Drone Training (RPL) – Graeme Wuth Deputy Editor SA Flyer Magazine.

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Gram worth I’m, the deviated is a fly magazine and like most pilots, I’ve loved aviation, since I was that big and was unused until a couple years ago that I managed to save at the money of get my ppl And get into the industry property and start flying and then to further that and further integrate myself into industry.

I combine that with my studies and I applied to work at a supply magazine as the deputy editor, so I’ve been there for last. Four years or so, and keep on finding out how this this game works, there was a fairly short drive each morning and a new wave of tweet was along the n14 from flying over a couple times and so yeah driver straightway.

It was against traffic. I was nice to get out into the country, but as well yeah at the hangar for the theory side of things, the ground school. That was great, I think, coming from a manned aviation side.

I love with made sense quite quickly, but it was nice to be able to ask creation straight away in the class and clarify things that I need to clarify and at all, when Joe went grid was smooth sailing.

My my theory and pega was further split onto two separate days, but I know they were guys in our class who managed to help across during breaks between lacings and during lunch breaks, to do some factor flying in between the theory and they they had no problem With that they quickly put in an hours flying over back again for the class.

The part that’s really stuck in my head from this course that I’ve done is the practical flying out. I’ve, I mean I love flying things. Let’s been a lot of fun and the the novel part of it was trying to orientate myself when the drones pointing at me.

Sorry, all the controls are reversed back is forward and forward as back and left is right that there was quite a challenge and then trying to fly patterns back that was mentally draining. So after five ten minutes I was done so there was a fun and challenging experience.

Yeah, I think gosh we have been flying as firefighters or commercial pilots. Really, I think it’s. A worthwhile endeavor there’s, been little developments in the manned aviation side over the last couple of decades, and our planes are pretty similar.

I think the biggest advancements have been in systems and avionics and things, but the opposite is true. With unmanned aviation and with drones there’s, huge leaps in happening almost monthly, so that’s.

Really, innovations happening if you want to be involved in so the cutting edge of aviation, I think getting involved in drones has raised over all happening, so yeah definitely definitely worth doing it and it’s, not a not a major leap either and yeah.

I’m working towards my RPL because it’s, something I’m interested in and I think yeah for the magazine. It was really trying to branch into the drone industry. Make sense of it. As I said, that’s where I think developments happening, so you want to be part of that.

But for my personal side – and I think there’s – huge application for it and I don’t think we’ve, even tapped into how we can really use drones at the moment and abroad. China, when I’d, love to be able to be integrated into surveying and mapping areas, and things like that stuff that I’m interested in so yeah.

I’d love to see what interests you guys, I think, is untapped. Applications I’m. Gon na definitely keep learning. I love learning as things grow. Never stop stop challenging myself and in terms of drones I mean I’m, getting a multi-rotor license.

I think I’d love to go back and get the fixed wing license there’s going to be specializing. They need to be done, and I’d like to keep up to date with what’s happening.

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