? Now then, if you’re in a terraced house or a semi-detached house, you are also going to have to get and we’re, going to presume that your house is under your control.

You’ve, given yourself permission. You’re, also going to have to get permission from all of the other people whose properties houses, cars, etc are within 50 metres of your drone, well stiches airborne, which hopefully shouldn’t, be too much of a drama.

If you know your neighbours and you get on well – and you just say, look we want to do this. Is this okay? Have that conversation ideally get them to just sign a piece of paper that says that that’s, all okay and you should be good to go don’t.

Forget, though, that if you are going to operate under the auspices of a PFC, oh, if you are going to operate under these reduce separation distances which you have been granted by the CIA, you need to make sure that you’ve done the appropriate Planning as frustrating as that may be to operate under the PFC.

Oh you have to. You have effectively done your risk assessment done some elements of flight planning, because don’t forget even though it’s, your roof and there’s, not really any commercial intent. We’re still using the privileges granted to us by the CIA under a PFC, oh to be able to reduce those separation distances.

To do that, we need to have appropriate insurance in place. We need to make sure we ‘ Ve done the appropriate planning in accordance with whatever is written on your PFC. Oh because don’t forget, you know if someone say drives past and they were to report you for flying a drone over your house to the CIA.

They could potentially then come and speak to you and they could ask to see the paperwork that showed that you’ve done the appropriate planning in the appropriate risk, mitigations the appropriate risk assessments to make sure that you were operating to those reduced separation Distances safely so long and short of it, you will have to do it under the PFC.

Oh, if you can’t get the 150 meters from a congested area. Then you ‘ Ll have to operate as if you are doing a commercial job, and this might seem a little bit pedantic because it’s. My drone, it’s, my roof, it’s, my property, but it’s.

If things go wrong that you may find yourself in a sticky situation, okay, particularly in terms with insurance, I would suggest, but then the CAA, if they get involved as well. Obviously, all of this may change brexit dependents and, depending on whether we adopt the proposed easá rules in the middle of 2020, we still don’t know whether that’s going to happen.

We still don’t know what that’s, going to look like we don’t, know the mechanism. Yet yes, potentially under the open category, all the other categories within the proposed framework, there may be the opportunity to fly a small drone below a certain weight with a certain category marking if we have certain permissions potentially in place below five miles an hour.

In this case, over our houses, but we are not there at the moment so until the middle of 2020. This is the framework we have. This is the regulatory. These are the regular regulatory requirements that we have to hit, and that is how we have to do it.

If anyone can think of any other way to do it, then please drop that down a thoughts comments below happy to have that discussion. That’s. The way we see it from a you know, a very experienced drone operations perspective a very experienced training perspective, even with a small drone.

There are others out there. I’m sure who would say now you can crack on just do it fine and the issue is, and yes, I fully agree in a way it would be safe, but the issue is if something goes wrong. Have you operated within the spirit and the letter of the law? I hope that was useful.

Please keep sending those questions in Matt, ma TT to T’s at mr. npw calm, the more questions we get in the more videos we can do, and hopefully you’ll, find this useful. I say if you all drop that down in the comments below, if you do like the video give us a thumbs up.

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Williams fly safe and blue skies.

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