Drone Pilot Tip : What To Do When Automation Fails

by Jose

Hi, this is Dave from Steel City joints, flight Academy. Today I’m on location in Oklahoma City, doing some training and I thought I would take a nice little break to give you guys a nice little video on some of the questions that I’ve been asked recently by my students That I thought would be very nice to give all my students on the YouTube channel.

So what that said, the subject that we’re going to be talking about is controllability controlling your aircraft under all circumstances on, and how to be able to do that. So with that said, that is kind of a loaded question that can go very.

Very deep, so for the argument’s, sake of a five-minute video. I’m gonna explain just a few things to you. So the number one thing that you have to think about is you have to understand how your aircraft works and how it, what some of the limitations that it can that it could have.

If you can do that, you can understand and respond accordingly. Your DJI drone has what’s called p mode for position, hold s mode for sport mode and a for Adi mode. Now, what that will do is if you’re in position hold your drone, will come up there and hover and be really good, then just hover as long as you want, you can have sticks off right, very easy.

You can very easy to manage. I consider drones to be easy to fly hard to control and we talked about this really over and over again in our flying classes. So I’d, like to explain what that means. When the automation is working, everything is fine.

Everything’s great, but what happens when it’s? Not so you need to understand what happens. So if your GPS system in your aircraft gets environmental influences magnetic interferences, wireless interferences, it can automatically start flying erratically and or automatically kick you out of position hold and go to Adi mode, which is the manual mode.

Then your aircraft then starts drifting and far away. Now, unless you’re, really watching the screen, yeah there’s, not gonna be no voice telling you that what’s happening. So if you’re out there and say you’re flying and all of a sudden, you start seeing some excessive drift.

That’s, a source sign that your position hold is no longer working and which you can automatically just go to your app and take a look at it and see what’s going on. You need to be able to fly manually if that’s.

The case we’ve talked about this in numerous videos that I have really really important to fly, be able to fly manually and when you’re flying manually. Not only is I got a complete that look completely different animal than was a booth position hold, because what I consider position hold is is what training wheels like if you’re writing a bike with training wheels once those training wheels are kicked off.

You’re on your own to fly that aircraft, which you need to be able to know how to do so. If you have an aircraft like phantom 4 Pro or phantom 4 or an inspire series or Matt the mitrice, you can manually switch your aircraft to a D mode and start practicing flying it Matt and a D mode, and you will find that it.

Obviously it’s. Gon na be a lot easier to fly when you have very little wind compared to higher winds and that’s, something for you as a pilot. You need to have and develop your own comfort ability level as to what you’re willing to fly in, because there’s gonna be no app that says at a hundred feet.

I have 10 miles an hour. Winds, 15 mile, an hour winds 25 miles an hour winds. It’s, not going to happen. We may experience no wind at the surface and 20 mile an hour winds at 150 feet or we may experience 15 mile an hour winds at the surface and experience virtually no wind at 150 feet.

The wind currents can vary dramatically and there’s. No rule of thumb for that and the apps not going to tell you that, so what I recommend doing to all my students, I recommend taking it. Do it going ahead and flying at MIT at in the ADI mode in different wind conditions, and that will automatically help your flying proficiency, build up your confidence level, and if something like that was to happen, you’ll, be able to breeze respawn for The worst cases in the case Aereo, if that happens now a really important tip for some of you guys out there that have a spark or a Mavic pro or a maverick mini or dummy pneumatic error.

You cannot manually switch your aircraft into a D mode, so you’re. Basically, if something was to go wrong with your aircraft, you’re at the mercy of your aircraft. Turning you’re, going out of P mode to a D mode.

Now that necessarily does not happen all the time which is very concerning so, which is a very big advantage for those of you that are on offense of getting a phantom 4 or phantom 4 pro or something higher those that has that manual capability.

So in one situation, one of my students they were flying inspired to – and they were only about maybe 25 30 feet up in the air out over water – about maybe 30 50 30 to 40 feet in front of them, and they got a very big magnetic interference.

That caused their dart their drone to dart out of control. Now because they were prepared for the worst-case scenario. They had the presence of mind of switching themselves from p mode to a d’mode and taking themselves out of that situation.

But the aircraft, for whatever reason, didn’t switch them out into me and back to a d mode. So those are some of the things I want you to understand. These are why someone crashes happen, and these want are some of the situation’s, why you might see, fly or fly ways when someone says.

Oh, my aircraft flew away. Well, the aircraft probably flew away because the operator didn’t understand what was going on and they didn’t know how to be able to fly the aircraft and manual or be able to get that effectively to get that aircraft back.

So with that said, I hope that really helps some of you guys out that are they’ve, been really not understanding these concepts and principles of what happens and why it happens. So with that said, it please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions and now, as always, thanks again, if you like this video and would like to see more videos in the near future, please hit and subscribe to our YouTube Channel looking learn how to fly drones like a professional steel city Jones flight Academy has exclusive content so go over and check out still safe fly Academy comm for more information.

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