Drone Training | Day 3 Ops Manual & Training

by Jose
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So yesterday I completed day three of the fly biotechnology drum cause, the modern consist of doing all the operations manual side of things, the gentleman Carl Richard a very knowledgeable guy and really knew his stuff.

He took us through all they the plan and how you need to lay out your ops manual and the template and all the kind of technicalities of it and the details. We need to pull together to put in it and to make sure it’s aboveboard and everything’s correct, because, ultimately, this is what we’ll, be working to once we’ve qualified, and you know It’s, got ta, be right and it ‘

S got ta, be accurate. A lot of the other companies that are doing this haven’t brought to the people. The ops manual is a bit of a stumbling block for a lot of people. It’s very intensive and you kind of left to get on with it, and that would be quite fearful for me because, having looked at the document yesterday, it’s, a bases, big document on 50 pages of information, and to get That laid out on your own, not it was much assistance.

I can imagine his absolute nightmare, it would text pages and possibly slow down the whole process. So the fact that flyby works really on that really closely rates, the pipe submitting it fair to see and making sure it’s all correct there.

Obviously it’s, going to speed up the whole process and make it a lot easier. So after the ops manual in the afternoon, it was to get out there and go off flying, which was great before we did that in the wall for the office we ‘

Ve got all our equipment out, so we ‘ Ve got all the different drones out and we went through everything, checked everything and graham pointed out the type of things we should be looking for, make sure that everything was in accordance with what it should be.

And so, when we got out there, we worked and we stood around China switch things out in the freezing cold. We then all headed out there in a convoy over to the practice site which, with a big field just on the in 1930 rock, and they go up an area, obviously which is great for practicing and getting from these skills, tested and started.

Following the procedures and things that we’ve learned in the clear these days, and so I try to stick to a routine as well as learning to do some of the manoeuvres, which was really good once grain, with a set roughly where we’re at and they’ll call it sort of basically control.

He started doing some basic maneuver stuff. That would be ultimately in the flight test and things like figure of a and sort of slowly descending angles, and things like that and mapping. A square with the drill and and all these little sort of things that seemed quite easy on the face of it when you do a Mundell controlled manner, particularly when you’ve been asked to do it, it could be quite add, so it’s, a good way of testing you sort of how you work under pressure, particularly those conditions, but it was, it was very cold and that obviously adds to the whole sauce stress of the situation.

After going through some of the news a few times and grey masters to move into what’s called a key mode, and so that’s away from using GPS and actually having to fly the aircraft a little bit more independently.

And that was a real. I again just see in the situation that you can end up in and you’re, not always going to be relying on and it ‘ S got a little hints and tips on how to use that and be able to fly the Machine and safely and get garrus all that you need, so that’s all about day.

Three of the five gauge class truck lost hope has found it useful and give you an insight into what you actually do, because it’s. Always nice to know it’s, so difficult for dog exhibit when you read lots of text on that on my webpage, so yeah hope this is really helping you beside it’s.

This kind, of course, is for you, but please keep an eye out for the next few good deals and about how it goes. How I’ll, go on and obviously flight tests, side of things and hopefully get a bit of an insight into that.

As well and that’s, everything so thanks for watching Oh [, Music, ]

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