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by Jose
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Hey folks, engineer 775 here today with Frank for a from Carolina drones check out channel, I’m dad I’m. Frank Frank is really helping me out today. He was close to our jobsite today and he ‘

S got some awesome drones and I know he can fly so I was going to have him just kind of walk through tell you about his drones. Tell you about his business and what he’s going to do for us today. So Frank, just do what you normally do put them on the spot.

Alright, happy Friday, everyone I’m, actually going to be flying. I have three drones with me. Today: got the inspire to the Phantom 4 Pro and pneumatic. We’ve got a pretty tight area where we’re, going to be flying here.

This, which I’m, just going to actually pick up my inspire to assemble everything taken out of the case. I’m, going to probably mount on my 45 millimeter lens. That way, I don’t get so close to all these trees flying around.

The last thing you want to do is get a $ 5,000 item hitting the ground or in the water over here, but I’m looking forward to it’s, a beautiful clear day, didn’t ask for a better Day there’s very minimum wind, maybe about five to seven knots at that and I’m looking forward to it.

I got plenty of batteries for the Phantom floor and inspired to and plenty of mattock, and maybe I teach Scott how to fly some of these drones yeah. I want one so yeah have to call me so often so looking forward to that – and I’m extremely impressed with the setup he did over here with these solar panels and the water I mean there’s, zero electricity out here.

So if I run out of batteries myself, I might plug in my batteries on so that solar panel charges drones. So maybe we actually can come up with something with your panels to charge batteries. Maybe we can work on something that hey you never know.

We definitely want to talk some collaboration here. Absolutely there’s, always there’s, always pilots out there that go into sceneries like this, that absolutely don’t have the power to run to charge to charge the ballasts, and you know they might have their pickup truck, But they don’t want to keep the pickup truck on all the time, so something that portable and solar-powered to just charge your batteries.

Why they’re constantly rubs, are usually filming during nice weather correct. I’m. Looking forward to so I’m, going to actually just take the inspire to him taking a progress out here. This is an inspire yes, fire, brand-new, okay, close to the hunger flights on it, though sucking is a nice little beautiful, HP, rck yeah.

Those are nice, huh yeah. Those are phenomenal, so that case was made for the drone. Obviously, absolutely it’s like a look at this ad, so I believe it’s. Water jet cut it’s made in Italy, so it’s not made in the USA, but look at that carbon fiber beautiful yeah that’s.

The carbon fiber is impressive. This drone, actually here Scott, is actually two batteries that run this unit, and I have six batteries with me. This is where the pudding is at the gimbal, a gimbal with the Micro, Four Thirds camera.

What I’m going to do is actually the DJI 15 millimeter lens. So I’m actually going to snap this off and I’m, going to put my nice 44 45 millimeter lens here that I have olympus as we go through this folks.

I don’t want you to miss out. I mean Carolina: drones is with a Z on the end. Dro and z2 try to be different and he actually has a store here in Anderson, South Carolina has a . We’ll. Put all that information in the description anything out that’s, how they get ahold of you right? Yes, sir, yes, sir, so we’re actually got the 45 millimeter lens here, pretty simple to mount on here I’ll.

Push buttons nowadays, no wrenches, no fire, no screwdrivers, that’s, cool pretty heavy little camera, though isn’t it yeah. The whole entire unit is pretty heavy with the batteries on it without the batteries roughly anywhere between 10 and 12 pounds.

Okay, we’ve got our carbon fiber props. Just put this cover on my say, balloons. Absolutely lenses are not cheap. The wrong cap here: okay! Well, you’re on film, so you’re, going to mess up exactly always close this case up.

Do you need us to do anything now? What I, actually I don’t need to do anything. What do you need to do is I need to get my SD card? Okay. Actually I have it on my other drunk. So once I get the props on, I’ll get my card on it, so props, just snap on just quick release.

Oh, no, no tools necessary not at all, absolutely not at all. No let’s. Wait to get my iPad and your SD card empty card publicist. I’ll. Let you get set back set up and we’ll. Just come back yeah all right, so here we go.

We were flying here’s. His controls got an iPad. He’s already loaded the SD card in the drone yep loaded, the SD card I just put on my iPad. This is a brand new iPad that just came out about a month ago, so it’s, excellent size, it’s.

A nine point. Seven inch screen definitely to put in my USB connection here and fire up always fire up your radio. No matter what strong our brand that you’re using your radio, always be fire up first and always needs a fire down last, so you make your connection on first turning it off last, so you have connection always because the last thing you want To do is lose this connection and the drone thinks that it’s returning home and if it’s on the ground, it will actually take off and get up to the air and come back down okay.

So I guess we’re, looking for a clear spot, take off put it on top of that solar panel [ Applause ] I like to do one last check just to make sure my props are actually on correctly cameras. Doing its thing hit.

Camera is going to be balancing out their 45 millimeter lens there you go back to my control. This is Tory. I’m. Turning on the DJI, go back, go for out actually to be exact. Go for! Am this a naps now from DJI folks, you’re, getting an awesome education here today I’m just trying to.

I was trying to get some footage, but this is. This is like drone school. I’m, just checking Wow. Look at that camera. Just checking my gimbal here. Just making sure everything is good. So is that what is that 4k? Is that 4k? Okay? Absolutely so you darken up loosens up, I’m.

Actually, shy always shoot on Raw, so I can edit and do any editing or fixing in post. Some people prefer not to even touch it. This camera takes such great quality pictures that you really don ‘

T have to do any posting, especially a beautiful day like this. It’s, just a sure evil yeah you can’t. You can’t ask for a better day on this drone. Here we have two cameras on it. So we have a front what we call fpv camera okay for the pilot, so we can actually pair two radios with this unit pair two radios with this unit.

So one can be the camera operator. One can actually be the positive myself so that’s, why we have two different cameras and we also have actual satellite Google’s satellite view of this area, and I can actually switch it.

I want but uh we’re, actually ready to go. Oh my. My battery has got 99. Try that on my battery I got good gps. Currently, i have 13 gps satellites right there. 13 13. First, to say that right, oh yeah, okay, i couldn’t see it.

So i got 13. The drone. Technically it’s, a lot further than what it is. It says it’s, seven feet, but it’s yeah. I’m looking at about 30 feet away, but what i’m going to do. Is i’m just going to fire it up here and for a warm up? I’m going to see I’m sick of looking what we got here.

All right. She’s gone that’s. What he’s got on the screen, oh yeah, this is. Can you go down to your panels here and I was going to do this on an AR Parrott, not [, Laughter, ], [, Music, ] screaming really clear folks, I don’t know if my camera will get it coming in hot [, Music, ], Weird it’s, a weed eater.

We got gimble pitch up and down yep on my left aisle on my right dial on this one. Here I have exposure, so I can actually darken up change my eye or so literally right on screen. I try to always shoot on 100 ISO if I can get higher res as possible and and just make sure it’s.

Not too bright has an automatic focus. So, no matter where I’m, actually shooting at you can see it on screen right now, I’m, actually flying and moving my gimbal at the same time. Okay, so I like a pianist or guitarist using all their fingers right on the controller [ Music ] beavers are freaking out right now: [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ].

Alright. Next, we’re, going to unbox a DJI phantom 4 Pro correct, correct. Alright, tell me about a frame yeah, I phantom 4 Pro it’s, an amazing unit. It’s, really any drone that anybody can needs you don’t need to get all the fancy inspire to phantom 4 probe has a one inch sensor, camera that is absolutely stunning, incredible video and stills 4k, and this comes in a Nice beautiful case that we’ve, we’ve, worked with a supplier to customize for us, as you can see, I can put up to six batteries or seven batteries, one in the drone two spots.

I use one of the battery slots as my what I call my junk: nothing but parts and SD cards and so forth. The four batteries and I props my iPad lot, which actually is awesome to protect your iPad. When you travel quick question, do you can use other absolutely tablets and Android base and Vidia shields, all the different sized iPads up to the iPad pro or anything? How old do you stay away from, or am I try to stay to the iPad tubes? Okay, it something comparable correct anything past that the firmwares don’t like to work together properly, okay, but anyway, so it comes with this nice gimbal support.

I mean there’s, tons of factory or third-party gimbal supports. But honestly, I really think that these over time, traveling around that really hold correct. It keeps the camera from bouncing around I haven’t.

Actually, free will its brand that I work with at a China free will and D filter this one’s, an ND 16 foot and took our brightness. It’s time. It lowers my. My f stops. Basically, my video stops. So I’m gonna actually put my props on on this one.

We got black props in got nice little black props that I actually got. These are actually the DJI black props, okay, doesn’t come with units. Come unit comes with the white props, but this is just the Signature Series color and I actually, I feel like the country I just like the contrast of these are actually quick-release.

I mean Kirklees props, you push down and twist there’s, a black ring with the black motor and the silver wrinkled silver motor. Well, the motors look sober, but on the top has little dots to determine they’re, just counterclockwise and clockwise on the props.

All drones operate in the next axis, so these two motors spin at the same same direction, and then the spin is the same direction so that’s, how it actually bounces down here so I haven’t checking my battery there.

I got my power on get my controller out. Control is very similar to the inspire 2 controller nice to stay with the same company. Pretty much similar controls, you’re, not getting confused, right, correct and also the app the DJI Go.

App is a very it’s, the same app, so all the functions, all the buttons all the features are very similar from the Phantom 4 pro to the inspire okay. So, like I said earlier, you always want to turn on your radio.

I like to turn on my iPad and turn on my go app. So what is it the same, exact app or you same exact hat nice? I’m, going to actually cut the drone away on the beautiful pad that we found that’s, not that’s, not part of Carolina drones.

We found that in the woods folks yeah we actually did. I usually come. I have my actual Carolina drones pad that’s around 1/2 inch thick rubber, but I usually travel with me, but I left it at the shop.

We found an old campaign sign which is awesome. It’s, not a not a drop right hill, and now it’s like a Tucker. I know who Tucker is Tucker for South Carolina’s Senate. Maybe I don’t know alright. So what I’m waiting now is basically, I’m waiting for die amuse the warm up the motors, the warmer.

I am you yes, what’s, an IMU? I mean. How did you say I am you. I am, you is actually what operates the motors okay, so I’m waiting for the GPS to come up at six satellites, currently 10. That actually say ready to fly at 12.

He goes home point is automatically spot, so we actually got a good home location here oops and we are ready to take off here. 100 % battery same size controller just about isn’t. It ident identical er.

It’s, cool ready to launch. I think he’s flown this thing’s a few times Deborah hi, so it’s. Fill 4k camera alright, get there in 4k camera there. She goes alright, Frank. That is awesome. You’ve showed us awesome drones today, both the GIS tell us how people can get in touch with you.

Well, actually, you can visit us our site at Carolina, drones, VR, oMG, calm and Carolina common spelling. If you know it, South Carolina, North Carolina has spelled common spelling Carolina drones, dr omz, we’re.

Also, you can follow us on instagram carolina drones, facebook, carolina drones. We’re here at the Anderson University, rocky rocky river nature, tracker, River nature, conservatory park, art works, Rocky River nature, hey tricked are close enough close enough.

We’re in the middle of nowhere. That’s good times. Times of foliage here I can tell you and it’s, pretty dangerous spot to fly, but as long as you’re flying above the treetops, you’re safe. But thank you so much for the opportunity.

I mean we have a Mavic here. It’s, a little tight here. It’s, getting a little warm and I’m, getting kind of thirsty and hungry. No, we’re good, but I do appreciate it. Thank you so much Scott for allowing me to do this for you and look forward to speaking to you.

Yeah, we’ll, be working together on a bunch of projects. Thanks a lot Frank, thank you. Alright engineer, 775 signing out [ Music, ], [, Music, ]

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