FLIR Thermal Imaging Drone Captures Structure Fire

Okay, so I’m walking around inside the structure. It’s kind of weird, as I’m, looking around to think that in a few hours, none of this is even going to exist anymore, Roswell, flight test crew. Here today, with our good friends from Tualatin Valley, and Rescue, they’re gonna do a to learn that house back there.

You’re either gonna burn that thing to the ground awesome. Our goal was to provide an aerial perspective on the exercise using a multi rotor equipped with a FLIR thermal-imaging camera for the firefighters.

The day began with a mission briefing, so the whole point of today is we’re, going to be burning. The house, as a experience, we have a recruit Academy, and so this is an opportunity for our recruit firefighters to come out and experience a live- environment where they get to practice hose movement.

Reading an understanding, , behavior heat conditions, it’s, a real house, it’s, live it’ll, be very busy. It gets them the opportunity to see how chaotic and and how much movement happens on the ground.

It should be all day today we’ll have multiple sets inside, and so this gives the opportunity to be able to go in put it out, come back in reset in another part of the house, and so we can use this experience multiple times Over and over and over again houses a rare and precious commodities, so I asked how the firefighters got permission to burn this one to the ground, so we acquired these structures from you have that for Humanity they’re looking to build on this property.

So they wanted to figure out the best way to sort of utilize the property, and then they contacted us and said hey. We have the structure, we’d, love for you guys to be able to use it and which worked out really well.

For us and our new recruits, we’re setting up the water supply for the house burn. We’re doing today and the way we set things up is we use two different hydrants to supply the different rigs so that if one hydrant fails, then the other rig is set up with water already to continue feeding water to the operation smoke.

Rising from the back of the house made it clear that the exercise had begun and the FLIR thermal imaging camera made it easy to pinpoint the exact location of the fire inside structure. As the firefighters emerged, we observed them engaging in some unusual behavior, so you see the firefighters over there hosing each other off there’s, a real specific purpose for that it’s called gross decontamination.

So when the firefighters go in there, they get all the toxic materials on their turnouts and those are known to cause certain cancers, and so really what we want is our firefighters to be safe. So when they come outside, they get hosed down.

So no pressure hosing and they clean off all those really large debris material that’s on their turnout to help them keep them safe. We set up a television screen, so the incident commander could see the live.

Video feed coming down from the . So if you have the radios, they can talk to us at you and us now they actually want the the imagery off the GoPro, not the FLIR. In this case they could see people on the ground as the exercise progressed and the clouds of smoke became thicker.

Tekin stein found a new use for the thermal camera, so flying over fire was a lot of fun. Now, when that I got completely enveloped in smoke, I flipped over to the FLIR. I could see perfectly. It was great.

We asked the incident commander to give us his impression of the drones effectiveness. So today at the house burn everybody utilized the as an aerial asset, to be able to look and see in real time what was going on.

The drone was very, very stable. I was actually really surprised that, at the stability of the picture that we were able to look at on the television screen, clarity on the on the camera was remarkable and being able to switch from thermal.

To clear picture, I think was a really valuable useful vice. As well, I was surprised at how quickly the drone could get deployed and get over to the Charlie side to give me real time. This is what’s happening right now.

All I had to do is look over to the television monitor and I can see crystal-clear what what the situation that’s out normally outside of my view. What it look like, pretty remarkable and remember: kids, don’t.

Try this at home well hope you’re watching next time. All right, why say

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