Drone Pilot Ground School Giveaway # 2 – Casepro battery sleeve – dji phantom 4 discount

Everyone delinquents here short video today time for a giveaway, let’s hop right into it. Music, I sort of day I’m doing my second , calm giveaway.

So if you subscribe to comm through bill Nichols TV, thank you so much help support channel just a little bit just his background.

I subscribed to and went through the drum pod ground school comm curriculum that’s.

My 107 on the first try.

I know a lot of people have without going through an online course, but for me at that style of learning helped a lot.

Allen is built an amazing system.

Over there.

He continually update systems a lot of news and is building an awesome community out got some links below one link below if you want to get in on this monthly , ty ground school, comm giveaway and you’re going to subscribe to him subscribe to bill.

Nichols TV every month I’m gon na, do a related giveaway for anybody that is subscribed through.

If you do, you get 50 bucks off the links below one thing on the link, when you click it, you go to drum high ground school comm. It’s going to show you that it’s 2 99.

But then, when you add it to your cart, it’s going to show you the 50 discount.

So with that today I am going through I’m, going to do a giveaway for everybody that’s subscribed from the time that I started with drum by ground school comm through to the end of February.

Anybody that had subscribers there in this it’s about a hundred and twenty entries, or so so here,’s what we’re giving away today.

This is a case Pro I reviewed it previously.

Link is below, or I think I’ll put a card up like right here – that you could click and go see.

This is their battery wrap.

So this is useful for when you’re traveling around town or you’re traveling on a plane, you can’t check your batteries.

You need to carry them on just a way to keep your batteries organized not leaves opens up like this.

It’s, nice to dovetail Sakhalin, and you’ve got four batteries in here that rolls up nice protects them, keeps them organized. I think these are like thirty bucks really well constructed one two, three four, five: five velcro loops for five batteries.

This will fit Mavic Phantom autel and inspire one batteries.

It walked at the enspire two batteries because they’re gigantic, but a great battery sleeve here link below to it, just by the way the links below to scab off drones.

I get nothing from that.

They’re, not affiliate links the pay me to say any of this, so I I just use them.

I like them, be a little bit of other news if you’re looking for a , Scott Voss drones right now has a refurb sale going on.

I just got an email from Scott Stearns this morning, so you can see on here.

The refurbs most of the reverbs are ones that people bought returned within seven days because they wanted something else, so they’re effectively brand new, but they’ve been refurbished.

If there was, you know, scuffs or anything like that or anything mechanically wrong, and you can pick up a phantom floor right now for 7 99.

They have financing as well so go check it out. I’ve got that link down below as well.

Let’s just get into the giveaway random name picker, so pull up a random name, picker site, I’ve got all hundred and sixteen names here I’m just gon na pick a random name, and then you need to contact me.

Let me know your address and I will send this case probe battery rap out to you no cost.

Just as a thank you a little thing that I like to do.

Let’s pick a random name.

Julian Baxter.

I know nothing about you.

I don’t know what you fly.

Hopefully it’s a product or an auto telephones.

Your batteries will fit in here or something else you could spend another use for. But congratulations thanks.

Everyone for watching stay tuned this week tomorrow.

I’m going to do a review of a Mavic Matic pro quick charger that I got thinking.

Charges like three batteries in an hour, so stay tuned for that it’s coming to contact me.

Ask me if I’d do a review on it, and one thing about my Mavic is that I’ve got three batteries in the charging hub right now: charges them sequentially, so you’re not getting a quick charge.

This is a quick charger.

All three parallel charging pretty low price stay tuned for that and then on Friday I’m going to post a video on helping you get the best audio that you can recording through your iPhone.

I’m not using a lavalier Michael using two external mics.

These will be lightning based.

So if you’ve got an iPhone 7 without a headphone jack, it’s a way for you to get really great audio. Thank you so much everybody for watching.

I really appreciate it.

You keep watching.

I’ll keep making videos and congratulations Julian Baxter message me or comment on this video.

You can email me anybody can at bill nichols TV at gmail com, try to answer all questions to post Congrats again chicken lings talk to you guys soon: Music, .

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