Drone Training | Day 5 Flight Test

by Jose
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Yes, I’ve started with a quick coffee and some breakfast at the coffee shop near the test site where John went through. All the final details about the FFT would work and in the format and how it would run and give us a good idea as well what we could expect from the test when we arrived on site, everything was treated like a real job.

John took on the role of a client give us a brief, took us through exactly what they wanted and we were then to respond and give manage the expectations of that and say what can be done. It was all using documentation and checking the weather, checking permissions and millet, and all these kind of things that we brought together over the last couple of days, we’re all coming out in the tests, which I thought was a brilliant way of doing It and it kind of put you on the spot, but really useful and a good experience to actually be in that situation without it being a live client, but feeling like it was, does that make sense it was dead-on to doing the actual flying, which was quite Daunting, even though we’ve practiced some of these maneuvers, it was all a bit like intimidating and settled that we had, but actually John and team made it made it really relaxed and, to be honest after a while it didn’t, Feel too much like a test situation and if you feel really at ease once I’ve done.

The first pass guests are settled in quite easily and it ‘ S got a feeling, a lot more comfortable and like sitting the way. John, did it and cleared everything was quite relaxed, so that made you feel a lot better once that was complete, it was announced that passed the FST, which is fantastic, and that is what it all work towards.

So for me was like a massive weight coming off. My shoulders, following the test, John debriefed, is on on what he saw and the sub positives and not negatives, but comments we made that could be improved and things.

We need to look at going forward on to live jobs, because that’s. What it’s all about taking this forward on to live job, and they want the absolute confidence that you’re, going to go out and represent the training you ‘

Ve had do things as you should with a client and not cause issues or have any concern. Now it’s, a case of just getting the submissions of CAA with my office manual and getting the Commission’s and commercial, which is the next step, and that should also be sorted in the next three to four weeks.

All being well with the lead time, so absolutely fantastic cat recommend the course enough. It’s, just really really good, too, with a fantastic. The way it’s run is fantastic, the level of detail and quality of materials given.

It is very, very high and, as I said, the ability to learn so much information in such a short space of time is pretty impressive. You know because when you start these classes, you’d, always know you stopped learning level and for me it was taught in switch aware that I could absorb it and obviously it worked because I ‘

Ve got the end enough past it. So that’s, what it’s all about. I hope these videos prove useful and if you’ve watched all the rest of them. It also hope they all make sense and pieces together all the different parts of this five day class I did and if it’s of interest.

At the end of this video, I will put on the detail supply biotechnology with some phone numbers and weather just watch the addressing things, and I was to check the mountain space. But for things like that, which is where I ultimately found them, have a look and gauge for yourself, but use that, in conjunction with these videos, to get a real impression of what this company’s.

All about and the level on standard and a level of training that they give so yeah thanks for watching. If you’ve got any questions, go and ask them. They’re more than happy to help and they will give you as much detail as possible.

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