Drone Pilot tries an RC Boat for the first time. The StealthWake ProBoat

by Jose

Hey welcome to my channel. While guess what, in this review, we’re gonna take a look at it: piracy boat! This is a boat. I actually bought myself and I wanted to try RC boats. So I know nothing about boats and I’m about to try to check this out.

This is just a box, so here it is right. There there’s. My boat and the name of the boat is stealth lake. It is from Horizon hobby and it is in the pro boat series. It is not very expensive. Let me show you a little bit more about it.

Looking at the rear of the boat, you see we have the normal prop here and the shaft, and this is all plastic. This is your rudder, so you can steer left right all that good stuff. These are just little fins to keep it in the water and you can adjust them if you wish, by bending the metal which they don’t suggest, but you could do that.

So if you want to keep the nose up or down just bend this metal here, looking at the bottom of the boat, you can see the water intake there to cool the motor, and then the water is sent back out rates over here to get it inside.

The boat and change the battery and check out the guts of the boat just to take this cover off there’s, a little nose piece and just kind of pull it out right there. You see this little pointy thing that fits in and when we take this out, we can see the innards taking a look inside.

You have the water-cooled brushed motor it’s, not brushless it as a brush motor, but that’s. Okay, then you have the ESC right here: the on and off switch the shaft that goes down here. You have the receiver, it’s, a four channel and all the way back here we have the servo motor, which controls the rudder and all the way over.

Here we have the battery connector. It’s, a nice III and I’ll show you the battery. Now the boat does come with this battery, which is a 2400 milliamp, seven point: two volts six cell and IMH battery with a nice III connector that will get you the speed that’s advertised.

If you want to go much faster than you need a lipo battery and I have one – I have a five thousand milliamp 7.4 volt 50 cc, which is going to give a ton of power. It’s, a two cell battery. I have to change this xt60 connector to the ec3 connector and put it in here, and this boat should go like stink.

Alright, so the next thing to do is take this boat out and let’s. Try it in the water Here I am at my local pond. I don’t, have that much room out here because of the flooding and it sort of done some weird stuff.

With the weed see, I have weeds over there and if I go this way, I have weeds that way. So I’m kind of stuck in this little area. Anyways it’s, the first time giving it a try. I know nothing about RC boats, so I’ll.

Just take it easy and try not to get it stuck because that water is cold. I do have the NI MH battery in here my controllers on power. This on should hear a beep there. You go got some power there. All right.

I got a 1080p camera on the boat, so we’ll, get a little bit of video image as it’s. Moving along, I’ll show you striving RC cars. I know nothing about the boats, so I’ll. Take it it’s low here. Obviously they do not steer like a car there.

We go that’s, not too bad. One thing I’m learning. Is it’s, not an RC car, so the turning radius is not like a car. Now you got no brakes. Oh stop. Now. This boat does have a reverse on it too. So if you get into trouble, you can go reverse it’s, not good there.

I’m hitting branches and twigs hang on a sec. Let me put it someplace where I can go reversely get out of that. There we go. So if I want to come backwards, [ Music ] steer it through the twigs. There we go.

Okay, I got the hang of it now. I think no, I will slipped it bring it back to me. I didn’t, get a chance to go full speed, but you can see it was going not too bad for a beginner. I’m gonna try this lipo battery here, which would make it go much faster.

When you put a light bulb battery and there’s, a little jumper switch right here. You have to change it over to lipo. Right now got the lipo in it ‘ S got a lot of power. Watch this I’ll, try not to get wet [ Music, ], [, Music, ].

All right! We’re good all right, so I hope you enjoyed my super cool review of the stealth week. This is a boat that I saw on Amazon and I picked it up myself because I want an RC boat and this is one of the few boats I could find that was quite large in size and it had a brushed motor which brings the price down.

But the brush motor could take lipo batteries because the esc was pretty good and this one can do it. As you saw here, i use the lipo in it, so you can get an awful lot of power, really increase the speed anyways.

If you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs up, it does come with a really cool controller. I’m, holding in my hand here, full of grass. Yes, i know it’s still on give it a thumbs up, and i’m gonna put links below where i found it on Amazon.

You can check it out, it is not very expensive and they ‘ Ll have more RC boat reviews in the future. So for now I’m gonna say thanks for watching this video hope you enjoyed it thumbs up and we’ll catch the next one: [ Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ].


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