Drone pilot program brings free COVID-19 test kits directly to North Las Vegas residents

by Jose

So getting a test kit is completely free, but right now the drones are only making drops in about a one mile radius. You’re gonna need to see if you qualify online, if you do just sit back, relax and wait for the to come to you.

I just uh ordered my covid test at home online proceeding and uh walmart’s. dropping them off at my house right now. There it is [ Music ], just like that. It’s here, guys wanted to get the test, but just going out and doing it without riding the bus and everything was a headache.

Well. This is really the first delivery option that’s happening on a really a large scale. If you think about it, the patient, doesn’t have to go into the store where essentially contaminates other people, so it’s.

A very safe way to do it. The same sort of thing can start to then happen. You know you can go next to over-the-counter pharmaceuticals delivered by drone.

Source : Youtube

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