Drone training – 1 at RSG LAB, Northern Arizona University

Begin these arrows, we’re right above my finger. There’s a left arrow and there’s a right arrow.

They correspond with these unmarked buttons down below.

So, if I go right, I go to page 2 of 4 gives me Latin long tells me.

We have 13 satellites.

Gps fix is three dimensional position, accuracy plus or minus 1 meter.

I’m speed at saying point 1 meter a second and it’s fluctuating between that and 0 that’s normal go to page 3.

You have a speed window.

The current we’re drawing usually pay attention to that it gives us our out outside temperature.

It’s not very useful to screen.

I’d only run on is this page 1, because what you’re most concerned with this is voltage, and it also gives you the altitude. So when you’re climbing to your target altitude for your mission, ok, that’s what you’re going to watch.

Is it’s going to get up there and you get pretty good at and we have, especially with some of the Canadian products for flying everything’s in meters, and so you know, if you’ve ever hunted or shot a rifle.

You can estimate a hundred yards, pretty dang good, like football.

You know what 100 yard football field looks like start talking about meters, it’s a little different, pretty quick! You get good at knowing ok, that’s 40 meters or that’s whatever that’s 100 meters, unless it’s right above your head, which typically it is, we run reading it and you just can’t tell so you use your altimeter.

It’s right here.

Good halo looks good.

So what we’re going to do first is pull up so again to spool up.

Take the collective, bring it all the way to 0, which is toward you and the motor switch.

You pull up on it.

Power up fly carefully. It always says that, like okay, I was thinking of flying dangerously today, but I changed my mind because you told me not to so what I do now.

You can see some vibration in the arms that’s, because those props on the line I’ll take the collective I’ll just very easy, easy start to go up a little bit.

Okay and everything smooths out you just rub it up that much everything smooth out.

Okay from we are in GPS mode.

We are everything, looks good, so I’m going to take off you always let people know around you.

You’re, taking off clear, taking off, I slowly coming up on the collective slowly clean up now i’m flying forward, so i can get it out there.

She often see now.

My cyclic stick is centered.

You see the wind started to push it, but it hot itself: it’s in GPS mode and check my control cyclic to the lab that’s good right.

Now, seven meters we’ve got you. Are control, check nice and easy again.


No reason to rush so all the sudden is your climbing doctor may try to get blown.

You’ll hear the motors really working.

Those are things you want to you in on a listen to you for 90 meters now go up.

30 meters.

Polygon fly the mission.

Typically, you draw that polygon space.

Nonetheless, .

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