Fatshark 101 Drone Training System at CES 2018

by Jose
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Good afternoon, this is J Crossman for Digital Trends. We are here at the rodeo 2018 as part of CES. I’m here with Fatshark. They have a new product out just for CES call it the Fatshark training system 101, and it comes with a first person view headset, as well as a micro that you can fly indoor outdoors and it’s great for entry into the Market, if you just want to kind of dip your toes into drone racing and you can fly it in Dorne outdoors, and so I’m here with Martin from Fatshark.

Why don’t? You tell us a little bit more about this. Drone a lot of people have seen driving racing on ESPN or on CBS, and they’re like how do I get into during racing? This is the kit that does that makes it simple.

It lowers the barrier to entry into drones and drone racing into sport drones so that you could easily understand it and that you can do it at an affordable price point. So look for enough, for example, the problem with you uneven addressing is a lot of times.

You fighting $ 800 drone 500 other headset. Then you have to like make it all work together. You have to like, build it and have parts and soldering irons, that’s really just too hard for a lot of people want to get into dress and to fix that we’ve kind of made a simple solution: that’s all in one box open it up kits all there plug it in, go out and fly, and then, if you, if you want you want to go deeper in, you can start to upgrade components.

So I’m. Sorry, the headset comes with it, which is the Recon, but you can upgrade to like the pro-grade headset. If you want, or you can upgrade to different radios quads if you want as well the different headsets, a difference of frequency and refresh rates or what? What and this is a like standard, def headset, you can go up to HD yeah, I mean it’s.

Basically, like you know, upgrading from like a Ford Taurus to BMW m3 or like so. He’s, not gonna hold back right. He’s. Just this is the fort or some headsets it’s simple. It allows you to get into fpv, learn about it and then, if you want, then you can start upgrading components so that’s.

The great thing about the industry right because, like you know, if you’re terrible at it, if you crash it or you ruin it, you’re, not out thousand dollars with this kit. You’re at 249 and you can then you can like replace certain components as needed.

So when does this go on sale and how much can people pick it up for just went on sale? It’s great, so we were doing pre-orders for the last two weeks that just wrapped up its getting into store shelves right now we’re, still keeping it fairly, like Hobby focused circuit, so it’s, not gonna, Be a Best Buy, but like places like get FPV horizon and ready-made RC, these are online places.

You can get them there right now. I think there should be in stock this week and it’s, some $ 249. So Lincoln he’s, our pilot here. What are your impressions of picking this up and flying it right out of the box like how hard will it be for the average consumer? Maybe, who’s, never even flown a drone before to pick this up and fly it with a reasonable amount of control? I’d say this is a relatively easy kit to just pick up and start flying.

It has three separate modes. So you have an easy mode, mid-range mode and an advanced mode, and with that it stabilizes the for you, so you’re, actually able to kind of just learn the controls without having to worry about it just flying away.

So I’d, say further beginner. This is a really good kit to go with great. So, as you’ve seen here, it’s, two hundred and forty-nine dollars. It’s, a great price point for an entry-level fpv racing drone.

If you just want to dabble your toes and get into racing, so guys let’s. Just take these out here. The tent and get fly sound good cool. It takes a minute or two to like fully trick your brain that you’re, not moving it out exactly

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