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Wow Wow like okay. This is impressive. This dude’s, good, hey! What’s up? My name is B and I am a professional pilot who has been flying for years and I’ve done it all over the world, and I thought it would be fun if I was to break down some of these videos that I Did not shoot through the eyes of professional, so let’s.

Take a look all right, so this first video, oh, I love these kind of videos. This is this is a. It looks like a first person view flying , which otherwise known people call them . The reason why you say fpv is because that’s, the style that you’re flying from so typically when you’re.

Oh, my goodness Wow this dude’s. Good, like in the smoke you’re wearing the goggles. Normally like Fatshark goggles, you’re and you’re. You have full control as a drone and you’re flying it and typically it makes it so.

Your shots are a lot less steady, but this shot right here this guy. What’s happening right now? Is he’s? He’s, flying guy or girl is flying around some drift. Cars, which has become a big thing, is putting fpv around drift cars just because they’re faster.

These kind of are faster than like. Let’s, say DJI. are like camera typically, and they’re, a lot more versatile, but they’re. Also the amount of skill it takes to be able to fly one it’s, a completely different type of skill, and typically these kind of shots.

Aren’t used very cinematically because oh wow, he’s, doing it upside down. Okay, that’s cool just because of how hard it is to get these shots to be steady and be usable and have the cameras on these drones that can match.

Let’s, say a red inner, alexa mini, or something like that, because normally the drones are like this big. Like these shots like these, these drifting shots are so unreal. They look like video games like CJ, i cuz.

These cars are just drifting all over the place and there’s. The drone is like literally right next to the wheels and it’s like four cars going and it’s just like right on it. If you press full forward on the right stick on my drone drone moves forward on this drone.

It doesn’t work like that. If you press full forward on the right stick, the drone will just do front flips. So what you do with the right stick? Is you tilt the drone forward and then you give it gas on them filling up on the left and it moves forward and that’s just the beginning of how much more control you have over this piece of machinery and space, because it can Do anything as it’s being shown here like you can do flips, you can do full loops.

You can do everything, but again it’s, much easier to crash that it’s, much harder to control and goodness gracious. You can get some amazing stuff because you can get in close and tight on things. You can move so much faster and these shots are just absolutely ridiculous.

So whoever was doing this obviously has a lust. They got their 10,000 hours. They don’t fly in first-person view all GoPros, regardless of what setting you have. They’re very wide angle, so a wide angle means that if you’re really close on something.

If you’re, seeing something that’s, fooling frame, that means you’re, really really close on it. So this person was right up on these cars because you can see in the frame it ‘ S like the car is pretty much the whole frame, which means the drone is within a couple feet.

Flying as this car is sliding down the on this. Like sliding down the track, they are right on them going the same speed as they are and getting the full frame shot. That looks amazing, so the skill in there is just ridiculous.

Now I’m excited for this. I’m watching these, yet so real study is a form of software that allows for you to be able to make almost any kind of shaky footage. Look very slow, cinematic well put together, as if you had it on a gimbal.

It’s, ridiculous software that I’ve. Seen do some incredible things alright. So what makes real study special is that it takes actually because when a GoPro is recording just like your phone is recording, it has gyro like gyro stabilized with gyro sensors.

I should say – and that tells you where your phone or your camera is in space. So if it’s, moving left and right, those stabilize those gyro sensors will tell you that that’s. What it’s happening so a real study.

Does it takes that data in conjunction with the same stuff that warp stabiliser anything else is using to be able to play that backwards against it and saying ok, we know the camera is moving to the right.

It uses that it says. Ok, now that I know it’s, moving to the right, I can slow that movement down. I can smooth it out. I can make all that work so that’s really. What is doing is taking just more information about the image and we had to make the image look better, instead of taking just straight on looking at the image.

This is looking at all the data, specifically those sensors that give it way more access to what it can do and creates a beautiful result. One of my favorite things about these kind of videos is that one thing you know is about these first PFP v.

Drones is that they don’t have that long, a flight time. So when you see somebody doing something where they’re very far away, or they looks like they’re just like. Where could this person be flying from? Because, like this person’s, on top of a mountain like on a mountainside like, I have a strong feeling that whoever’s flying this didn’t fly.

Didn’t climb this mountain to fly it so they’re downs that there somewhere, so they have to get to the shot they have to get around and do the shot. And then, if you get back before the battery dies, which typically is four minutes or less, these Romans are super fast, so it makes it way easier.

But at the same time it’s like to me to get these shots and do all that. It just seems like some of them don’t even have sensors on him to tell you like how long the batteries gonna last, so it’s, just that you just got to know so.

Oh, I’m starting to lose power. Let me just you know, fling it back towards myself. Okay, this is impressive. Flying through the canyons, like they flew down through, like the crevasses and the canyons of this, oh wow, it almost looks, like you guys, say it.

Almost kind of looks like if you’re sledding. Now this I feel like there is some form of cinematic use for this, like if you were to be showing some kind of like avalanche or something like that or a rock fall or mudslide, or something like that down the side of a mountain.

You could easily use a shot like that as saying this is the first-person view of those rocks of this mud coming down or of this snow coming down this mountain, and then we had a CGI and all the extra stuff around it, but the shot itself coming Down the mountain, I think, is super impressive and super useful.

So I think this is amazing, and another thing is that, with an fpv drone, you can actually use physics in the sense of like gravity to your advantage, like you can actually let the drone freefall. That does not happen with these hydro ins.

You let go of the controls on a DJI drone. It just stops wherever it is and does not move or a typical camera drone. I shouldn’t, say a DJI drone. They typically just like stuck wherever you let go. You let go.

The controller just sits there, which is extremely convenient for camera work. But when you’re trying to imitate rocks falling when you’re trying to get this close, where you want to use gravity to be able to get that feeling of falling or you know or rushing through something.

This is the way to go, because you can literally just bring it up. There get gravity just give it a little kind of like feathering down through the canyon, as you’re, actually literally falling through it as a rock.

Would you know it’s like you could really simulate that where that’s, just a feeling and a space and a shot that you just cannot do with a camera drone, alright, so up! Next, what I have is a video that I think many of us have seen before it has like 17 million views, its fireworks filmed with a drone.

This one is really interesting because it’s, it’s. Super old-school, like just it, brings back like bad memories of what drone like camera drone flying used to be like at 2014, because, yes, I was doing it back then too.

So what we have here is a phantom with a GoPro 3. I believe on it and what they’re doing, is flying through fireworks and, and all honestly like. This is a really impressive video for the time, because that mean the Phantom was in tortoise Lee.

It was a notoriously hard drone to use it flew. Pretty decently oh wow wow like there’s. What makes this impressive first of all is that there’s, literally fireworks going left and right around the drone and certain shots.

That is just like mind-boggling and it looks really good. This is not stabilized by any stretch of the imagination, but a lot of the shots. Don’t need to be because they’re just flying in a straight line like right through fireworks, which is really funny, and when my favorite parts is that the descriptions like drone was not damaged like well yeah, you got lucky.

I think, and just seeing like these fireworks fall around or just it’s, a perspective of fireworks that you know up until this point. Nobody could really even imagine, because you’re, not gonna put a plane or helicopter up with that over there um.

If I was looking at this and critiquing this as a professional drone pilot, I’d, say that they did a it’s, hard to say, like the I want to say they did an average job, but to find a fam, and There’s, no gimbal, so it’s really hard to judge, because most of the time when you’re thinking about judging like cinematic drone works since 2016 2015, then it’s a whole different ballgame.

But I mean, even if you’ll get this legally right. Now you can’t. Do this on so many levels, but back then there weren’t the laws that there are now like. This is 2014, like the part. 107 rules came out in 2016 towards the end of 2016.

I believe – and so this is before it was not. It was like a problem to fly at night, and so this is a night, all nighttime shoot obviously fireworks and this person is obviously over 400 feet. Like they’re above the fireworks which the fireworks looked pretty pretty tall themselves, so this is today’s by today’s standards.

This is all kinds of illegal, but that doesn’t take away from how beautiful certain shots of this are. Oh, so this is like Don post. Oh, I know this is okay, alright, so, first before I would start this video.

This is a video by one of my Fedora flying partners. His name is Dom poor, Dom on Instagram and yeah. Let’s just go ahead and get into it. Let’s, see what’s going on here now. This is a now. This was part of the plan.

This isn’t like an explosion. I know it might be happening or whatever this is definitely a film set. This was planned. This is what they wanted to do. He wanted to get this shot of the explosion coming up and hitting the camera, and I do believe this.

This explosion did destroy the gimbal on the drone, drone survived itself, but the gimbal, the camera and all that the most important part got destroyed. But the footage say it was saved, so I guess that’s, a win.

I’m, pretty sure that they were willing to sacrifice his drone. If they’re gonna literally fly it into an explosion. Cuz I mean that’s, what they did so either way shout-out to DOM you’re the best. I know you hate attention, so this is all the attention for you bore Dom on Instagram.

Follow him annoy him for me. Thank you. Guys so much for tuning into this video, I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. I was watching all these videos, literally for the first time, except for the last one.

Now one thing before I do my regular clothes out is one of my favorite drone channels. Oh, she got a check out it’s called Ken Herron. The dude is hilarious. He’s. A good friend of mine, I’ve, gotten to meet him and he is the best I can’t wait to work with him.

I’ve, been bugging this guy about sending me some stickers, because I have the Ready Set drone stickers in the drone, aesthetic. The drone err sticker on my computer and its transit pictures, which is my company on this computer on every episode and Ken, refused to send them to me until recently, and this is the letter from him that he sent me so I’m gon Na open this, all of this a little there’s.

A note in here I’ll. Let you two: can you’re the best, so I? Finally, I’m gonna do this on camera, so he knows his real. This is for the Grahams for everybody with his thingy sticker. If I can get it, I think I don ‘

T know how to do this. Is this a sticker? I do that wrong. Okay, like they’re still on here, so I want to put it like right here. You should have sent some instructions along with this Ken, why you can’t just so Ken you are officially welcome to welcome to the family brother.

You know made it you done made it we out here. So thank you guys for staying around. For that and it’s always make sure you go ahead and subscribe for what we’re doing, because that allows us to support ourselves support what we’re, doing and hit the little notification thing that lets.

You know that we’re, putting out new videos and make sure you stay fly.

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