Fat Shark 101 …. Fpv Drone Training System!(Flight Review)

by Jose

What’s going on guys Jones? Our dogs here good morning, welcome back to the channel. I have a good one for you guys today. Today I have. The facts. Are 101 drone training system. This is an all-in-one fpv, drone training kit for beginners man and what’s nice about this? This is all, and one setup comes with everything you need: fpv, goggles, 5.

8 gigahertz comes with a really nice transmitter, really nice really nice gimbals on it, and then it comes with the fat shark, shark . Alright, this is a 5.8 gigahertz brush made about fat sharks themselves.

Alright, look they’re, really nice. Look like a little shark and stuff like that. Has these little prop bars on that you can’t. Take off. I’m gonna leave them on, and this is a really nice beginner trying to drone into fpv man.

Fat sharks put this guy out to make this an easy. Simple introduction require an introductory kit for beginners such as myself, trying to enter into the fpv world that doesn’t know a lot about binding up different transmitters and who doesn ‘

T already have their own set of goggles already. This set is basically made to get a beginner into the game and be everything you need it in the package. Complete ready to fly setup even came with batteries for the transmitter.

Alright, complete ready to fly came with some really cool, looking raised gates that you can use came with the fat shark, recon goggles, really nice man. This is a dope setup came in our purchase, mind.

It was like one hundred thirty eight dollars and I did check Amazon this morning. I even think this guy even went down even more like one hundred and twenty seven dollars. Man now that’s, super duper.

Cheap just set up was like 250, when it first came out man. I think these goggles are like 100 bucks themselves. If he’s, gonna get these goggles, you might would just get to set up for 127 bucks. So you paint like four extra twenty seven dollars.

You’re, getting this transmitter that operates on a fly sky receiver. So you can or fly sky TX excuse me, so you can use other quads that use fly Scout receivers. You can use this transmitter with other quads, so that’s, a bonus, and then you get this.

You get the itself, man, it’s. Really nice, like the way it looks it’s kind of cool, unique man. How many drones look like a shark? You know I’m. Saying really. Nice has the buying button on the side.

Has the channel button right here everything that’s really nice on this quad man? Here it comes with two batteries, and the batteries are the end of them is a balanced lead, so you can use any battery.

That has, let me decide to sell what I balance the end on it becomes. This balance lead charger leading up to a USB here. It’s, a seven point, six volt 260 milliamp hour battery and they give you two and you just click the guy.

It clicks are really simple. Alright, you just put these little hooks underneath you just push this guy in boom. This little connector connects to the battery there’s, no on/off switch soon, as you connect you’re on and another thing about this drone it’s really easy to fly, has angle mode.

It has a rising mode and it even has a crow for when you really want to start getting into stuff and start learning and another cool thing. Transmitter comes with the micro USB to USB that you can actually hook up this transmitter to your PC or your laptop, and you can actually use a simulator.

So there’s, a it’s, a simulator built in with the transmitter, and they give you a 30 month subscription to the DRL simulator. You can use their simulator that’s. Pretty nice man! You got a really nice little hobby style, transmitter man, it’s.

Pretty nice has a armand switch right here and then has a three-position switch right here, which is all the way up is angle in the middle is horizon and all the way down is your a chrome, old man, so very nice.

The sticks feel very nice and proportional, so you’re gonna get very precise flying with this guy. Very nice man I like this goggles are nice. Has the fat sharks on the side, the logo on the side, fat shark in front very nice? The inside is good on and off switch.

Underneath. Look at that guys. I love you can see in there. It’s, just it’s, a for the price man. It’s, a very nice setup, rechargeable battery in there. It’s, an 8 18 650 lithium-ion battery. Ok and just everything is pretty dope about this little setup, man that’s.

What I think so everything is pretty dope. So what I wan na do we’re. Just gonna fly this guy around I’m, not gonna. Do no acro flight with it. Today I want to practice a little bit. I’m, not the greatest acro flyer, so I want to do a little bit more practicing the acro.

What the God was. First before I do acro fight. Now we’re gonna do is something’s. Gon na fly this guy around line of sight to let you guys see how it flies. Then I throw the goggles on and then I’ll see you show you guys what the camera looks like from the goggles.

Alright. So let’s, go ahead and do this man with this fat shark man short quad from fact, sharks, sharks, 101. So what I want to do is I want to go ahead and go ahead and connect. This okay, like I said here’s, our me switch on this side.

This is your three position switch all the way up is gonna, be angle mode or easy mode. They call it and we’re. Just gonna yep see we are Bob, it’s, gonna just go ahead and arm the motors and just take off and show you guys this that suck man the transmitter, feels really nice man.

You got to give it that so we’re, flying it around an angled motor right now: cool, looking quiet the eyes on a shark light up dope, [, Music, ], very nice, very precise movement on the sticks. So there’s, our yaw rate.

There is no rates on this guy. There is no speeds of rates, but here’s, our yaw rate right there that’s, a pretty decent yaw for what this is beginner quiet and you can hook this guy up to beta flight 2.

So once you get better and you progress with this guy, you can hook this guy up into beta flight because it has a microUSB on the top of it. You can hook it up to beta flight and you can increase and change all your rates and your pitch rate and your yaw rate.

You can increase and change all that your angle and all that stuff. So this is a very nice beginner set up man. This is full pitch. This is full pitch coming back this way, this is just stock out of the box.

I haven’t, put it up to beta flight or changed anything or did any of that. It’s. The stock out-of-the-box flyer. This is how a beginner will get it, so it was really nice man all right. It’s, really nice nice-looking little char.

Let’s, bring it on then close for some camera love fat, sharks. 101. What’s? Your boy drones in dogs, yeah baby – I can’t, wait to practice with this guy, especially in the AK remote and I’ll, definitely follow up with a crow flight guys I will.

I just got to get some practice in first. I’ve, been doing a lot of practicing with my hubsan x4 H, 1. 2. 3 D. I’ve, been doing a lot of acro practice with that and I’ve been getting better, so stay tuned man and they say you get about 4 minutes with this guy.

You should get about 40 minutes of flight with this guy and the cool thing about this guy. When you’re flying using the goggles, when you’re using the goggles, you fly fpv, the screen will go black and white when this guy is getting low on batteries, so that’s.

The battery indicator, letting you know that the screen or that the drone is getting low. Now I’m, not sure what the low lbc wanted on this is gonna, be pretty sure the eyes with on a flash or change colors or some.

We’re here lvc, I hope anyways. It has really nice prop guards. Aren’t it for beginners, [ Applause, ]. Look at that man, pretty he pretty cool. I’m. Flying a shark go be a boy like for flight, a shark.

You know I’ve, seen it [ Music ], look up in the sky, it’s, a bird it’s a plane. No, not really it’s a shark. I think we got enough a lot of site flying. I think this guy looks pretty good. What’d? You guys think so, yeah.

Typically, you should get about four minutes with this guy. I’m gonna swap out the battery. I’m gonna go ahead and swap out of battery guys, and then we’re gonna go ahead and do fpv flight with this guy.

But we’re getting low so that’s, our flight time, disarmed cool, so yeah that sucks man so yeah. I’m gonna go ahead and swap out of battery guys. I’m gonna. Do a fpv fly and I’ll, be an angle mode on the fpv flight.

Don’t forget to Like and subscribe guys. This is the fat shark 101. So after this we’ll go directly into the fpv flight. I appreciate you guys for watching I’m. Your boy drones and dogs. Don’t forget to Like and subscribe, and I’ll catch.

You guys in the next one thanks for watching guys, [ Music, ]

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