Drone Training for Police at Starved Rock State Park

by Jose

A drone search-and-rescue demo at State Park with the Elgin Department. That’S coming up next, everybody David plumber, here from . Thank you so much for checking out the channel. If you are passionate about and the ways they’re changing the world, you have come to the right place. Let’S get into today’s topic, we had the amazing opportunity this week to go to the IPL EA Conference at State Park in Oglesby .

Now the IPL EA stands for the Park law enforcement Association. These are the police that are actually out in our state parks, making sure that everybody’s safe trying to find people to go missing, trying to help people that are hurt. That’S what they’re there for so we were invited there by our good friend and client lieutenant Mathieu Logan from the Elgin Police Department. They have been great clients of ours to be honest, Mathieu de lavit and his team at the Elgin Police Department are kind of leading the way right now in the Midwest. A lot of police and fire departments are coming to them, trying to figure out how to build their own drone departments, and that’s why Matt was at this conference.

He was there to talk about exactly what they’ve been doing for the last few years, setting up their own standard operating procedures, figuring out, which drone to use letting us know all the different uses for the and why they’re helpful how they’re saving them time? How they’re saving them money, how they’re making search-and-rescue much much quicker and how, if you’re a missing person the odds of you being found if a drone is involved, go dramatically up, so we were there to demo some of our favorite like the DJI mitrice 210. You can put two different gimbals on that, so you got a 30 times optical zoom and thermal. That obviously is gon na be really helpful to people trying to do search-and-rescue in our state parks. We also brought out the Mavic, the Mavic to enterprise zoom and dual.

So the Maverick to enterprise zoom has a six time, zoom lens on it. The dual has a thermal camera and a 4k camera on it. These are lower grade, but they’re also much more affordable for smaller police departments that maybe don’t have the big budget to get a mitrice 210. Overall, it was an amazing couple of days. We learned so much.

We were able to teach people a lot of things. Matt is amazing: he is so knowledgeable about how drones are being used in search-and-rescue, how they are being used in police departments that we just sat there and soaked it all in, and I know the 40 or so people in attendance. They enjoyed it too, and they learn a lot. If you’re interested in getting a drone Department started at your Police Department, your fire department make sure you give us a call. The numbers are on the screen.

We love working with our police and fire departments around the Midwest and we’d like to work with you we’ll see you next time: [ Music ], you

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