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So this is drawing. I got guys: it’s a DJI spark just a little guy. As you see, you got my registration number, so I’ve registered the with the Government of . I’Ve also got my license and I’m carrying everything with me. In my pouch here, a little camera bag that I’m using for there’s my stuff.

I’Ve only been flying for maybe a couple months. I got the drone back in I think, March or April and basically a you know because of the weather and stuff we’ll only flown it a few times. So I did the test. I think you need 65 % to get a pass. I got 71, so yeah not great, but it was enough to pass and I learned a lot from doing the test that I can you know parlay into the future and .

I want to check out his YouTube channel. I highly encourage it if you’re into potentially getting a drone or you have a drone or you want some help with the testing his information booklet PDF file that I purchased was invaluable. It was awesome it was great to have. I also got his app called drone pilot, so this is kind of the front page of it and get a look at that starting June 1st, which for me, is actually tomorrow. Today’S May 31st you’re gon na have to log your your flight plans and in case the government actually asked you when you’ve been flying.

So this app allows you to put all the information. That’S needed that the government would require it’s giving me the weather and it’s giving me my exact location, [, Music ], all right, so we’re ready to go fly guys. In the home, safe bring it back rather than fly it back. That way, it’s done right, in my opinion, like I said, because I’m really new at this .

I am a complete rookie, I’m new, I’m a beginner. You know I’m just learning too. So that’s all part of the process, but you know what, if you get it going right, it could be a fun hobby and it’s a great when you have a YouTube channel and you can add the footage to your videos. I think the one thing that has to remain clear is that safety is the utmost concern, so we have to keep that up all right, guys we’re going to take a look at the a culture. Look at the app drone pilot by Doan choice.

There’S a look at this: every airport there, which is in stricted flying zone being a red circle and the outer circle is also restricted, but basically I want to show you some functions of the app itself. You can put circles yourself where you are in area some weather for passing observations here available and going through the list. We have a place for flight logs. You can automatically bunch of flight logs there as they’re done. Add any crew members.

So there’s their information that you can add to there listing and also go into the aircraft, and once all these things are in, you can default these settings so that it’s easier for you to put in while it’s before you’re gon na fly. We also have the option here: if any downloaded manuals will show up there. Now we’re going to get into checklists and procedures and they’re available for a basic pre-flight checklist. You can go through everything you are required to know, and you should know – and you should check on so it’s a great reminder to have that in the app so it’ll be with you at all times when we’re flying. That’S wonderful to have it’s also available for the advanced certification.

We also have special flight operations certificate and again stuff. You need to know when you have that and that’s all available right in the app. So it’s with you at all times we look at takeoff and launch procedures stuff. You should keep in mind when you’re, ready or prior to taking off to make sure that you’re ready to take off and launch this area also includes landing procedures and what you’re doing your land and have a look at the drone etc. Those now we’re getting into emergency procedures, there’s a long list of stuff.

You should do in case there’s any kind of medical issues or an aircraft fly away or if there’s a crash you know, gives you an idea what you should be doing so, even under pressure. You can’t forget exactly what you should be doing again: key rules about flying for the basic and the advanced, and those just thinks you should keep in mind, so you should be going over these often enough. Once again, we can look at some additional resources and look at here is the portal and that’s a direct way to get into that. We can also export flight records or anything any flights that we’ve done good the circles and the different color combinations Reds. An absolutely no-fly zone for a basic flyer like myself in the yellow, shaded areas.

You can fly there, but you have to be aware that there’s other planes and you have to stay away from them, any manned aircraft that go in those areas and yeah. The app will show you what area you’re in if you’re in one of those areas and if you have to be even more careful or if you’re not allowed to be in that area. That’S the separate airport area, which is a big red no-go zone and some others within the city that are considered aerodrome areas and what else can tell you it’s a great tool.

It’S got a lot of features just trying to show you a little bit of them, but it gives you a great opportunity to go through all the information that you studied for her and more thanks again to for providing incredible information, helped all as drone Pilots here in , as the drone laws, have changed as of June 1st 2019 I’ll put a link to Don’s YouTube channel in the description also put a link to his Facebook page and a link to get this great app and I’d like to get the PDF And all the great information once again thanks.

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