Drones for Oil & Gas Industry 4.0 (INSPECTION & LIDAR AS-BUILT CASE STUDY)

My name is Eli Moselle with halo, robotics and we’re here at linked terminal, a tank facility for downstream oil and gas, with over 20 tanks executing drone operations to support maintenance and asset integrity, management of the tanks and pipeline infrastructure. Allure robotics is the Indonesia partner of many global leaders in commercial drone , including Emison DJI Enterprise and fly ability which are making the powerful drone solutions which we are using today.

Thomas, a Johannah, Suki D managing director very hollow robotics in near Las Vegas Anna panting buggy kami, the non- throw Nemo me impune, get an Optima sedan, efficiency, industry, minion and gusty Indonesia. American access to adapt data, special Delphis, Walt and Baja Rose are the downtime operation on this project demonstrated several very powerful commercial drone technologies for oil and gas in Heavy Industries. The first is general visual inspection, which allows us to fly over the assets collecting high-resolution, thermal and long-range zoom camera data in order to conduct a safe and systematic inspection of all kinds of surface facility assets without ever flying over people or property.

The second major application is confined space or close visual inspection, which allows us to fly inside the tanks and around high-risk structures at a very close proximity, without potentially even requiring manned entry into the tanks fly bility, alias duo, burrows agenda released on Nene Denver focus, para Panguna, an odd industry, Minnetonka’s drew Nene at La Grande, pertama young Lee classification, sebagai. A lot in spec, see formal or lay hello. It’S and bureau veritas. This is able to save a huge amount of time and cost and is much safer than traditional methods which involve scaffolding and other dangerous inspection techniques.

A third thing that is very unique is lidar scanning to make an accurate 3d reconstruction of the asset known as an as-built model. These kinds of as built models are hugely valuable for anybody doing asset management in oil and gas for heavy industries. So I have to monitor Bastardi Indonesia to pedasi, I said accepted mo milky, blueprint, Atacama, terbaru Darius, a truth. Commission got excited the non- drone leader and the patter bandleader Lama said industry. Then mum, what s built models in sana, a karate hailer robotics mission, is to help big organizations to transform process and increase efficiency.

We’Re very grateful to the team at linked terminal for giving us an opportunity to be of service today and we’re very confident that the commercial drone technology that we have Cho cased is making a very strong business case for the adoption of commercial drone technology across oil And gas Heavy Industries in Indonesia.

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