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Steel city drones, flight academy offers complete training solutions for both individuals and corporations that want to start using drugs. We help a wide variety of clients, such as and fire departments, emergency rescue and response teams, schools and news stations.

We can customize a training solution best to fit your organization’s needs and budget Dave. King, the founder of Steel City Flight Academy started flying drones for clients in 2011. Dave has thousands of flights under his belt and was custom building drones well before ready to fly, drones were available.

Dave has worked with hundreds of clients all over the country through his aerial production. Company dave has combined his background with aviation and drones to the ultimate course for individuals wanting a professional career in the drone industry.

Our training solutions are based on a very high safety compliance standard that we developed based on over 5,000 flights working with clients. We also offer on-site training solutions where we travel to your facility and train your staff on-site to minimize training costs.

What I really like about Steel City drones, flight Academy is their focus on safety and risk management going into it. We really had no idea what was involved in using drones for commercial purposes and what it took to keep everyone safe.

An accident free, our training and consulting services have a full money-back guarantee. Our proven programs give you the needed foundation for a safe and productive pathway and the ever growing industry of drones to get more information about our flight academy services.

Please contact us directly for a free consultation.

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