Fly ICARUS – CAA Approved Drone Training Course for PfCO in the UK

by Jose
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Ikaros, is the course which we’ve, designed zero motion, pictures which leads people through how to gain a permission for commercial operations from the Civil Aviation Authority in the UK. So the Icarus course entails three modules.

First, module is a theory course which lasts anywhere between two and three days generally. The second module is one whereby, when candidates have completed their theory, they move away from classroom environments and they have to produce an operations manual and then the third module is their flight.

Exam which we call an operational evaluation or an overview. Our instructors are generally either all X or currently serving military helicopter or flying instructors, or they are the very top end of the drone operator and community within the United Kingdom.

So we believe that Icarus is the best put together course, the best delivered course and the most revered course throughout the industry our roots. Now, because of how we really change the industry and disrupted it when we launched our training package really now sets us apart from the competition and it’s becoming now their standard for any aerial operations.

Within the UK, you

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