Drone Training at Sanad Academy Dubai

by Jose
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Hi folks welcome back to the channel. Today we’re, doing something a little bit different. We’re heading out to cyanide academy to take a drone licensing course here in the united arab emirates. You have to have a license to fly.

Your drone – and there are a lot of rules and regulations on what you can do, where you can do it, that sort of thing as it is in most countries. But the thing we want to avoid is taking our drone outside of the country and then, when we come back, if we’re asked, if we have a license, we can show it.

So they wouldn’t. Give us any problems about bringing in with us. I’ve heard rumors that they’ve, actually confiscated people’s drones. I don’t think that’s. The case, if you’re coming through as a transient pastor, something like that.

But if you’re resident or if you’re going to be here for any length of time, you know they want to protect the privacy of the citizens and of other things like the military bases and that sort of stuff that You know, and obviously just flying around airports trying to be safe.

Obviously it makes good sense. I don’t, uh fault them in the least, but i’ve had my drone now for what a little over a year and a half two years, i think, is coming up, and i want to do everything right and i want To learn all the rules and regulations so that i can fly my drone safely in areas that it’s permitted and not getting in trouble or worse, lose.

My drone so hope to bring you some great video uh. I’m in the car, not on the motorcycle today, and that’s because it’s, windy and dusty. There’s. A big dust storm going on. You probably can’t see through my tinted windows right now, but um going out deeper into the desert, where sunny academy holds the course, and it will be even dustier out there.

So we’ll, bring you some video from them. We hope to talk to them about their course get a little bit of insight as to how they do things, and then i think we may have to fly the drone. I’m, not looking really forward to flying my drone in this dust storm because it’s very, very fine, powdery dust and it could get into all sorts of uh problems with the drone.

So hopefully they’ll. Have one for us to practice on or we’ll? Do it inside not 100 sure uh the course is offered at a place where they fly radio controlled aircraft, so it might be outside? We’ll, see so stay tuned and we’ll, bring you some more in a minute all right guys.

I’m here to register for the certificate to fly a drone as a hobby right, yeah hobby drone. There’s, the money and that’s right here. What else do you need for me? I can get that food, so, okay, all right folks.

So now we’re, going down to the classroom and dimple is going to give us there. She is it’s, going to give us the theory behind flying a drone in the uae. Oh look at this set up here with computers. Classroom give a little plug out to advanced media where, if you have a drone problem, take it to them and they can sort it out for you as they did with me.

When my gimbal died, yeah, not nice, for an old guy, he did it. It took me longer because the microprocessor doesn’t run at the same speed, but i still come up with the same result and thanks to dimple, who was very helpful in doing the course.

So now we’re, going to go to the next phase stay tuned, so here we are now. After doing the theory course in what is referred to as the drone lab it’s, also a little waiting room you can see outside there is the runway for the radio control models, a lot of different types of drones.

So now we’re, going to put our drone together cool hi folks. Today we’re at cyanide academy in dubai, and we’re here. To get our drone license to be ordered in order to be able to fly our drone in dubai and the uae.

I’m here with mary from cyanide academy, hi, mary hello. How are you i’m good and uh mary? What can you tell us about the school like how long it’s been here? What kind of courses that you offer academy is a school for drawings, so we’re about operating almost three years already, so the ceo, which is mentor albuci, is a fund of drones.

So yeah we’re, endorsed by the bicycle aviation authority, so we test people if uh pilots, if they’re eligible to fly, so it is a pretty requisite for you to get a permit. You need first to go to silent academy.

So we offer services like trainings and certifications for hobbyists. We have this two services, which is the boot camp, so it includes three hours training and then, after the training, you will do the test, which is the certification.

This service is for people who don ‘ T know anything about drugs like they need a training from basic and um yeah, but for people like who knows already how to fly and just need a certification, they can go through the test event, which is a certification, so yeah no training just to test directly.

Okay and what about commercial pilots that want to uh do this for living photographers, who want to be able to use their drones to shoot aerial photography? Do you offer courses for them for commercial? It believe it will be um more difficult there, but we you need to submit mandatory requirements first.

So for commercial certification, you need first to submit a trade license that includes uh in dubai. Okay, it should include filming photography or photography, media stuff, like that, and also you need to have bigger drones.

So in like your case, you have the pro it’s, not for commercial right. Okay, so you need at least phantom four inspire one. Inspire tool mattress so this stuff, because uh dcaa will be providing tracking device on your drone.

Oh transponder yeah, so you need to have a better job. Okay, so, and also dcaa will be needing drone insurance for you to have your certification. Okay. Actually, i heard rumor that uh, if you are a commercial person that you know, does this for a living, and you have these um drones that you do shoot video with that they will put someone with you when you go out there to do your work.

Is that true, or do they just you once you get approval to shoot a specific location, they let you go and do it on your own. I’m, not really sure about having someone, since they have already the trucking device.

Okay, so yeah, you need to submit example: you’ll, be shooting in a certain area, maybe downtown you will submit to them like the exact location. Where are you when what time like the span of time, maybe one two three and then the location like the scope of the limit, um, the location and if you exceed there will be another defender, they will be notified as well, because you have the tracking device.

Oh okay, wow, that’s crazy! Well, anyway, we came today and we got our license uh. Well, we got our training. This is it here, my certificate, and now what’s going to happen is that they will submit our documentation of our training to the dcaa.

We will then register our drone with them uh, which gives us permission to fly within dubai and then, in order to fly within the uae, the other emirates. We have to register the drone with the gcaa, which is the civil aviation authority for the united arab emirates.

So it’s a little bit of a process, but it’s worthwhile. It maintains safety for everybody and it’s, a great course to come and do, and we appreciate it. Thank you mary. Thank you. Well, folks, that’s it until next time.

Thank you see you later. You

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