Fat Shark 101 Drone Training System Review

by Jose

Hi it’s Chris from Nestor drones, a very exciting announcement. Today we have received into stock the fat shock 101 pro training system. The beauty of this is it’s, a complete setup. So a lot of people said to me: how do you get into drone racing and then I end up saying: well, you’ve got to get a drone.

You’ve, got to learn to soldier, you’ve got ta, buy some goggles, you’ve got to buy batteries, you’ve got a program in it. Then you go out and fly and it’s, damn near impossible to actually fly properly.

It takes a lot of practice, so yeah Racing driving. If I only get into something like this a lot of fun, you know this reduce at forty fifty miles. An hour anyone that knows me is watching this knows I’m, the worst drone racer ever, but you know I keep trying.

Then you’re going to get your goggles fat shot, make really good goggles. They are world leaders in this sort of thing, so what I’ve done now. Is that made a whole drone training system really good bit of kit you can fly outside.

You can fly inside, so we’re gonna. Do an unboxing now just to show you what’s in it, and then we’re, going to give it a fly in here and then we’re gonna give it a fly outside. So let’s, have a look at what it comes with.

I’m, not opened it yet so very exciting moments it’s, a the fat shot, 101 drone training system. Look at that shark, brilliant, really good, nice! Nice little package, you know if it’s a present or something come through the drone, remote control and some first person view goggles so really excited.

Let’s, have a look. What’s inside? We go Fatshark drone training system. I should think we’re. Looking at a QuickStart guide. They’re, very good. All in English looks nice and clean up there, some foam stickers.

I think they’re new. So then screen white and some cardboard. I think this is going to be it’s, two of them. I think they’re, going to be a stunned, because I do know it comes with two basic gates now these are.

These are gates you can use indoors so somehow or other this fix is on there, so you can practice outside, usually use bigger gates, but that suppose what you can’t use these ones as well, so they’re, really good.

They fog down up quite small. I’m, not gonna fold. This one back so you know just lay off I’ve got and there it is. There is the little beauty look at that. So you ‘ Ve got your four motors for props four motors built in camera.

There. It looks like the camera points straight forward. Don’t think there’s, going to be a lot of tilt on. This looks like you ‘ Ve got the battery connection there so very light, not quite sure it’s like a carbon plus tip frame, but it’s quite rigid, and then you ‘

Ve got plastic built in prop protectors and plastic, sort of tail and sort of fin there so very light so good for indoor use there. It is, and then you ‘ Ve also got the goggles okay, so you ‘

Ve got a strap adjustable, strap around your head, one that goes over the top of your head, some padding around there and that’s. Your screen, okay, they’re, not quite and sort of standard of you know, HD threes or Dominator.

V3, something like that, but they do feel good. I think they’re, going to be quite comfortable to it to wear channel selector on there. You go you’re normal. Just if brightness/contrast looks like your antenna goes there and the cable seen the antenna there you go standard.

Fatshark antenna is going to go on there, so we’ll. Put that together in a few minutes – and you can have a look spare props spare motors – that’s, a nice little addition. It shouldn’t, be too difficult to swap a motor.

It looks like you ‘ Ve probably got a clockwise and anti-clockwise one there, so that’s, really good idea. I would guess that’s. The charging cable for the battery goes into a USB port. Let’s. Have a look under here.

More goodies. Look at this Wow, the remote controlled yeah that feels nice feels comfortable couple of switches there. So pretty simple, you know to get you started see if you like it, we’re only looking at sort of 250 pounds for the whole setup, so I think it’s very well priced and then also in here looks like we’ve got a battery ah another one, that’s, pretty good sticking of one on charge.

Why should you flying and then also some batteries there? I think they’ll, be for the remote control and I’m sure the remote control well, that’s quite a while, so that’s, everything everything in the box, everything you need to fly so far.

I’m, really impressed. So what we’ll, do now is we & # 39? Ll, have a flick through the instructions we’ll charge it up and read the instructions, always read the instructions. When you get a new drone and then we’ll, give it a fly around here super.

So this is the battery for the drone and it comes with a charging got a USB port on one end and a plug for the battery. On the other, so I’m just going to show you how to charge it. I’m. Just the instructions connect the battery up, go to a powered USB port on the computer.

There plug that in you have a red LED to say it’s connected and a green flashing LED to say that it’s charging okay. So we know that’s charging up now, so we’ll. Leave that there, when it’s, finished charging, it stays illuminated, so the green, the green LED, will stay illuminated and we know that’s charged.

These are the batteries for the drone. They come with some string attached to them and the idea is that you can attach the battery to the to the drone, and then it touch the other end of the strings or something heavy water bottle, or something like that.

So you can practice using the throttle and compensate for drift control on the drone. Basically, it’s going to stop you smashing the driver pin to the lights when you first get going really good idea.

Now I’m, going to put the batteries into the remote controller to do that. Remove the back panel and then you’ve got four batteries need to go in there double-a batteries. It comes with the with the drones.

So literally you don’t need anything else to going that way to going that way and then put the panel back on the back there, you go that’s. Your batteries installed so the remote control to turn it on you press and hold the power button.

The green light comes on, so you know it’s on you’ve got a switch on the top left. It’s. Got three positions to start with? You want it in easy mode. There’s, a switch on the top right, which is to start and stop your motors, and then you’ve got the left hand, stick is your throttle and it stays wherever you leave it, and then you ‘

Ve got your and the right hand. Stick you’ve got pitch and roll and that one is sprung back to the middle. Also, on the remote is a microUSB port. Okay, so that’s, the remote control. So we’ve downloaded the simulator you go to the fat shot , go on to their training, page loads of resources.

There telling you how to get started, how to actually get fly in with the shot one I want. We’ve, downloaded it onto this laptop it’s completely free. You need quite a good laptop. You need a reasonable graphics card for it to work again.

There’s loads of stuff. On there there’s. Training, you can do races there’s, beginner mode intermediate mode. We’ve gone on to like a freestyle thing here, so we we’re down at the docks you connect to your.

The remote controller connects with wittily. It comes with to the laptop and then you actually need to have a proper simulator. So I’m gonna try to fly now. So I ‘ Ve got my drone. We’ve, got it on the big screen there.

I’m gonna take off there. We go over in the air, okay and I’m. I’m keeping it in the air pushing the right stick forward now flying along and I go up a bit. I’m gonna make a banking turn there around the containers see I’ve started to go a bit high, which is quite a common thing.

When you’re, doing learning to fly racing your own there, you go coming back down, giving it a little bit more power. Now, Oh out over the water, another banking right turn coming back around, taking it nice and easy not going mad back over the place we started from, and this is a lot of fun and it gets you working the sticks properly like you will do when you’re flying for real okay, you’re, doing exactly the same movements as you will do when you’re flying this drone for real makes it on a bit high again, and then I can bring it in a bit Of a bumpy landing, so that’s, something you can do practice your skills inside there’s.

Different scenarios. There’s. Different settings. You can use! You have to calibrate the controller when you first set it up. So that’s, really good practice for you as well all getting you ready, but when you do actually go out and fly this thing for real.

So now we’re, going to fly the fat shot, one-on-one training drone for real, so charged up. We’ve attached a battery and then there’s, a cord there, which we’ve attached to a water bottle, and this will just stop the drone flying away hitting the ceiling and whatever allowing you to practice, keeping it In one place so get the remote control it’s in beginner mode.

Make sure you throttles down at the bottom pair of engines and we’re ready to go. [, Music, ] really responsive, [, Music ] and I’m just practicing now, so I’m keeping it in one place, which is what you have to do when you first start flying: [: Music ].

These lovely applies a lovely, beautiful, [, Music ] just kill the motors there. If you have a bit of a bit of a flipper, absolutely brilliant handles just like the real thing. So the next thing we’re going to do is try and fly the drone through some of these gates.

So I’m, inviting my good friend Dale over he’s quite experienced drone racer. He’s, been flying around the garden and fly through some hoops and just want to get his thoughts on it. So welcome Dale what we’ve done.

We’ve connected the 101 to a battery just so we can see the camera. What do you think the goals down? They are good. It’s, probably 720p. What you’ve got is a SS, I see no empty, but it’s. The signal from the gobbles to the quadcopter itself.

So you should think that you can never down a range. I’ve just had to walk away from them and it’s down to about 10 percent, but it’s. Still a pretty good picture, yeah yeah. We call it in excellent yeah.

I ‘ Ve also tried a fly, move the battery yeah, so it connects. Sometimes I’ve had no problem at all yeah. It’s on there now, and that is a brilliant picture. That’s, really good, yeah, excellent, a starter.

It’s, always moving through, be eaten, obviously angry and it flows really well. I struggled a little bit flying it yeah because we kept it in stability mode yeah, beginning at home. So you know that you know I don’t use the beginning of my mouth.

No, hopefully, when you take it down, yeah yeah see how quick the ropes are and everything yeah yeah it’s. It’s, 250 pounds. Everything it sounds append and even when you want to progress a little bit yeah, you can still keep that, but the goggles yeah we’ll, still match any of it.

Yeah, because you’ve got full range. Yeah of them come on. Simon yeah, so you can use a proper drone light or are wear glasses and when I normally use box goggles, I have to learn spectacles because I can’t focus, but the focus is on.

These is actually fixed and yeah. It’s crystal clear. Could you wear glasses? You then, would you keep glasses on raw? Well, I wear glasses for reading yeah. You won’t, wear glasses with goggles, for those men usually smiling without you ‘

Ve got the the band of the channel, they always have a signal and obviously your battery level for the gold. Yes thing, I really like these, the OSS I signal to the quadcopter from the goggles it’s, not similar to the obvious error signal.

Familiar your transmitter right, but that is just purely they’ve got long range. The range for the transmitters can be a lot further than the goal. So we’ll. You should never get out of range. I know it says in the instructions it’s about 30 meter 100 feet range, yeah, yeah; obviously the club yeah.

We have to check that out: yeah [ Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], you [, Music, ], you, you can switch the transmitter up now see. If he’s actually got a phone yeah, yeah yeah.

It’s, got fire safe anyway, so if it goes out of transmission range yeah, it’s, just unfortunate yeah to the floor yeah and you can also kill the minutes in flash yeah. He only needs a quadrat anyway.

So as long as you’re, not be my elephant grass yeah, you should go to see that just put those motors on again, because I know you’re, always yeah, [, Music ], you do get! You do get spare Senate props! Yeah to spare motors, more counterclockwise or clockwise yeah and to to motor protection, we just want any offer and pass shot battery air, which is not in the factory you get.

This is the battery. You get that’s. To sell isn’t it yeah. It is yeah it just slides on the front better yeah that’s, it okay done so easy and it’s. Not it’s. Just a room, so I could keep ingesting it really and the quality.

Well, he’s fast job. The quality is excellent. It is what it is in this beginner drone, but this weekend is over. She’s, a beginner drone. I would like to see some footage from the club. This is to know he’s.

Gon na go, he’s. Gon na gather yeah hello. We were just looking through the instruction manual because when we looking at the cord, we noticed a little micro USB connector. So we wanted to know what it was before, what it’s for we gets debated it Bobby choice.

What we did on the off chance is with booty beats of lighter and in socially fat sharks on flight controller, but it actually rooms beats a flight and what I did notice when we went to the receiver tube.

The the graphic representation of the was that sleep turning around slightly and if you notice the center point of the sticks through at 1519, which is corrected. But it was still going around. So, just to stop that when you’re going that gray mode, I’ve just put the dead man look just 220 just to stop the drift on the quadcopter screws.

My arm also as well maybe a little bit for advanced for the beginner you’ve got the the the the on button. Ear is on the right hand, side as you can see there, but I like me arm button on the left hand side.

So you can actually change it in beta flight. Now he feeling your on button on the left and the mode on the right, also as well in the instructions. It says that is angle mode, which it is in the middle.

It’s, sort of like a crow mode, but the the rates have slowed down and the angley ‘ S is restricted, so I would probably call that a risin mode, but it doesn’t actually come up there and that is for a crow mode.

But you can actually set that specifically to angle and arising now, rather than angle, not really got a clue what it is and then a crow mode. So you can choose all the modes. There is also as well on the there’s.

Two LEDs that you can see at the front area that you can program for your own colors, so all in all from not knowing what the USB did to actually know in it works reboot of light. So pretty good, really you so here we are then, and the Lester drunkle to test the fat shot 101 with some real racing drones like this.

This is the real deal and we’re, just setting it with some gates, so the guys are setting some racing gates up now. So we’re going to fly the first shot. I don’t know I’m shouting some on the mic. Aren’t.

I we’re gonna fly the fat shot through these real gates, so you can see how it handles for real. So it should be good, should be good fun. He’s known on youtubers, I are Badger and he ‘ S got a real racing drone, never one of the drones it is built and he’s got a proper, proper goggles, proper controller.

There’s, going ahead, fo attached to it the real stuff. So this is what you’re, all sort of yeah. You’re, that this is what you’re progressed to when you’ve been using the trainer drone. So what we’re gonna.

Do is Steve. He’s, going to take control of this, and we’re, going to fly it through a couple of the gates. So Steve’s, just going to tell us a few of the differences between the Fatshark trainer drone and a real racing drone, yet so main difference being butter fox body straight away in the motors.

These have got what we call brushed motors on here. Our racing drones, which have brushless specialist yeah. So whilst these are still be great outdoors, you might not get full performance, so they aren’t there be great for indoors, so we ‘

Ve got a nice sized house and the parents that don’t mind. You were crashing into everything you’ll, be fine. The guards aren’t, so crushers don’t have to worry too much also means that, while still kicking out as much power, they all they’re safer.

So you’re, less likely to get things in them and yeah, okay cool also at the camera, the camera. The camera is pointing forward. So there’s. No, like yours, tilt, don’t know if you fly like that. Don’t, you yeah that’s, something I know that doesn’t.

Well, this doesn’t, have the camera tilt on it, no, which again for beginners, happily fantasticks, whereas you ‘ Ll know a lot of people. You’ll notice, how the camera tilts on so they fly like that which gives us more speed yeah.

This is just static, so you can only really go like that, so you have to put the extra forward momentum into it to keep it going. Yeah see looking at it. I have seen reviews that there are apparently ways to you can mount the motors differently.

So you can have the motor tilt, but this is Critias and recommend to break things. Let’s, give it a fly. Yeah go! I’m, not gonna be flying with the fat shark. Okay, goggles I’ll. Be fine with my own ones: okay, just because I’m used to those, but I said I’ve heard great reviews about them.

I’m floating up some ride along and see what it’s like let’s. Do it and Steve’s, going to see this these first time he’s ever flown. It so see how it handles beautiful. Oh my god, I can’t. Believe you going all the way around.

I cannot believe this, the first ever flight. Look at it. This is amazing. Look at this! First time he’s ever flown. It oh wow, there you go. We’re in business. Look at this look at the control of that.

It’s, a bit windy. That is the real deal. That was absolutely brilliant, Steve amazing. How did it feel yeah? Let me come over, so we can hear how was it politely? I’m surprised it handled really well with the brush modes.

I was expecting more of what we call the tiny would flutter, so they don’t quite have the power to punch out for the size yeah. But you know you were in beginner mode. There yeah, you know it’s, got intermediate mode and another mode after that, as well.

I haven’t, looked at the instruction for the PS, so I don’t really know the different modes. I was just flying around as I normally will can’t believe you went around the whole proper racing ground course because it ‘

S only got a range of 100 feet, so I think you were getting reasonably close to that when you went around and yeah what was the picture like picture? I I’m, not sure it was just for me. It switched to black and white halfway around, but yeah.

It was nothing that I can’t really handle okay, it’s, though some ways the black and white. If you can get used to it, it’s. A great way, black and white is that when the battery gets low, so the battery may not be fully fully charged or it is on black and white.

Now there was no video breakup, it was really. It was crystal clear, the entire way around and yeah. I’m impressed impressed yeah yeah good way for people to learn yes well, I’ve changed back to get some good yeah yeah and we’ll.

Show you a light actually in the goggles, then okay, let’s. Do it they’ve. Stick the camera in here you getting a picture. Yep just gives you an idea. Doesn’t. It’s. A 480 screen, okay, just gives you an idea.

Don’t. It yeah. You

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