DRONE VR Camera Control | Drone Training Tutorial for DJI Phantom / Inspire

by Jose
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Hey guys, what’s up? I’m going to talk today about how to set up your virtual reality goggles to work with your phantom or inspire, and we are messing around basically having a second camera operator instead of using boat controller.

These puts these ons and wherever you move this head, it moves the camera. It’s really awesome for the inspire, like totally game-changing, as far as being able to control it. So we’ll talk about that.

These are the VR goggles. I got you can get them on Amazon, for, like 20 bucks, there’s like a million different ripoff brands. They’re. Basically, the same thing. This one’s called real Vox. I’ll post a link in the description for this, but it ‘

S basically got some magnification right there and you slide your phone in and it magnifies it now. What you need is you need a special application to do this. Okay, guys, I just want to show you really quick on the app here.

You scored a 3d fpv and you’re, going to hit this middle thing right here, then I ‘ Ve got this connected to my controller right now, with my inspire turned on right now, you should see your screen and, as you can see it ‘

S got two different images. Here we go up to options and you ‘ Ve got a whole bunch of really cool options. Here you’ve got photo mode or video mode. You can pop on a map so that you see a map you can pop on all kinds of cool stuff.

The stuff I usually use is just the gimbal head tracking. So right now I can use the controller to look around. You can see going down with my controller now I’m, going to go up with it, so you can use these for goggles.

Basically, just for a viewfinder, if you want, if your camera operator likes to use the controller, but if you want to try the head movement, you could go to gimble head tracking right there and pop that thing on now.

As you can see, as I move around, it follows wherever the phone is pointing, and so you just slide this into your goggles and you’re good to go now. You ‘ Ve got the sensitivity switch right here, so I can turn it down and it will make it so it’s, much more responsive or you can speed it up.

Also make it not very responsible at all make it move super super slow. So, even if you’ve got a noob who’s, never camera up before you can turn the setting up pretty high and then they can just flow it around and get epic shot.

We’re, going to put the camera up there, so you guys can see taco and we’re, going to get some shots and kind of show you how the setup works. Alright guys so great, I’m, going to have taco sit here in the front seat so that he’s comfortable, and I think when you’re standing up it’s, definitely trickier and definitely harder sit Down so we’re going to have them sit down, and so he doesn’t have to do anything with that, except you can record and stop it, but I’m, going to actually be recording.

On my end, I think on this okay, let me know when you set so look down a little bit cheese. Now you’re, going to win guts coming in, we’re gonna. Do it anyway, okay, ready here, we go, fills up Wow. How’s that nice man wow it’s, so much easier.

It’s, so easy cool all right, bring it back all right guys! One thing I forgot to talk about this has the cool mode, where you can actually flip it like this, that’s open and then you can push a button and it actually shows what your camera’s.

Seeing so, even if you’ve got the goggles on. You can see what’s in front of you, which is really cool. If you want it’s like a picture-in-picture cut kind of a thing, but for like 20 bucks and for using an iphone you already have for your p3 or your inspire.

It’s, pretty pretty much a no-brainer. I think to get this, the app is like 20 bucks called 3d fpv and super super awesome. I highly recommend that you guys try this out. So we’ll, see you guys later, hey guys, what’s up this one say.

Thank you so much for watching. I just wanted to let you know about a free online training. I have you, can click on it right here and basically the training that teaches you about the part 1 of 7, how you can operate commercially.

I teach you my top cinematic drone shot so go and check it out. Click on that and we’ll, see you guys later

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