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Hey my name is Steve and I am a owner. I own the DJI, Mavic mini and I’ve owned several drones, but I was doing some research for and I found this pretty cool websites called base dot-com and it offers services for all industries.

So basically, what this site is is, if you have the need for a drone anywhere in the world, to do whatever take photos, videos or maybe thermal imaging, or something like that. This has a a bunch of pilots that they have hired all over the world and who are licensed drone pilots and you can submit your job to drone base and what they will do is they will complete the job for you and hiring local pilots.

Let’s say you’ve got some commercial real estate and you need some aerial video. Well, you know you are in. Let’s. Just say you’re in Chattanooga Tennessee. Well, they will take from their selection of drone pilots in Chattanooga and they will fulfill your requests now, if you want to become a and be paid for it, they also have a section here on the and I will leave the instructions and the Links in the description, but you can become a with drone base and be paid for your work.

Of course you got to be licensed and you have to go through their set of prerequisites to to work for drone base, but then they will send you missions to fly your drone and be paid, so I think it’s, pretty cool site.

I’m, considering doing it myself, but I thought. Oh, it passes information along to you so, like I said, if you want to become a professional drone pilot and be paid, I will leave the link in the description and good luck to you.

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