Drone Pilot Certificate Test SUCKS

this is a toy and this is not 
a toy I don't know what to say I'm making this video today about 's drone 
operating certifications I think this drone   operating certification program is kind of sh***y 
and I'm making this video so that either you can   put some knowledge me and I get some sense, 
and I change my mind, or you can leave a comment   below about how right I am. From 2019 transport 
came up with this rule where if you own   a drone that weights between 250 gram until 25 
kilogram you have to register it with them and you   have to have a license. either basic or advanced 
license to fly it legally. If you don't register   your drone, or if you don't have the license to 
fly it, they call it certification to fly it,   you might be fined up to a thousand dollars. Now 
regulations I have no problem with. I think there   should be some regulations for things like this, 
but the problem is the way they the exam   it is very hard for an average person to pass 
the course because all the materials they   have for this basic or advanced drone operating 
certifications, or all the test questions that   come up is if not exactly but almost like a real 
pilot's exam.

That means, if you want to go fly a   small aircraft, the exam you have to take is very 
very similar to the exam to fly this little thing.   Now I personally think they should not make 
this exam that hard and make people pay for   every time they write the test. So what I'm trying 
to say is there should be rules and regulations,   but it shouldn't be so hard that an average person 
cannot pass it. There are schools you can go to,   to pass the certification program but you really 
don't need it. If you can use a smartphone,   you can fly this drone easily. So for that, 
you shouldn't be going to school, and pay   hundreds of dollars for it. What they didn't think 
through is if you're flying a drone like this,   and you're flying a drone like this, or if you're 
flying a drone which is 25-kilogram weight,   it's the same certification as this one. So what 
it does is basically it makes it harder for people   to fly the drone legally, so most people end 
up flying illegally.

I just don't see why,   like why would you want your people not to 
experience a piece of like that. So if this Christmas you're thinking about 
getting a drone and you're on a flight legally,   what you should do is, go for a drone that is 
lighter than 250 gram. For example, this one   is a . This is 249 grams that means it 
is a toy. You can fly it anywhere you want to as   long as you are being responsible and obviously, 
you're not flying into restricted airspace like   airports. So yeah, like look at this. There isn't 
much difference between these two.

This, you can't   fly legally unless you have a certification and 
you register for it. This, you can fly legally.   So I hope you let me know and comment below what 
you support. So you think that transport 's   drone operating test is too hard for somebody 
who just wants to fly it around for fun, or   it is justified. Let me know 
either way. I would like to know   if I am the crazy one, or somebody else 
should change their examination process.

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