Drone Training | Day 2 Ground School

by Jose

So I’m just back from dr2 of the ground school during training, we fly by and it’s gone exceptionally well. We went through aircraft general knowledge. Today we did flight plan in general navigation and we also covered operational procedures which were all very interesting.

The flight planning side of things was really good and it took us through aviation mapping, which was a real eye-opener for me because it’s. Someone. I’ve, never seen, and it just made her realize what goes on in the skies and how things work above where we are and for me was just really interesting, so yeah.

I think that’s, a really really useful section. As part of the aircraft and knowledge part of things, a gray and brought out air just a mini basic model drone and just really use kind of visual aids to help us understand different parts and how things work and how air flow works on the blades and All that kind of thing, so that was all really useful.

You know bit more hands-on and visual, rather than just tell us all about it. So that was really good. Final part of the day was an exam to cover all the things we’ve done and test our knowledge and see how we got on and pleased to see our past it and and got Sam 93 %, which I’m, really Pleased with so that’s got that in the back.

The quality of the training today was equal to yesterday. Very very good, like I said, Graham, was professional lots of experience and really got the message across well, and you know all of his learn.

There’s, an awful lot stuck in this is the thing and today was really intense, again top of brain rendering, but it all went in there and, as I said, the results of the exam showed that we did actually take it in and and It’s, a good way of they know the right ways to teach you and that’s.

What came across so I found it really useful in that respect, as well as the operations manual tomorrow. I believe we’ll be going out and flying weather permitting. So I’m fingers crossed the weather’s good.

I think I’ll, be a bit cold so because of wrapping up, but that’s, the first stage of getting the train under my belt, so that’s again. So I’m really looking forward to because you know a lot of stuff there for the last two days.

So for me it’s about getting out there not to fly anything a bit more and learning some new skills. So I hope this video has proved really useful and he’s. Given you a good insight into the true on training, I’m doing with fly by and answering some questions.

You might be asking inside your mind that you, maybe don’t, know about all you’ve not been able to find out. So hopefully that’s. Working well keep an eye out for the next videos and follow the process right through and just see how I get on, and you know you’ll, be the judge, see how I get on what I think and see if it proves useful to You to making the decision so watch this space, [, Music, ],

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