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by Jose

What’s up? Everyone Aaron Schatz here owner of a su publishing, and I just wanted to go over the new demo for of ases drone training, vr and non vr. So I’m, going to actually go into pretty quickly all the details and stuff and I’ll.

Do it in the actual game, but to give you an idea of, I taken a lot of the feedback from reddit and YouTube and we’ve, put it into the game, so the biggest thing that’s been changed. Is the new control option for VR with a regular controller, and you have teleporting and stuff through your face very interesting stuff? So let’s.

Get into this and I’ll. Show you it right now. I reposition the camera and you can see that the settings menu is there. So let me put on my headset and we’re, going to use this bad boy instead of the touch controller.

If you want to use the touch controllers, make sure they’re on before you start the game and if they’re not on it’s going to assume you want to use the controller. So when you start the game, the menu is going to be presented in world space in front of you and if it’s not in front of you just hit the pause button again and it’ll.

Just spawn in front of you, so you, like kind of pops into view I’ll, fix that later it’s. Repositioning based on your headset, I’ll fix that later, don ‘ T worry about that. I’ll fix that so anyway, I present you with some options.

You have the quit button. Now you resume it’s, pretty obvious. A lot of people really wanted this precision control. So if you hit precision control, it gives you more precise control the closer you are to zero on the sticks so give that a shot.

Let me know if it’s if it’s, if you like that better, I’m, going to actually probably add a slider in to actually give you a lot more control, but give this a shot from now and Let me know how that works, sound options.

I turn the music off by default. But if you like the music like I do, you can just put it up and if you want to turn the sound down, you can do that as well. So all that stuff in there the settings do not say between sessions just yet, and additionally, i’m going to change this, so you can actually have all the inputs you want and you can change them.

However, you want to do so. Let’s zoom this now. Actually, let me turn the music off, so this isn’t like now, I’ll leave it on for whatever it is: okay, okay! So now, if you’re, if you’re going to do this, I’ll.

Just let me just go over here, see the full face. Teleport here, okay, you read this right here you got the left control the left trigger is the movement on the controller which I ‘ Ll. Show you in a second, but generally these don’t.

Do anything when you’re in VR mode, the sticks, don’t. Do anything unless you have a controller picked up so to the right. Bumper itself is what teleports you around, and everything else is the same as if you were a non VR.

So just this is the only difference see you teleport all around and actually it’s, pretty cool. So to give you an idea, you look at something and then you interact with it. So if I want to spawn a draw and just look at the general vicinity, is button and spawn drone and there’s, a drone, so that some of this stuff might just be a little wonky or it’s.

Just like, assuming that you’re, looking at one thing, and not the other, so just look away from it and look back now to grab this it’s. The grab button. So if you look over there grab is this button, which i think is a grab the controller and the controller is going to stay pretty much.

I tried to make it so wherever you’re, holding the controller normally is where the controller is, and the left trigger will bring the controller up to your face see so you can just bring it slowly up your face or whatever you want turn This on flied away and here’s.

Where the magic happens. Will you have a controller in PR mojo, the like here and then see like a lie that our stuff, so I don’t even know if this was an oculus right now it might, but this this mode is actually pretty fun.

I haven’t changed the business of the drones yet, but I will don ‘ T worry, I will. I also haven’t changed the flare, so yes, I I know that the players are pretty damn bright and goes further away, and I will take that having.

I would work beautiful. What that shows you in a nutshell, yeah pretty much give a shot on the table so that’s, pretty much new control scheme. It works just just the same as non VR, so you dropped this I’m yourself.

Drop will pick it up just by looking at it. Let’s. Go over to the table. There. You go works just like that. It’s, pretty fun, just give it a shot, and that’s. It now. I’m, going to show you the differences in the BR portion.

Now we’re, going to show you the touch controls, so let’s. Put this headset back on and I get my floating controls, which are obviously not detected correctly, that one at least so. I hope this is in the frame right now.

Let’s, see if this there goes ok, so you get look at it floating away. I love that I got to set my base stations up a little better. I guess so. You got your two controls here and in menu mode. They basically did it.

It’s, just like steam, be ours great, sometimes isn’t it it’s, something the tracking. It might be that I have some Sun in the room and that one just freaking out so anyway, you got I don’t know what it’s.

Doing we’ll, just hide this one for now. So the menu button on the top on either controller will spawn the menu in front of you. It also stopped everything in the game, so, for instance, if I wanted to you know, go to sound options same thing: do you want to just raise this? A little bit there, you go game options.

You also have precision control here, so you can hit that and I’ll. Do this and then they quit and resume obviously or whatever, let’s, go over the different controls now so for the touch controls right here I mean both of them operate exactly the same way.

That was piece of feedback that somebody else gave to me. So now they do the teleport and the menu you I all from the trigger itself. It doesn’t use the touchpad use the trigger sorry. I know people said I want to use the touchpad, but tough.

The trigger was the best one to use for right now. Until I I see some more feedback, the right stick, right, touchpad elastic left, touch pad activate, is the touchpad click and you had to be on the object that you’re.

Doing, grab is grip and menu is the top menu button right up here. So that means now that you can grab the left and right or swap that’s. Uh naw’some, so that means you can grab the left, handle and the right handle and they’ll easily swap themselves right now.

Let’s turn this on, so to turn it on go over the button right here. Touchpad click boom spawn the drone. So let’s. Choose that one turn this on. Touchpad click yeah, it’s on and both of them will now react just like, and there’s really no difference other than you teleport over here.

Oh, that’s up there, so that’s. Pretty much pretty much the same thing, but no it’s that had to be good at my own game. Besides are much better with the controller than touch controllers and, like I said this might work with the oculus and I’m.

Not sure so because the game sports team, he are so got it, let’s, leave it there. Fine it’s, not going anywhere it’s, not going anywhere. Now. Look at it’s, all it’s like doubters stuff, but no. Instead, I had to begin at my own game so that’s.

Basically it those are the updates and stuff, and I’ll just go. Let’s, wrap this up real quick and I’ll show you. Actually let me show you the differences there’s, not that many between the non vr1 as well.

So let’s reset. Now we are back on linux because that’s, where you should, because linux is awesome, we’re, going to change these sound options and raise the music vol. I’m just a little, so I can hear it.

Okay, I’m, going to turn the sound off now there’s, pretty much no changes to this other than you can’t teleport in this. Yet I probably will add that, so let me know if you’ve liked as an option instead of just walking around like normal, like this stuff is right.

Now, however, you can see that oh yeah, I forgot like the little tool, tips and stuff to change now, so that’s, actually different pets in the VR 12. So you just check that out there’s, a little crosshair that actually makes this a little easier to uh to do this is all this stuff works exactly the same soul spawn that guy right here.

This comes up to your face too, with the left trigger. So let me know if that works on a mac. It works on linux and it works on windows because i can test it with that. So turn this thing on interact the controller and off you go, and basically it’s, all the same stuff that I think teleporting, and this would be pretty cool, dar right or at least whoops.

I know. Instead, I had to be good at the game right so drop that and that’s. Basically, that’s. Basically it all the stuff pretty much works with the controller at the same with the VR one. So there’s.

Really no difference so some quick thoughts and we’ll wrap this up. Just remember: if you want to download this right below in the description you get the links to everything, linux, mac and windows. Stevie are only works in windows at this time, which is unfortunate because Stevie are doesn’t support linux.

They should work on that because really i bought it for linux, get it working. It’s, quick thoughts and then we’ll, take it from there and that’s. Basically it so. Please give it a shot in the description below you ‘

Ll have download links for windows, linux and mac. Just as an FYI for the mac, since i don’t have a way to really test it, because i don’t have a mac. I’m, not sure if the controller is going to work correctly on the mac.

So please, let me know in the the latin the next and probably last demo will actually happen an input menu, so you can actually change the inputs on your own. So the controller’s. Access don’t work, or they’re different on each platform.

Whatever you’ll be able to reassign them and such so that’s. What we’re, actually planning for for the next one and the next mo. I’m, going to have the drone physics all completely redone and after that it’s, pretty much getting on the steam store and then getting it in front of you guys.

So leave me some feedback. We’re, incorporating it as we go. So if you want to see changes to this, and if you like the concept, just you know, give us a shout out, let us know leave us. Some feedback will take every feedback.

You want even bad feedback. We want to make this the best game possible for drone training, so leave us some feedback, and yes, I also realized that one of the main things you guys want to see is: if you own a drone, you have a controller already.

You want to be able to plug that controller in so I have one as well. I’m, going to give it a shot, and hopefully I’ll, get that in for the demo five, so everybody can try that out and give me some more feedback after that remember download links below leave us some feedback.

Please, like comment: subscribe feedback really really really really wanted, and I I appreciate all the other feedback you guys gave, and hopefully this is coming to fruition and you guys are going to enjoy it and that’s, pretty much.

Why I create games. Why else would you create games unless you don’t want people playing them because that would be kind of lame? If you didn’t want that to happen, so please give it a shot. Let me know how it looks.

Let me know how it plays see the next one hit the subscribe button and you’ll, be informed of all the next stuff that we put out because we ‘ Ve got some interesting stuff coming soon. Thanks a lot, everyone take care.

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