Drone Training – RPAS Training Academy, Durban.

by Jose
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Lu [, Music, ], our training academy, is a remote piloted aircraft systems training facility. If you want – and we train our PL pilots, which is your of the pilot’s license and if you want to become a commercial operator and South Africa Amelia OPM.

Thank you. It’s, one of the first accredited schools in South Africa. I’m, basically doing office change, which Australian training, so in 2015 last, the South African Civil Aviation Authority board after and regulations in the country which required that anybody that wanted to operate drones for commercial purposes they needed to get a license.

The important part is to keep manned aviation and offers combined, basically working together safety. It entails the theoretical section, which is a seven day course Monday to Sunday. We go through a lot of manned aviation stuff like meteorology navigation, human performance and then in our face specific stuff that we go through as well.

Radio links construction of flight batteries is a few others yeah. I would like to see it as of the base of your training. I mean we add, on specific courses so for the mining industry we ‘ Ll, have a survey important for the videography industry.

We’ll, have a film videography course. My function to be instructive, for the screw is to train pilots. We become safe pilot students going to expect to the practical side of things I can expect a lot of flying for sure, and then we will actually return to do repeat.

Maneuvers get them to discipline. Fly like they said in a safe manner. Well, we’ve been ages of mine. I’m already an Aussie pilot for quite a few years, that’s, the modern aircraft, of course, and with a Jones it’s just another step, and also I’m looking to value to some business.

Using German, so I was referred to our best training and they very kindly. Let me come on the course, and I came on the course, because it was the only course that has been offered in case it in the bigger reason.

Why I came is because I wanted to expand my flying skills. I have a pilot private pilot’s, license that wanted to expand my flying skills and also can see that the are pairs area is going to be a huge area of growth.

So I wanted to get into that and have to make a bit of money. What’s involved in the training is a week of theory for six days theory going through various courses, some which overlap with a ppl most are unique to the RPL.

The resume or sector one three are complete here and I’ll obstructive. Believe we’re ready. We will then, except we have a DfE, because that stands for designated slot examiner, who will come and assess our skills, and he will be the one nice and off and determines whether we qualify for an RTO or not having this RPL gives me legal protection.

It gives me legal qualification to operate in South Africa as a drone pilot, obviously, in conjunction with having an RFC not having an RP. L means that I’m in. I am putting others at risk as well as myself.


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