– It's just started raining right now, not much, just sprinkling right now. Just as I was about to launch a drone, a cloud decided to pass over. (gentle music playing) Ciao. I've just said goodbye to
the driver at , 25 pesos per person to get
in, just to access the . Not even staying here.
Just to get on the . Which is owned by the
people, not some resort. Anyway, little bit of a rant. Um, so anyway, should be nice.
We'll go and check it out. Might even take the drone
out for a spin and so far it is a little fancy
walking into the front gate of this place. And there are people that climb palm trees here for coconuts. Actually, I'll flick the
camera around, check this out.

Alright so this man here was
climbing the palm tree before. For coconuts. What's that man? – Pearls – [Brad] What is it? – Pearls – [Brad] No, I'm good
man. I'm good, thank you. No, thank you, I don't wear pearls. Alright, that wasn't the
guy I was pointing to, the pearl man. Anyway, so we're going to Beach. I'll spell it below and, yeah, very expensive resort place here.

But, not staying here, just
gotta check out the beach as I mentioned before. Might give you some footage,
a bit of a tour around here. So, you can make a decision for yourself whether you wanna stay here or whether you just want
to visit as a tourist. Let's do this. (island music) Oh look, they're in love. They're in love. (romantic music) Hey guys. I'm at
Beach, I think it's pronounced, I'll spell it for you below.

And apparently its a
famous beach here in Bohol, but I want to see if it's
actually worth checking out, by going to the drone
for the drone's opinion. The good old, DJI Mavick
Pro, this guy here, and hopefully get some
good aerials of this beach, apparently some nice
resorts along here as well. I haven't seen any yet. I paid 25 pesos to get here. To get on this beach, and
I'm not even staying here. So, we'll see if it's
actually worth that or not. So, I wanna take you over
to the drone right now. Alright, so a technical problem,
it just started raining, right now, not much, just
sprinkling right now, just as I was about to launch the drone, a cloud decided to pass over, so I'm actually not comfortable flying this thing in the rain yet. So, we'll just kind of wait
for the cloud to move away, then we'll try again, so we're gonna wait for the rain to clear,
then we'll try this again. So, stick around for that. (gentle music playing) But, like, it's beautiful,
like, you saw the contrasting colours in the water,
you saw a bit of a sunset behind the clouds, you saw,
you know, me flying over the guys in the kayak at
like 20 feet or 30 feet, that was pretty awesome,
that was pretty fun.

When you get a drone, you
can play around with that kind of stuff and, um, yeah,
but just cruising up and down the coast here, beautiful
white sandy beach. You can swim out here, I've
seen people swimming here. You can hire jet skis, I've seen that. I'll drop a little video,
you'll see where you can hire jet skis if you wanna do that. I'm not sure if you saw on
the aerial video but there was somebody doing water
skiing as well before. Yeah, so I hope you enjoy that. Check out the sunset. Check out the sunset, with the
palm trees, check this out. (gentle music playing) I'm here right now, but I've
literally just dropped in for a coffee, and um, I had
to get security clearance to come in here to get a coffee.

Uh, the guy, and I'll
show this real quick, um, was on his handcuffs, on his thing, checking with two other security guards, to see if I could come in,
literally come in here, for a coffee, just a coffee
man, just an Americano, that's it. – [Woman] Is this possible or not? – [Security Guard] (talks
in foreign language) – [Woman] Alright – (talks in foreign language) – [Brad] So, okay to have a coffee? – [Security Guard] Yeah – [Brad] Okay, thank you.

And anyways, so I got
clearance to come in here, and literally I'm gonna go
about 10 or 15 minutes here before the tricycle
comes and, and we're off to the next place, El Nido. So, tricycle from here to
the ferry terminal flight, and then El Nido. (gentle music playing).

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