Eachine Racer 250 Drone Flight Test Review

by Jose

good afternoon my copter 101 here and what I got for you today is a neat review of a new well it's relatively new this is the II seen from eachine actually that's a I guess that's a band good brand as you look at it it appears to be and it is a style nearest competitor to this and I just want to put it up briefly here to show you is the Wow Kira runner which I have here this one's got a lot of bad press on it I kind of feel it's unjustified I kind of like this Clark I tell you the truth when you fly it in with a 6g mode with the gyros and accelerometers I think it's a good quadcopter but being that aside this review is regarding the 250 now the 250 again is an fpv and it can't it does come with a if you go for the full ready to fly kit it does come with the ready to go fpv with an fpv screen a it's a rebranded fly sky transmitter here it's a nice Sheen i6 in its i guess it's a version of the fly sky i 6 transmitter but again everything here is let me tighten this up folks sorry about that ready to go more or less and that's the idea behind this particular quadcopter are ready to go do not build your own racer quadcopter and that's the concept of it now that being said I've also seen some people calling this a beginners racer quadcopter that is not a good idea this is not a beginners quadcopter by any means you can't get hurt with it these are brushless high speed motors this will and it's kind of heavy I believe it's 400 grams around 400 grams weight it is going to require FAA registration and it's fast and if it would hit somebody or hit yourself it's going to cause damage or property damage or also hurt someone and or hurt someone so this is by no means a beginners learn to fly quadcopter if you are new to this hobby get yourself something lighter cheaper safer like a c-max 5c or a know who you 807 learned with those not with this that would be a sad mistake if you got one of these and learned to fly with you will learn very quickly that that was a bad idea this assumes you already know how to fly and K and particularly can't fly and translational flight another thing I've seen people speculate is that fpv flying will make it easy that's a beginner can fly if you got an fpv screen that's not the case either it actually is kind of difficult to fly fpv especially if you are a beginner it does not make flying easier that's just a bad misperception that some beginners have but let's go back this is again is for intermediates and advanced fliers who want to enter into the world of fpv racing this assumes that you already know how to fly now let's go over the quadcopter it comes with four brushless motors fifty thirty props the instruction manual to come with that comes with this is very poor doesn't tell you very well how to install these props it assumes that you know that there are differences in counterclockwise and clockwise propellers and where they should go on a quadcopter namely you know these this is clockwise turning this is counterclockwise turning if you look at it from above and the pitch of the blades should sweep from front to back and the back blades also should sweep from back to front when installing you know that's another thing beginners have a problem understanding is where to install the blades and again the instruction manual for this did not actually show we're looking at the quadcopter itself it comes with a 1500 Miller our eleven point one volt battery additionally again it comes with a fpv transmitter and fpv camera there's the camera on the front transmitter in there you can change the channels I don't know if you can see that little red switch there by the the red platform vibrating or jiggling bumpers here on the camera platform but there's a little red switch there you can change the channels of the fpv video transmitter by pressing that button you can also turn on and off the on-screen display by the way this does have on-screen display which is good it'll show you battery power and on white time good parameters know when you're flying but but all you can turn that on and off also by long I believe long presses Oh a short press of that button turns that on and off and a long press selects the different channels I believe it automatically scans for open channels it's an 8 channel fpv transmitter now that's another thing the guy doesn't show what those frequencies are so if you want to use goggles with this quadcopter you need to know what the frequencies are and I could not find any reference anywhere what those frequencies could be so if anybody watching this video knows that the frequent knows the frequencies for this transmitter for the fpv transmitter please list them down in the comment section below and I'll move them up into the video info section because I would like to do a future flight with this quadcopter with an F P V monocular system I got one here I'm going to be trying in a near future and I want to try that particularly with this particular quadcopter other things about the quadcopter it's all carbon graphite body supposedly it's very should be very strong as compared to the wok here I guess while Kyra is not all carbon-fiber body and could break and crashes this one's supposed to be tougher in crashes we'll find out here shortly as I go for a flight with this I am going to be flying it with the gyros and accelerometers sensors and bringing that up let's talk about this transmitter that comes with it it is a rebrand version of the fly sky i6 it's an EC nice six transmitter now according to the manual only two of these switches are used with this quadcopter and this switch here which is which B is for turning on and off the lights supposedly and switch C is for the different flight modes now it doesn't say what those flight modes are in the manual of course not we're gonna have to find out here today um it doesn't say what's switch a or switch B or for I am going to try to find that out to see if this is throttle hold and this is different dual rates if it has dual rates at all we're going to try to find out them and try to throw these switches and see what they do also the menu for this transmitter is locked out but to unlock it if you do want to change anything and don't blame me if if you go in there and you mess up some of the preset settings but you can readjust those settings or unlock this particular transmitter by pushing in on both the yaw trim button and the roll trim button simultaneously while turning on the power to the transmitter and that will unlock this transmitter so that you can adjust the settings by pressing down and holding the ok button afterwards so again to unlock it you push both of these in turn it on then let go of those throttle to those trim buttons and then hold down the ok button for a few seconds and that will open up the menu to this transmitter other things about the transmitter to lock the motors on the quadcopter after it's bound to this transmitter you can push it down to the left of these with the throttle butt or the throttle stick if you want to unlock and have unlock the transmitter so that the throttle becomes active you push it down and to the right now when you by doing so this does not enter into idle the motors do not enter idle actually they just you know you can't tell it's unlocked until you give it some throttle and their motors will actually start to operate so this actually flies a lot similar to a standard toy quadcopter toy grade quadcopter in that the the motors actually will stop when you pull down the throttle all the way down so let's go into a flight of the eachine 250 racer I'm going to take it out in the field and I'm going to fly it with just the screen without my sunshade today since we have an overcast day here we got a bunch of storms coming into the area and satellite Lake is about to be turned back into a lake again and I'm going to take advantage of this last day of flying before the storms it so I hope you enjoy this flight ok this is this screen comes with a you get to 1500 milliamp per hour batteries for this one for the coin copter and one to power the screen to power you just strap it on the back here and then plug in the battery like so now this red button here is selectable frequencies for this transmitter it will automatically scan for whatever the quadcopters transmitter frequency is if you hold in this red button it will go through scanning the eight available channels at that scan or that transmits on okay we have that turned on I am going to turn on the transmitter make sure all switches are up position and the throttle is all the way down and the transmitter is turned on and I am going to plug in the quadcopter the turn it on and I hear the little tune so it's bound now I am going to turn on my TV screen my fpv screen and we can actually see the field with this screen I am now if you look at it we see we have twelve point six volts it's 23 seconds since I turned it on and we're on Channel eight of the transmitter now I am going to unlock the blades by pushing this down and to the right so now the blades are unlocked so you can see we have power now I want to try something real quick is this throttle hold or not I want to find out I'm pulling the switch down no it is not I'm not sure what that switch is for how about this button pushing down and see if so none of them are throttle hold okay I am going to take try the lights this switch here supposedly turns the lights on and off and I do not cannot tell what the color of the back lights are front lights appear to be off okay yes so the lights are on pushing the switch down doesn't seem to have an effect folks oh there we go the lights are on now so I guess that does have something to do with the lights but I'm wondering lights I'm pressing them again and not doing anything oh that changes the color if you keep flipping it okay I want that light on I want that different color though damn blue I can't see that green I can see how about the front light front light is still white so up and down keeps changing the colors of the lights I'm going to keep this switch up and hope that is the the accelerometers are on there for auto stabilization let's go for a flight of this thing taking it off Oh before I do let me lock it I got it run camera tap camera attached we got to have a video and video is recording unlocking again okay let's see how fast this thing can go okay I got obviously this is I don't know this might not be stabilized that auto-leveling yeah guess that's Auto leveling but it keeps on a lot of momentum on this thing turns very well bring it a little closer so you can see that but those lights on this thing let's try it what are the different flight modes I got okay I got switch C and centre position I don't know what that does is it auto level this might be different rates folks it seems they have a lot more pitch in the center position okay let's try turn it around and bring it back went back to a position or switched one position and bringing it in close and I'm gonna put switch a in position three see what happens there oh gosh okay that makes it super fast back position three is that turns off the rates obviously since I crashed it it did an auto level I'm going over and see if there's any damage okay that was the crack of it at third position switch three okay this first position is with accelerometers still operating it's low rate high rate with the accelerometers I still have Auto leveling and third position all the way down is turns the auditor the auto leveling off and you're in full manual flight so that's the three positions of this I wish they would explain that in the manual but not we know let's look at the damage there's it seems to be in good condition not actually you heard it all overall looking at it it's dusty I did break each and every one of the propellers luckily I got us they give you a spare set so I do recommend if you get this these propellers are quite brittle get yourself a few extra sets of propellers to go with it because you will need them good thing they send me a spare set I will change these propellers I'm going to do another flight I won't be able to do it out here in a desert obviously but I out here at satellite light because we got storms coming in but I will be able to do it out in the desert at another site and I'll do it additional flying of this out there but with keeping the accelerometers on so I don't crack up like that because I'm still not very good at flying manual with these so I hope you enjoyed this flight this quadcopter 101 signing out until the next one good morning quadcopter 101 back and we're back again with EC racer 250 now this took a big spill in my last video I think most of you seen that because I'm going to probably include this as the trailer for the or the following trailer to that last video I'm but believe it or not it wasn't that badly damaged taller drunk was the Pops I broke each and every one of these pups but but that was it also one other thing it broke this little zip tie on the receiver board broke that was simple to fix put another zip tie in and zip it back in place so we're back again with new props it's kind of a breezy day out here in a desert I'm gonna fly try flying out here in the desert because satellite Lake recently become a like again to notice her snow up in the mountains we had a lot of storms go through we got another one coming tomorrow so I'm trying to get this video in today and so let's go for a flight of the eachine racer this time I am NOT coming out of switch position one we're going to fly this at our flight and switch position one because I'm the proficient for this quadcopter to be able to go to the other positions I omit that okay I hope you enjoy this flight okay it's kind of a breezy day but I'm going to fly it anyways here I have three cameras recording the one in my hat one inside the fpv screen and one run cam on top of the fpv camera and we also have the fpv camera itself so first off turn it on transmitter transmitter is on turning on the quadcopter by plugging it in waiting for the sound of binding should be bound and I'm going to check and yes I'm showing twelve point six volts from the quadcopter I can see it very well very bright screen unlocking the core actually I'm going to use my lanyard today because it's thing's pretty heavy with all this equipment unlocking it all switches are up unlocked here we go hope you enjoy this flight of the 18 to 50 Racer again today I am going to keep it in switch position one knots breezy out here today when downwind coming back up win I can see the lights pointed toward me you can really tell the orientation this thing by those lights then bring it down for a second folks you know even though it's got its own timer well let me read it maybe I can read this timer I'm going to turn on my timer I must send it up upwind a bit turn on the timer timers on just so I don't run out of I don't lose track of time I well I think to move I'm not sure about the way this thing Auto balances itself there stabilizes itself it's kind of screwy I'm going to try to keep it a little closer and because of that did you see that folks it was kind of listing with the wind when Don wind that's the wind just pushing it it's quite a bit of window to today yeah I'm not I got the stick centered and look at that thing kind of not well sticks are centered it kind of goes to the right there so yeah this is not an easy flier folks it's not a beginner's flier maybe it's the wind doing that but in terms of balancing itself with that wind that's the wooden blower divided by the way quite a bit of wind today maybe that's the problem I guess this would be a good trainer for advanced intermediates like myself I don't call myself an expert even though I got a YouTube channel I am NOT an expert especially flying manual mode without the stabilization inputs this one you know this position one here is not fully stabilized I can see that right now I see some people adjusting this you know the flight control board can be adjusted to improve maybe to improve the stable it is a stabilization I see people doing that I'm not quite sure why they were doing it until now I noticed this thing is kind of loose I guess this position here this position one would be good to learn to fly fpv with or not fpv but yeah fpv at the same time is with learning to fly with the gyros off because it has there is some stabilization but it's not much coming it down a bit too what's that doing that for but you know takes some concentration to fly this is what I'm trying to relay folks this is not just simple like a toy quadcopter this requires a little bit more concentration it is tough I'll give you that you know you saw my last flight with this what I want the full manual mode there and had a little surprise but it also is a little bit unforgiving in in the flight characteristics you know it's not just simple auto stabilization so I'm going to fly tight of slow folks I'm not going to go crazy with this thing a right turn but it's also somewhat fast okay I'm starting to get a little feel for it now I was just flying to buying toys x5c – one totally different beast than this see when up win okay again this is my first flight with this thing I'm going to start bringing it in now little store I got yeah I better bring in enough down to ten point nine volts or something like that there's five minutes – okay bring it in for a landing there we go and post landing voltage eleven point two so that was about right bring it in about that time okay pull off my lanyard here putting down the transmitter I'm plugging the transmitter and turning off my cameras okay I made it back safely overall my thoughts on this again you know this is not for beginners okay it is somewhat of a advanced flyer I you know people say y'all anybody can fly that now you can't with this one this one requires some concentration and the reason being you know it although it has appears to have some auto stabilization it also is kind of loose on that auto stabilization okay I noticed it Bank in here difficulty coming back to auto leveling in position one that could have been a factor because of the wind today there's quite a bit of Windham I'm flying out here and today so that could have been a factor also but overall yeah this would be if you're looking to enter into the world of fpv racers this would be a good one it doesn't require building and it's relatively inexpensive as compared to a lot of others quite a quite a good flyer actually as I had been flying a little bit more there toward the middle and toward the end there I you start to get the feel for it quickly is what I'm saying particularly in position one but I do not recommend going to position 2 or position 3 until you've mastered position 1 okay so you feel very comfortable with it because I did that the other day and you saw what happened okay hope your judge is fine just quadcopter 101 with itching 250 racer signing out

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