Drone Pilot’s Genuine Reaction to DJI Digital FPV

by Jose

All right guys, DJI has been out for what ten months now so everybody’s got a video, but there’s, always room for one more. We got Garrett here: J, LD g, LD g LD, but i say d GI all the time.

So it’s, my fault g LD and he doesn’t, add fpv in the air cuz. He’s, one of the cool guys like me, so he hasn’t tried DJI. Yet so today he’s, gonna try them and we are going to get his first impressions because i know some of you guys are still looking at the system and want to try it out, and you want to see a genuine first impression.

He said I want to try it. I didn’t. I didn’t want to try it. He kind of pushed me into a little bit. I’m scared that it might be too good that I’ll have to get it so let’s, see how it really is. I’m very skeptical about it.

I’m, not gon. Na give you like, oh wow, this is the coolest thing in the world. I’ll. Tell you the real deal there we go so it’s. Gon na be gentleman and Gary here does professional work and when he sees how good the image is he’s gonna be like oh yeah, I can see my subject and yeah see.

We can put this on so same deal with the goggles. Put them into the Sun, like you’re gonna. Have this in your pocket. That’s, the power for the Garo okay. So let’s, see we got here. I’ll, be close to you.

Just in case you can’t you don’t know I don’t use a lanyard. I pinch, I’ll sit on the ground, alright. So finally, this hard this guy Armand de storms here so I’m. Okay, pre armed no nope, you know free.

I I’ll plug you in get a second size boots. Oh yeah, can I put it on yeah right? Oh, what dude, that’s, not even real? Oh, my gosh, I’ve, got the chills right now. Is it armed? I know whoa, you got a funny sticker here.

It’s, got a little bit of resistance, yeah engine on its freakin HD. It’s. High def Wow bro. I’m stoked right now: holy cow, alright, alright dude! I you just wasted a grand. A grand has left. My pocket right now, oh dude, it’s, so vivid, I just see so clear.

I’m gonna go a little bit farther, so I notice where it starts. To get a little faded is on the sides. Yeah, like the left and the right side, oh, is that what that is? It keeps your focus in the center.

Oh, my gosh, you could see every little leaf. You can see the leaves due to the sticks. Oh daddy, thank you so much for ruining my life. Dude I thought I wasn’t gonna like it this much. I didn’t know it’d, be this good yeah, exactly Oh bro yeah.

My life has changed. I used to hate on DJI so much in their goggles because of what’s been going on yeah, but now I have to join the program. They did something right: Wow dude it’s. So immersive, I feel like I’m actually more inside of the drone yep I have to stop.

I have to stop. I’m gonna break your drone. I’m gonna stop. Now. Okay, like I’m gonna come in for a laugh, you guys. No, I got it. I got it. I’m gonna try to land on this thing, Wow that’s. Perfect! Look at that! Oh yeah! All right, so what do you think straight? Chills bro? It’s vivid, clear.

You feel like you’re. Actually, inside of it, you’re, not like in a video game right it’s, the trickiest feeling! Oh dude high five Wow, so there you have it guys genuine general reaction to DJI. After what ten months we’re still getting people excited on this thing.

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