Drone Wind Turbine & Blade Inspection with Thermal Imaging – ABJ WindVue

energy is growing at an exponential rate, and innovative inspection methods are needed now more than ever, enter a bj view. A proprietary inspection that uses thermal and optical imaging to see up to 15 centimetres inside a turbine blade by using a proprietary and payload. We can easily detect internal structural damage such as delamination, bad bonding and many other defects. Before abj view, turbine blade, inspections were performed by rope, access and platform technicians. Often using visual techniques and the tapping method to check for defects process is time-consuming and can take up to three days with the turbine out of service.

For this period of time, revenue losses can be substantial. Traditional inspection methods, detect external defects, potentially leaving internal damage unnoticed with abj wind view. We complete inspections in around 45 minutes. We detect internal structural damage and provide comprehensive reporting analytics and AI that drive increased power generation, data, intelligence and revenue once an inspection is performed. Data is sent to a BJ’s specialist data labs for analysis, our blade experts and engineers analyze.

The data and construct detailed reports provide recommendations for repair with a bj data view. Our back-end reporting, an AI platform defects can be identified, providing insight into the possible problems and issues that could occur on different blade types with each wind turbine blade, costing up to 1 million dollars. This information is essential to maintaining energy production and improving return on investment. For the having this advanced level of data allows operators to proactively plan maintenance which equals less downtime fewer blade replacements and huge cost savings. The abj wind view methodology is smarter, faster, safer and cheaper and provides an advanced level of data that has never before been available.

Abj wind view has revolutionized the way wind turbine blades are inspected and is available on a global scale to get started with our state-of-the-art solution.

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