Drone training schools becoming popular in China

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More Chinese are expressing interest in operating drones, as the machines have become highly useful in a variety of industries and fields. Schools that help operators obtain their licenses have accordingly become more popular at this training school in east china’s shandong province, students are learning how to control the vehicles, as well as create specific flight paths for the machines. Students are also required to take courses on meteorology and aerodynamics. Training usually lasts about two weeks and costs about 10,000, un or 1500 u.s.

dollars. Valuation was with the closest students, can learn flight, Siri and maintenance for their drones. They can also learn how to rescue their drones in case of an emergency industry. Experts at China needs over 10,000 operators in the fields of mapping, film and agriculture, among others. China has 45 qualified training institutions that can train over 200,000 people annually.

According to data from the aircraft owners and Pilots Association of China, wu said, training helps students to fully understand laws and regulations concerning drones. Drone operators are required to pass a test before they can obtain a license to fly Chinese regulations state that operators must be licensed when flying a drone that has a weight of seven kilograms or more or flying any drone at elevations. Greater than 120 meters

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