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Hi, this is Dave from still City flight academy. I am here to tell you why our FAA part 107 online test prep program is the best on the internet. Our online course has customized videos that explain complex aviation information in a simplified language.

That’s, easy to understand our online test program is designed to get you certified and the least amount of time. We remove all the elements that are dedicated for airplane pilots and help. You concentrate only on what you need.

As a operator. I guarantee, if you pass our practice test, you’re, going to pass the FAA test. No questions asked, I guarantee it. If you don’t, you get your money back Dave King, the founder of Steel City flight Academy, started flying for clients in 2011.

Dave has thousands of flights under his belt and was custom building well before ready to fly. were available. Dave has worked with hundreds of clients all over the country through his aerial production.

Company dave has combined his background with aviation and drones to the ultimate course for individuals wanting a professional career in the industry, but getting FAA certified is only half the puzzle.

Most people don’t know how to do a job properly, even after they get to certification and that’s. Why this course is crucial to helping you fly professionally the right way. Our online course covers every main category: that’s on the FAA tests, such as airspace, sectional maps, airport operations and weather.

If you’re ready to get serious about flying professionally, look no further than Steel City flight Academy, you [ Music, ],

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