What’S up everybody, this is Mike and I’m back again with another video today, as you can see, the weather is just fantastic. So, even though I was working on another video, I had to put it on hold and just go out and fly my drone, because the weather is just fantastic and I have to use that. There is something that you guys have been requesting a lot and that is to use my . So, of course I had to listen, and today I will be using the . Once again, I’m really excited to go back to one of my favorite drones.

Ever the spark – and in today’s video I will give you a couple of tips on how to become a better pilot, how you can capture better, smoother video yourself by using all manual controls and basically how to practice to become a better pilot, because, ultimately, that’s what We are trying to do all of us, I think recently, I started using a lot more manual techniques manual movements practicing practicing practicing all by myself flying manually. So in today’s video I will give you a couple of tips on how you can do that too, and hopefully, by the end of the video, you will be a bit more informed about how you can become better yourself. So without any further ado, let’s jump right into it. So one of the best ways to make yourself better is to fly manually, like I said, and, in my opinion, the best way to practice. This is to try to emulate the quick shots of the and just try to do them yourself manually.

This is going to teach you so much about controlling the drone, how to rotate it, how to use the gimbal properly and just how to fly smoothly. You have no idea just give it a try. You will not be disappointed. Let me show you how easy it is to replicate those shots, so we are starting off with the easiest quick shot out of the bunch which is droning to replicate drone e. You simply need to set the drone, so it faces.

You then pull the right stick all the way back. So the drone goes away from you by also pushing the left stick upwards, so it also gains altitude in the process. This shop is really easy to pull off and almost anyone can do it manually. The next move is the rocket quick shot, which is just another type of reveal shot and this move. The drone is facing you at regular altitude, so you’re well visible from the front.

Then you start increasing the altitude by pressing the left stick up, but also rotating the gimbal wheel down. So the camera continues to keep you in frame. This shot is very effective when you want to reveal your surroundings, and it’s really not that hard to execute next. There is the circle shot, which is one of my favorite types of shots ever in this shot. You’Ll try to keep your object in the center of the frame all the time, and you can do that while pressing the right stick left or right, depending if you want to go clockwise or counter clockwise and counter with the left stick.

So if you want to make a counterclockwise movement, you need to push the right stick to the right and the left stick to the left. That way, your drone will keep you in frame and will circle around you. This move is a bit harder, so you’ll need to practice it a bit until you perfect it, but it’s really really effective. The most difficult shot to pull off is definitely the helix shot. Here you need to repeat what you have done in the circle shot, but you also need to gain altitude while you’re rotating around your object, it’s a bit more complicated because you have to be really precise with the movement and not make any sudden movements, otherwise you’ll.

Just ruin your shot, I have to confess this video took me a couple of tries to make and it certainly doesn’t happen every single time, so it’s definitely a hit or miss until you completely master it. Lastly, to really master the movement of your drone. I suggest you to find a safe place and put it into sport mode, be advised that you might get a bit dizzy from the following shots. Sport mode is a great way to master the manual control of the drone, but I only advise you to give it a try if you’re in a wide open area with no obstacles around and you’re already comfortable flying in regular mode with the increased speed you have To factor that the drone takes more time until it gets to a complete stop, but it’s so much fun to make laps around the virtual circuit or try to make a perfect circle with it, while you’re flying full speed. If you’re not a complete beginner, I highly suggest you to give sport mode a try for a thrilling experience which will teach you a lot about controlling your drone and that’s really it guys.

It’S not anything that complicated. I really think it’s getting easier every single time when you try and you’d really need to practice a lot, but you’ll figure it out. I’M sure, because it’s it’s muscle memory, your fingers will be a bit more sensitive every single time and you will be a lot more comfortable, pushing the drone in any direction you want. So hopefully you guys enjoyed those tips that I have today. Hopefully you enjoy it.

The spark being on the channel once again thank you so much for watching this video guys and I’ll catch you in my next one very very soon: bye.

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