Drone Pilot Position

by Jose

So one thing I’d like to talk about is a , location and relationship to the . While you’re it, there’s, certain things you got to keep in mind, and mainly that is how you judge and how you can see how close something is to another object.

Now your perspective has something gets further away. It’s harder to judge how close it is to something else like when this is away in this next to Iraq, and I’m photographing rock climbers on it.

If I’m, if I have the drone here and the rock back here, it’s hard for me to judge just how close that drone is going to get to that rock. But if I’m the drone here and the rock face is here and I’m in this , I can see that clear area right there that’s next to the rock between the rock and the drone.

So I can get much closer so a lot of times. You want to position yourself in the right spot, while you’re flying the drone so that you can judge now. The other thing you do is um. You can use your spotter for that.

Your spotter could move over to a certain location, especially if you have wireless communication with the spotter, where you both have headsets and you talk to each other. Your spotter can stand over in a direction.

Let’s say you can’t get over there, but they can stand over there by the rock and tell you just how close the drone is to the rock now. The other thing you do is, if you’re next to building or something like that, you can also use your drone camera to judge a little bit of distance, because a lot of drones will have warnings on them.

That will show if you’re twenty thirty, sixteen meters away, so that sort of gives you an idea exactly how close you are to something. The other thing is when you’re flying close to the ground, especially if you’re, doing a tracking shot where you’re following somebody, and you got the drone close to the ground where you’re.

Trying to give an illusion of let’s say an animal chasing them. You want to make sure that the ground is perfectly level or not perfectly level a pretty level or going slightly downhill. While you’re flying, you never want to fly close to the ground as the ground is going uphill, because, obviously you can see the issue that’s going to happen there.

Eventually, as the drone gets further away and the ground keeps closing up, you’re gonna end up smack in the ground. So you, you want to make sure and check out where you’re, going to be flying, especially any place where you’re flying close to the ground.

You want to survey that quickly first, so that you know exactly what you’re flying over and what obstacles to avoid. While you’re flying because you’re gonna be concentrating on the drone, you’re, not really looking to ground so much.

So it’s, real easy to just smack right into the ground. When you’re flying low, if the ground is on a slight uphill, so always fly level ground slightly down position yourself right when you’re close to things, so you can see the gap between the object that you’Re flying to and the drunk and you probably have good flights every time.


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