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Welcome to the dart drones online part 107 test prep course. This course is an interactive video based curriculum that is designed to teach you how to pass the airman knowledge test to begin check out the dart drone student guide, which will outline the content covered within the course to download and print the student guide find the PDF Here in the additional resources section, there are 13 sections designed to help.

You pass this test to see the first section, click on section 1. The course will progress through a series of videos slide decks and questions. The course will automatically run you through the topics listed on the left inside.

Each of these subsections is multiple, slides and videos, be careful not to click through these sections too much, as you will miss important information within each subsection. Once you have completed a section.

Click Next module at the bottom of the 13 sections. You will find the practice test. Every time you load the practice test, it pulls from our extensive test Bank to give you a different set of questions each time you can take this test as many times as you would like, prior to taking your airman knowledge test.

It’s, a good idea to be scoring at least 80 to 90 percent on this practice exam. Once you have completed the course, we recommend that you sign up for a slot to take the airman knowledge test. This test can be taken to any of the 690 FAA testing centers across the country and cost 150 dollars.

Every time you take the exam make sure that you are prepared before you sign up for your time slot the test will be 60 multiple-choice questions and you will be given two hours to complete it after you pass your FAA, airman knowledge exam.

You will need to submit your application for your suas remote pilot certificate on a AFRICOM within seven business days. You should receive access to your temporary certificate and be ready to fly commercially.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our chief pilot, either by emailing chief pilot at d’harans comm or by clicking on the feedback button. Now you are ready to begin this course was developed by Amelia.

A Lurie dart drums director of curriculum development, a Navy helicopter pilot and a curriculum developer for the Navy’s, multi-million dollar drone program. The class is narrated by Alexander Ellery, an experienced Navy helicopter pilot and instructor, who has flown over 2300 hours in five different types of naval aircraft.

Good luck and let us know if you have any questions you [ Music, ]

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