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by Jose

have revolutionized asset inspections on a global scale, providing detailed data, an analysis that is never before and available. But how do you effectively manage your massive data and turn into actionable business intelligence enter a bj data view, a location-based platform that keeps all your asset data in the cloud, giving you the intelligence needed to decrease costs and increase revenue.

The data view solution combines all current and legacy data in the cloud, so it’s accessible from anywhere at any time, because this state-of-the-art platform is location-based. All your images and video are annotated and geo tagged enabling you to pinpoint exactly where issues exist.

Data view understands that you need to see the most severe issues. First, images highlighting asset defects are given a higher level of severity, allowing you to keep your focus on the most urgent situations and reduce overall repair costs and effective assets.

Our our unique solution enables you to track maintenance records over time, allowing operations, professionals and maintenance crews to see patterns of failure patterns can then be analyzed and the cause of failure fixed helping to reduce the need to replace broken or defective components and improve reliability, and In turn, profitability, this drastically cuts maintenance costs associated with asset failure and helps predict exactly what areas of your asset need attention with our integrated backend AI dataview can easily sit through massive amounts of images quickly, providing you with asset intelligence at lightning speed.

The abj dataview solution is smarter, faster, more effective and provides an advanced level of data that has never before been available. A bj dataview has revolutionized asset business intelligence and is available on a global scale to get started with our state-of-the-art data solution visit our or contact us today.


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