Drone Remote Pilot Certification – Course Preview

The future is here and it s flying over our heads delivering packages, helping farmers feed their crops and providing first aid to people in areas that otherwise may be unreachable. The potential for drone career opportunities is growing faster than we can imagine.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Vehicles need technicians, programmers network administrators and software engineers And, of course, operators and pilots.

In this course, we ll explore basics in the world of drones.

What types of drones exist? What regulations and requirements must pilots follow? How can weather affect a drone s operations? How are drones piloted? How are they serviced and maintained? How can I use drone controls and cameras? This course will also prepare you to take the FAA Part 107 Exam to become a certified drone pilot.

We re only just beginning to understand the possibilities of what drones can do and how we can use them.

One thing is clear: the opportunities are limited only by our creativity, .

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