Drone Training | Day 1 Ground School

by Jose
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What can I say brilliant I mean the first day was, went really well, and I was very apprehensive about the whole ground schools. Anything because it’s, a lot of very best subject, which is not my strong point and it’s.

Like going back to school, that’s, what I thought it was going to be like, but that was put that’s quite quickly when we got there when John kind of set us all down and explained how it was going to Rule the way brought everything forward and taught as it was was brilliant.

You know, give us real-life examples, yeah drawing from his experience and the other tools, and they all sort of that which just made the whole thing a lot easier, and I’m fun to learn, and you know areas that otherwise would have proved difficult.

Actually, I hope went in fairly well covered areas such as air law meteorology, which is something that I’ve, never even touched on the pilot skills side of it was probably the highlight of the day for me, a very large subject to go over, But it went over so many things to do with your professionalism and how you should run your business and how you should treat completely industries of a flying, a drone and not just take it for granted.

That is something you should just player. One thing that was massively apparent throughout there: it was the professionalism of the training. You know the whole thing right from the kind of slide shows the graphics.

The way it was presented in the style training was absolutely superb. Giving real-life examples. Put you in situations asking you questions to try and get you to answer to get you involved to really get the sort of message home and drag it drive it in, because that’s.

Part of the problem we’re learning is making sure it goes in because if it doesn’t go in then it’s no use day. One was a real success and I think I got out of it. What probably more than why I anticipated – and I really went into it quite apprehensively and not quite sure what I was going to learn from it and how it was going to go in.

But you know Satya feeling fairly confident that you know I learned something which is what it’s all about, so that’s, that’s. A great step follows one thing that is so apparently is the fact that flying a drill – and it is quite a significant thing – it was even described as being more stressful and more intense than being a pilot on a plane, because you don’t, Have any time of downtime to think about things when you’re flying a drone, you’re in control and you’ve got to before, because 100 % of the time so it’s yeah.

It just reiterated that you know this is the thought train you need to do to be in the industry and to be doing it commercial, because not something you can just play it. It’s, so important to follow these guidelines and make sure you have stuff in place that that you follow to the mark every time and that way it would use with any kind of risk and that’s.

What it’s all about it’s, about reducing risk and doing a very good job. One of the really interesting things I picked up today as well was from John was the fact that when you’ve booked a class with flyby .

It’s, not just a case of doing the cost, and then they leave you to it all the way of which train it’s very much about saying how they support you afterwards and then develop you on your journey. I would highly recommend them.

Sort of that, like I say, time will tell I’ve got tomorrow to go for the ground school, do the exam and things, and that would be another stage done. But then, after that I’ll. Be able to assess it even further and give you some better ideas as to what I’m thinking, but overall, very positive.


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