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by Jose

Hi, i’m the recruiting, and welcome back to my channel. Today’S topic of conversation is . Job wan na do a deep dive into that. If that’s particular job that you might be interested in and of course, for those of you who might be wanting to switch careers, this might be a good opportunity for you. I will cover in detail salary description, all that good stuff with that said, i just want to say a quick thank you for those of you who, like share and subscribe to my channel.

I deeply appreciate your kind support for those of you who are new to my channel. I have an ever growing playlist with career tips and advice, so make sure you check that out. I just want to point out real quick that i am actually time, stamping all my videos, my new ones, and i’m going actually systematically back to my old ones, just to make it easy for you. If you want to skip ahead to a particular section, maybe like salaries or whatever, it is in a particular video that you’re watching it’s easier for you. What i like to do is for other videos that have time stamping i actually copy and paste them to a word doc and actually take notes as i go through the video.

So if that’s of help to you, please make sure you make full use of that. So i wanted to do a series on possible and up and coming jobs. Now, jobs have been around for quite a while and they’re still in their infancy. If you will – and i think we have yet to reach that pinnacle – where everyone’s getting into that industry and it’s becoming so over saturated with candidates that it’s hard to find a job. So i think, if you’re looking around have an opportunity to learn something new or get to a new industry.

I think this might be a possibility for you now some of the skills that are required in my opinion, after reviewing several job descriptions, is an aptitude for really being self-disciplined and being organized and making sure you have some kind of mechanical aptitude. I think is really important. A lot of people don’t talk about that. I didn’t actually see that in the job descriptions or requirements, but there was some hints to that in terms of some of the job descriptions would say, be able to troubleshoot. Well, i think people who are maybe mechanics and wanting to move into a different industry that might be worth your time.

Looking into now some of the titles that you will be looking for when you’re doing a job search online, it would be pilot operator and sometimes they’ll have like pilot solar industry or some subset of that industry named in the actual title. So please make sure you are looking for those possibilities now some of the industries that actually hire drone pilots and i actually have a list. I have to read from the list – there’s just too many of them. So forgive me for that, but i want to make sure that we’re being precise in this obviously military jobs, right and any type of government organization, as well as well as private companies of various forms, such as agricultural operations. Film television, as you well know that there’s a lot of people that are in the real estate business.

I know i follow a particular real estate agent up in beverly hills and the aerial shots with that. Drone is amazing. They do an amazing job, and so there’s that possibility of surveyors mapping, specialists, environmental scientists. I thought that was kind of interesting. I would have never thought that one.

It’S such a wide field right now. I think there’s a lot of room for growth. I think there’s a lot of possibilities if you’re looking again into a new type of career. Okay, let’s talk about money because nobody works for free. So i want to tell you that entry level is around 58 000 and on the high end, is about 120 000.

So there’s a lot of opportunity there for you to grow, perhaps start as an entry level drone operator and then possibly manage a team. So there’s again there’s a lot of mobility. I still strongly believe within that industry. So i wanted to talk to you about a little bit of a subset to these jobs, and that is for the people that are in the gig economy or want to get into the gig economy and or possibly want to have a little side gig, while they’re Still working at their job, maybe you’re not sure if this is the right fit for you and you just want to maybe get your feet wet we’re going to cover all the requirements in a moment. So what i found is upwork, which is an online gig site, meaning that you can actually hire somebody on an hourly basis.

Do a drone job. So whatever it is, maybe it’s a solar panel installment and they need a surveyor for that via drone. Then they would hire you for whatever. It is 50 an hour which i actually saw that that was on the low end and some of the the higher end were about 150 an hour. But what i was able to determine is a lot of that hourly rate was based on the amount of experience a drone operator actually had so make sure you consider that so don’t think that you’re just going to jump in and start.

You know charging 150 an hour, so keep that in mind. Okay, so let’s dive into the meat and potatoes of becoming a drone pilot. Now most companies will require you to be able to obtain an faa 107 pilot license. This is not a regular pilot license. You know of small aircrafts or anything like that: you’re not going to be flying off 747, but be able to obtain that now something that i actually did through the process of research is.

I actually try to apply to some of these positions, because i wanted to see what you would experience and it’s also helpful to me as i grow my career as well, and so what i found is you get these pop-ups on occasion, not not all job that You’Re going to be applying to so keep that in mind, but someone will actually ask you to fill out an additional questionnaire, because that will help you and the company determine if you are actually a good fit and they’ll. Ask you a lot of questions about your background and your aptitude. I thought that was very helpful and i couldn’t complete the actual form, because i didn’t really want to. You know actually apply fully, so i just wanted to again just get a flavor for the experience. So some of the companies were actually asking candidates if they actually had 50 hours of verifiable flight time.

Of course, in this case it’s in relation to drone, but if you do have a pilot’s license, of course, that’s going to help you and your application is going to rise up. You know higher than most other people. That may not have that experience. I also saw a request to know and understand your level of expertise in terms of experience with test equipment. Whatever that may be, i think anything would be great and the ability for you to be able to work hands-on, with electrical devices being able to troubleshoot them.

And, of course, you know when you’re stuck in the middle of a field and your drone is down you’re going to have to be able to test disassemble reassemble so that mechanical aptitude is going to come in handy. I also saw a request to know if you actually had a pilot’s license and again, if you do have one great that’s going to again just kind of bump you up a little bit higher than everyone else who does not have it. But i don’t think that that would make or break your candidacy to be honest with you now. What i can say is a degree was not required, but if you do have one say in aerospace or any type of engineering, again that’s going to bump you up in that talent pool and, of course, that’s going to help you overall. If you do have that type of a degree, so i do hope that you found this video helpful.

It really is meant to facilitate some of that research that maybe you don’t have enough time to do. I try to condense it. So it’s not going to include every single aspect of this business, the industry, what it’s going to take for you to become a drone pilot. But it does give you sort of a high view with some details as to the requirements that you will need to. At least start in that business or that industry with that said, moving forward, i want to actually create a new playlist, specifically addressing other industries that might be of interest and certainly ones that are up and coming because, as we know, within the fourth industrial revolution, there’s A lot of industries, a lot of jobs that are going to go by the wayside and that’s just normal, because ai is going to touch on every single aspect of our life as it already is, but only more so so.

Please keep that in mind. Please check back, i will continuously add at least once a month, a new topic or a new career for you to explore and consider with that said, i just want to say thank you for liking, sharing and subscribing to my channel. I deeply appreciate your support and i will see you in my next video take care and have a lovely rest of your day. You


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