DroneBase and sUAS Thermography – The Infrared Spectrum

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There’s, a new training partnership with drone base to talk about in this week’s IR spectrum – I’ll – have that and more here in a moment, but first a quick update from ITC. We’ve got you covered from the air, with se OAS thermal imaging classes available from ITC where they’re using aerial infrared for inspections or public safety.

Itc has the right certification class for you, head to infrared training, calm /schedule for more information on our suas level, one thermography or level one public safety courses, including upcoming dates and locations.

We hope to see you there. So the big news this week, we’re excited to announce that ITC has been named. The official IR training and certification provider for drone base their global drone operations, company that provides access to one of the largest suas pilot networks in the world.

Our suas level, one thermography certification course, will serve as the foundation for this training, which is now available to any qualifying drone based pilot at a special discounted rate. One of the instructors teaching this class is David Lee now, while many of you know him from the FLIR Delta series, David is now a full-time trainer here with us at ITC.

I had the chance to speak with him a little while back via Facebook live and her 2018 information conference in Austin Texas. To get his perspective on the state of the industry. Let’s, hear what he had to say.

Joining me is ITC instructor david lee good morning. How’s? The conference going for you that’s, going great it’s amazing place. Now you’re. I don’t. Think do you want to introduce yourself? I don’t know if we’ve had a chance to have you on yet, but what’s? Your background, you’ve, been training with ITC.

Now, for a little bit well, I’ve, been with FLIR for over 20 years and first started on the government side, training, air crews on how to use the gimbal eyes systems for a law-enforcement all that sort of thing and then Come over to the industrial side about ten years ago, it’s, a popular industry, it’s, a popular application.

What’s, the sort of the state of the industry right now? Well, it’s. It’s, it’s, interesting in that it’s exploding and, at the same time it’s in its infancy. People are finding more things to do with drones and our sensors every single day.

The sqa has little one courses that you’re, also teaching along with Bill. Chuan Keith, maybe chat a little bit about the classes and what ITC offers for training in the area platform sure well. A lot of it is similar to a regular level.

One class in terms of the physics and the science involved, but then we take that and really get into how things get a little different. When you introduce that third dimension, you get up in the air, you increase the range.

What has what happens to your measurement field of view, and how do you plan your flight so that you know that you’re gonna be able to measure what you want to measure from that far away now being information, it’S a conference, obviously with knowledge on the platform new thermography, are here to learn more about aerial infrared.

Anything you need advice. You’d, give to those that are new in the industry looking to get into suas. What would you tell them? Well, the first thing I would say is have a very clear idea of what it is you want to accomplish, because that’s.

Gon na go directly into what kind of equipment you acquire. We see people out there go out and make the investment in drones and cameras, and things like that and then realize. Maybe they’ve got too wide a field of view, or maybe they don’t have the resolution they need and they kind of have to come up with a workaround without reinvesting in all that equipment.

So that’s. The first thing I do is have a real, clear idea of what you want to accomplish, speaking of which, if you’re looking for some ideas, one possible resource to consider is our suas tomography group on Facebook come join the conversation online, where you Can stay on top of what’s happening in the industry? Ask questions network with peers or even share some of your work and remember.

You can also find us on twitter youtube, linkedin and instagram follow itç for the latest industry. News special training offers valuable tips and a whole lot more, and if you have questions about training or you’re ready to get certified, we ‘

Ve got a number of special offers that run throughout the year to hear what those are and check availability give us a call or email itç at info at infrared training. Comm thanks for watching and we’ll, see online again soon.

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