Drone Simulation: using simulation in drone training


Today lets talk about flight simulators. Flight simulators are an important part of any unmanned vehicle training program. The flight simulator package allows you to make mistakes. While you are learning It prevents you from destroying a very expensive vehicle. If anything goes wrong.

You’Ve wrecked a virtual aircraft and you haven’t destroyed an airplane that cost somewhere between $ 800- $ 10,000 dollars.

There are several radio control and simulators on the market. Most of them are pretty good. This one we are showing is called real flight Using a simulator allows you to simulate flying as well as the entire mission. Several mistakes can be made and it doesn’t hurt anything mistakes like turning the wrong direction and just getting a feel of the aircraft by flying it.

These packages also include various challenges and tutorials Flying the challenges and having some fun helps you get better. Some of these systems can fly automatic profiles similar to what youre unmanned vehicle will fly. The important thing here is that with many automated UAVs, sometimes it is necessary to take control and you need to know how to take control and fly the in an emergency situation. There are many lessons learned flying in high winds, getting too close to metal objects and power lines and having the aircraft take off an fly away. Those are all things that can be done on the simulator.

The simulator can help prevent these mistakes in the real world and eliminate the possibility of a crash. One of the reviews I read on Amazon.com ( a negative review. ) talked about a guy that bought a $ 3,500 UAV The first flight was on Christmas morning. He was taking off from the football field at a local high school.

He got the UAV too close to the metal bleachers and it lost radio signal and the UAV took off. It was flying over town and he had no choice but to try and stop it. So he turned off the control box and the UAV plunged into a lake and it was gone $ 3,500…one¬†flight With a flight, simulator programs, you can select different kinds of aircraft. In fact, if you want to try and fly all different types of airplanes, go ahead. This includes all the popular -copters and fixed wing UAVs. Many of them will also allow you to fly at night which you aren’t supposed to, but you could fly in various weather and winds. You can also simulate other kinds of missions.

This is a really important training method and it will save you time, money and frustration. It will make you a much safer, UAV operator.

Making mistakes on the simulator will just save you money Thanks for watching..

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