Drone Pilot Ground School Review

by Jose
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This is a quick review of the drone pilot ground school that you can take from coach, comm. Okay to start off. I accidentally ran across the drone pilot ground school about a month ago through coach comm, and I wasn’t sure how to find the information how to prepare for the test to get your certification to become a commercial drone pilot.

And I happened to run across coach comm. I believe I was just doing some Google searches and they were on kind of the top of the list. So the reason I chose them is they really showed you a lot up front of what they offered and I was really impressed with the layout and how they structured their course.

They have great instructional videos that go through and explain all the information to you. They also provide it to you below the video, so you can actually go over it as they are talking about it, and you can also download it PDF form to view it wherever you’re at print it out, so that’s.

Great so I’m, not going to go into a lot of the detailed information about their content. You can go check out their , though UAV coach comm and you can actually see how they lay out the course and the different sections.

So these are the general sections they provide there’s, a getting started section there’s; a drone laws and FAA regulations. Section there’s, a weather and micro meteorology section. There’s, a National Airspace System section, they have a drone flight Operations, Section practice tests and next step section, and then they have a couple of bonus modules.

I’ll. Tell you right off the bat it’s. All great content, so I actually went and took the test and was able to pass it pretty easily. Just with the knowledge from this course, I had no other study material.

I didn’t use any other resources. I just used this course, and they did a very good job of hitting on all the key points and making sure you were prepared for this test. They all stood a very good job of not overloading you with information.

You didn’t need to know. I was really impressed with how close the tests and their material went together. It was very impressive. It was almost a little scary. The one thing I really loved about their course, though, was their five sample tests.

You could take, it would randomly generate new questions. Every time you took it, you could take the test as many times as you wanted and it would email you the correct responses on the ones you missed.

That probably was more help to me than anything, especially the couple of days leading up to the actual testing. It was a great aid to make sure I was able to successfully complete the test and I’m very happy with it.

So that being said, I highly recommend if you are looking at getting your commercial drone pilot’s, license certification, whatever it’s called check these guys out the links below I’m in no way affiliated with them whatsoever, But as far as responses go, they’re great about answering questions and just the whole the whole way they presented.

The course was amazing. I think they did a great job, especially for releasing this a month before the test was even available. Just a great job so check out UAV coach comm and I highly recommend their drone pilot ground school.

It was great

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