Drone News – Autel Evo 2 in 2020, Drone Pilot Fined $20,000 For Reckless Flying in Las Vegas

by Jose

You’Re listening to the asker droning podcast, you asked we answer your drone questions, whether you’re here to turn your passion into profit and you simply fly for fun: we’re a community of wares and teachers who aspire to achieve greatness. We are hey everyone, happy Thanksgiving and welcome to the holiday season. That’S right! It’S the holiday season and we’ve got a lot of news for you in this week’s episode of drone news joining me, as always, is the flying dutchman hiya? How are ya?

Hey I’m doing great, how are you and Happy Thanksgiving to you as well by the way and everybody’s listening? Yes, I’m not sure if you know this, but in America Thanksgiving represents when we overcame the enormous amount of native turkeys that were fighting our army back in the 1800s. So you know that’s why we have Thanksgiving now. You know, I don’t know if you knew that a huge chance, I’m sure I had no idea. I always wondered where the turkey turkey came from, but that’s not the truth, but we are actually excited to give you some more truth, because we’ve got a lot of drone news and hayah.

I have to say this: I’m just gon na come out and I’m gon na say it because I want to say it, but it looks like a lot of the things that you and I have been forecasting things that we have been projecting. That we thought would would come to fruition. These things are finally coming to fruition. So it’s really exciting to see all this new competition DJI and I’m not even getting started in this first piece of drone news, but Hyatt seriously DJ eyes. Competition we’ve been talking about this for a long time.

The door has been wide, open, sky do came out and they completely changed the way that we fly. I know that there are some naysayers, Ryan, I’m looking at you, and I know that there are some people out there who think that it is just not possible to compete with DJI, but when DJI handcuffed themselves earlier this year, it seemed like this was amazing opportunity For other manufacturers to come out and provide competition to the industry as a whole. Now I know DJI watches this. I know Hotel watches this show. I know sky do watches this show.

I know the feds watch the show. I know the watches the show and I have to say competition is a good thing for everyone, but hiya. What do you have? You know for sure pole? Competition is good for everybody involved and yeah.

Like you said this was this was an opportunity ready to be taken and we knew that one of the drone companies had to step up and was gon na do something we thought. Maybe Paris was gon na, do something at some points and then of course, more. Obviously it became sky deal with the sky gear and now the hotel Evo, that’s information – just got leaked yesterday through an FCC filing and that drone is really really something it seems. I mean if you just look at the the specs it’s gon na have 8k video capability. It’S gon na.

Have. Let me back up. It’S gon na have three different gimbal modules that you can change yourself as a drone pilots. One of them is gon na have 8k video capabilities. The other one is going to be a one-inch sensor with 6 K, video capabilities and then also there’s gon na be a dual sensor option.

So real quick here, if you think about it, they’re gon na compete head-on, basically with the DJI emetic to zoom, because with this one you’ll be able to zoom in digitally and hardly lose any quality, really they’re gon na compete with the DJI method Pro when it Comes to all the low-light capability in just a resolution in photos and in video quality, they’re gon na compete with the DJI method to and the enterprise duel, as well with this Auto Evil, 2: dual sensor setup, so yeah, I’m super excited about this. The drone is gon na have a fly time and just running through the specs real, quick flight time of 35 minutes, which is really really long. It’S gon na have a special night, beat mode for nighttime photography and videography 44 mile per hour. Top speed, 60 mile range so 360 degree obstacle avoidance, no geofencing, as of yet in the United States and a take-off weight of 2 pounds and 3 ounces. So for a lot of people who weren’t happy with the DJI method, 2 Pro when it came out, I mean it seems like Alltel – is taking all the boxes and we’re super excited for this drone to hit the market.

I mean it sounds like autel is giving everyone or the community what we almost were asking for with the DJI phantom 5 right. We wanted these interchangeable payloads. We wanted these large format, sensors for mapping and photography and videography, but we also want something portable. So I also love how you can do everything with just one drone. I don’t have to go out and buy three drones to do three different jobs, and you know what that builds.

Trust haya and I have to say, OTO very well, done extremely excited and uh and hiya. As you know, I leaked the the dual camera and I hope you liked my photo because it was completely photoshopped. You see the photos here how your drone photo actually resembled. The actual products you’re not maybe because I may or may not have seen said product you can do what do what to adjust there? Yes, yes, but it was a lot of fun and it was I’m really happy that this is out.

This is something that I think the community is just gon na absolutely love. Now you talked about 6k video. You talked about 8k video as far as megapixels are concerned. What are the different sensor sizes and what type of megapixel or what type of resolution are you seeing from these sensors? Let me run through that real quick as well, so there’s three different gimbal setups with camera attached to them that you can interchange yourself.

The first one is the 586 gimbal that provides an 8k video camera that takes still photos up to 48 megapixels and record 8k. Video up to 25 frames per second 6k at 30 frames per second or 4k at 30 or 60 frames per second, with a bit rate of 120 megabits per second, so these specs blow any DJ method to drone straight out of the water. Basically, phantom inspire X, 5 X, 7 X 4, like they just took out the inspire with this drone yeah. The only thing we don’t know what is exactly what the the sensor size is itself. If you go through the manual from the hotel Evo 2, it only specifies, or specifically mentions two sensor size for the second option, which is the 3 a 3 gimbal that features an ultra HD camera.

With a one-inch sensor for 6 K, video still photos up to 20 megapixels and that one reports 5.5 K video at 60 frames per second or and wait for this one 4k video at a hundred and 20 frames per second, so you can do super high pass Slow-Motion, it’s it’s amazing and an adjustable aperture that goes from 2.8 to f11. So that’s! It’S pretty amazing!

Then the last one, the dual sensor gimbal, is the one with which they specifically go after the first responders fire departments, Department’s markets. This one combines an infrared camera that has 640 by 512 and records video at 720p, but combines that with the 8k video, so you can do both basically a zoom in yeah. This sounds like a great search-and-rescue drone specifically when you keep in mind that you also get a range of 16 miles. So if you need to find missing people in a large forest area and assuming that you’re allowed to fly in those conditions and fly beyond line of sight, you’d be able to use this drone and cover a lot of ground to find missing people. The best part is that we won’t even have to wait very long for this drone tear to markets, as we’ve heard that it’s going to be launched in January of 2020.

So it’s it’s gon na it’s gon na be available soon and yeah. I have it on my Christmas list for sure, I’m not sure I’m gon na work this out, but I I want to get my hands on this one for sure money. Okay, I want one holy cow. This is what every drone pilot has been asking for, especially public safety, and I have to say I am so so glad that someone is offering this in an auto from the bottom of my heart. Thank you and thank you from everyone in the community, but especially thank you because is going to be absolutely unreal with this drone.

So really really really really excited Wow. I guess it’s gon na suck for all those stores that only represent DJI huh. I don’t know, but if I had a drone store, I think I would want this in my inventory for sure. The one thing we don’t yet know is the different pricing points at at which our sells gon na launch the Evo I mean, I hope, they’re gon na stay somewhat close to where the method Provost positions. Although I can imagine that the dual sensor gimbal is gon na be, of course, quite some, some more expensive, if I’m not mistaken the enterprise jewel, I think retails for $ 26.

9 with these higher specs. I would imagine that the hotel drones might be slightly more expensive, but still I mean you got a super-powerful drone. That’S foldable lightweight easy to take with you and it has pretty much all the capabilities any drone pilots could ask for. So. Yes, super exciting news.

Unbelievably exciting, hopefully it has attitude mode or some way to disable GPS, as I still think that that’s incredibly important for it has yeah so well. I know they said that the Evo had the attitude mode, but I’m not sure I could ever figure out how to get it on my bird because I remember taking my my evo down to the Bahamas and it was an awesome. Drone really loved it. So what I really love, though hyah is the built-in screen love the built-in screen on the remote, that’s just so valuable in the Phaedo. So anyway, in their new remote, that’s going to be an OLED screen.

I’Ve got some pictures of that as well. So I’ll write another article showing exactly how the remote controller works, but it seems to be a really nice one than you do. You won’t need to put your phone in, so you don’t get those phone calls in between and all the other stuff yeah. It’S it’s nice, yeah, very nice, and it’s funny because getting phone calls. Mid-Flight is one of the biggest distractions ever and most people utilize their phone as their screen.

So it does definitely cause significant problems. But that being said, causing significant problems is just one particular problem for one drone pilot, as the has finally laid the long dick of the law, I’m talking about the guy in Las Vegas hiya. What do you have for us yeah? This is uh. This is a crazy story.

Basically, the finds drone pilots, Rubin Burciaga. If I pronounced that correctly, with a fine of fourteen thousand dollars and seven hundred dollars, which was then raised to around twenty thousand dollars because of late fee stats. This drone pilot incurred because he didn’t appeal and didn’t respond and didn’t pay his fine, so matters got progressively worse. It all started back in June of 2018 when Rubin wanted to try a DJI phantom 3 and he launched it from a seven story car park. So that’s a concrete building with all the metal involved, so right off the starts he had.

He had issues with GPS connectivity. We went through his flight locks to kind of see what happens. The drone was in control out of control back and forth the whole time and at some point it ended up in a team out and it just drifted with the wind, basically from the strip, so downtown Las Vegas and it drifted towards the International Airport, McCarran Airport And landed right next to an active runway, so it’s it’s almost like the worst case scenario. Basically, the FAA said that this drone pilot was both careless and reckless. They listed in their letter that they sent to the drone pilots at least four reasons for for finding him.

One was flying a drone without a permission. Second, what was in the controlled airspace? Thirdly, flying over people and then also imposing a hazard to other men’s aircraft. There are more violations in the letter. This is what we know for sure we’re trying to get a copy of the letter, but so far we haven’t been successful yet yeah, it’s like the the worst case scenario based, I mean flying a drone in an area we’re not allowed to fly to begin with, And then having it, lands on an active airfields is and a busy one at that is pretty bad.

Rubin claimed himself in a video. That’S he’s not able to pay a fine. This high, that is half his annual income. However, it seems that the FAA is already handed over defined to the US Treasury Department’s and apparently they will even look at his social security and income tax to recuperate this money. So yeah it’s it’s the first big story where we know that a drone violence is actually getting fined by the FAA and it’s quite a story yeah to say the least Wow.

You know it’s interesting because if he took off from a parking garage right where all of us pilots who are familiar with operating understand, you know why that is problematic and I’ve talked about you and I actually have talked about take off positions before in podcast. But about having high areas of takeoff positions, but when you’re on a parking structure like that, the amount of magnetic interference is astronomical, especially since he’s taking off from a parking structure surrounded by casinos built out of steel. All over you know the strip which is covered in steel, and it just makes you really wonder how much this guy really knew about what he was doing, because it doesn’t really seem like it was clueless. It seems like he knew kind of what he was doing while it may be clueless that he didn’t understand the ferromagnetic environment. He knew exactly where he’s flying, which you pull up on any map whatsoever, and it’s clearly, you know controlled airspace.

So yeah. If you look at this profile nests in his comments, both on YouTube and on the DJI forum and some other places, he he mentioned himself that he was gon na, try this flight one more time. So obviously, yet he had done it before right, downtown Las Vegas. There are other videos on this Instagram account where he’s flying six miles in the dark over a marina area, there’s a photo where he shows his modified remote controller, so he might have been clueless when it came to the rules and regulations, but he was include when It came to flying his drone and figuring out ways to do what he wanted to do, regardless of what the rules allow you well well for us, as as commentators and news hosts we’ve been asking to see an enforcement for a while from the FAA s. We believe that this show of force this enforcement would help the industry as a whole to help people understand that if they do act irresponsibly, if they’re careless, clueless or criminal, that there will be some sort of repercussions.

So while I do think that it’s good that this happened, it’s actually surprising that the FAA would go to such an extent to give the fine to the Treasury Department. Because you know, if you remember that, podcast that we had with the lead prosecutor, the FAA. You know he made it very clear he’s like you know, we don’t want to hinder people to the point where they can’t survive anymore. You know we just you know. We need to have a fine large enough where it deters people from doing the action again and for the FAA to go all the way to the Treasury.

Department really makes me question the character of the individual, who was behind the sticks, the character of the individual. Who was you know? Flying I mean it really makes you wonder what he did to get such a stiff penalty, and I don’t mean a stiff fine, because if you think about it he broke five federal laws right there, so 1,100 apiece sure makes sense. You know he’s right there around. You know 12 grand and the fact that his initial fine was only you know: fifteen thousand dollars that you know.

Okay, not a you, know, not crazy, compared to what we’ve heard about fines, but to have that fine sent to the Treasury Department. Wow Wow, there’s, there’s no getting out of that. There’S no civil court lawyer. That’S gon na save you! So that’s a big deal.

He had his chance to appeal and he had his chance to explain the situation and I have paid a fine or maybe even negotiate the fine. I don’t know how willing the FDA would have been, but there were options along the the whole process for him to to act and to respond and to try and do something about it. And apparently he didn’t so defines just yeah increased and late fees were polite and bang there you are 20,000 expensive for sure I don’t know I mean it might well be that the FAA knows a lot more than what were gathering from the information that we have, Which is why we want to get our hands on the letter and also want to go through his flight logs to see exactly what happens? It’S a big fine! If the FAA wanted to make a statement and the tirado drone pilots, I think they might have done it with this one.

I mean if you look at this article versus all the other articles, we’ve read on drone deejay in the last two and a half years. This is by far the number one when it comes to traffic. So if Dave, the FAA school was to reach out to a lot of drone pilots and make sure that everybody would get the message, at least from where I’m sitting from the numbers that I can see on drone deejay. They surely succeeded Wow Wow fascinating fascinating, but that brings us to our next piece of drone news and dear FAA, all the pilots, who not only preach safety but also follow safety protocols greatly. Thank you and I’ve heard it’s funny, though hiya cuz I’ve seen a lot of people in the industry.

Just you know saying how excited they are for the enforcement and half of those people in law. You know yeah. I don’t think you should be saying that, because there’s a lot of fakers in this industry, but that being said, that brings us to our next piece of drone news which it looks like another. New drone is making waves in the industry as it is able to be launched from a moving vehicle at about 50 miles an hour now high a while. There are other military options out there that really go way above and beyond this capability.

This is quite a leap forward for the consumer class of drones. What’S going on here yeah, this was this is a project that was developed together with NASA the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Caltech University, and they came out with this drone. It’S actually a lot smaller than then. I thought it would be. If you just go by the pictures, it’s only 10 inches and weighs 1.

pounds. It’S called the squids drone which stands for streamlined, quick unfolding investigation drone. Now, if you look at the photos, it kind of makes sense, you see this white truck moving at a pretty rapid speed 50 miles an hour. They have a cannon or almost like a grenade launcher in the back of the truck and then all of a sudden. The drone shoots out up in the air reaches the speed of 35 miles an hour and quickly deploys the four rotors and then basically is able to fly anywhere.

It might not seem like such a great invention until you start thinking about first responders and officers, for instance when they get to a scene of an accident and they’re able, while they’re coming to a stop to launch the drone and right away, provides an aerial View points to the command center, while they’re addressing the immediate needs at the location. You can see where a drone like this might actually bring a lot of value. We’Ve heard about other drone tests where the drone – actually it’s the first responder, so they sent out drones from a central point right away to a 911 callers location to already get the aerial point of view. That has been working great, but that, of course, has a very limited radius. Imagine if you have cars or trucks outfitted with a drone system like this, where you’re able to launch a drone from any vehicle, yeah you’d be able to get an aerial point of view really quickly and at least have an idea of the scene of The accident, how bad things are and what other resources need to be deployed so right now.

This is just a test showing what’s capable, but if you think a little further down the line, you can see how something like this might actually provide a lot of value for first responders, specifically yeah. Definitely definitely, and in the meantime, it seems like that group called drone responders may have just been one up to buy a machine, but vernacular is not important oftentimes, but while it’s not having a drone respond before anyone else could be life-saving, I just hope that we Do not overreach our human rights when that is being utilized, so I think it’s a very powerful tool and can help save police officers lives and I think police officers innately have more responsibility than most humans and many humans really don’t understand what it’s like to be. A police officer, they don’t understand what it’s like to be in that position. So I think this is phenomenal for police officers, but there it comes a great responsibility with the technology as well. That brings us to our last story of the day or of the Thanksgiving season and hiya I’m gon na give thanks to you, my friend thank you for the new show this year, it’s been one year now that we’ve been doing it, and it’s been awesome same Here Paul, thank you as well.

I mean it’s been a it’s been a blast. Doing two shows together and I’m looking forward to doing a lot more in 2020. It was a thing next year’s gon na be even more interesting when it comes to drone news. I could not agree more. My friend, I could not agree more like I like we said you know in the new shows this summer.

It seems, like things are really slowing down this year and that we were just gon na get hit hard in 2020. It’S not even 2020 yet and we’re already being hit really hard. But that also goes to show the growth of the industry, which is our last piece of news which you’re saying that the industry is supposed to grow to a hundred billion yeah. And that’s already in 2020 now granted most of it is all military applications. I mean there’s a lot more money going on in the whole military world to them.

In the consumer world. The drones are much bigger, much more expensive, so you buy a bunch of those and the numbers start to rack up pretty quickly, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the drone industry doesn’t grow fast. I mean, if you look at this graph in this article here on drone DJ, you can see how quickly is gross. A hundred billion seems like a massive number for a drone industry already by 2020, but go a little further to 2040 and it’s expected to reach 1
5 trillion US dollars so – and this is the global drone industry, so things are gon na really take off quite significantly, at least this is what Morgan Stanley thinks now going back to what we were talking about like the different applications for drones, for instance, with that Squid drone for police officers, if you think about other things like drone deliveries and drone for first responders and drones, to bring organs or blood samples or medication to different locations. I mean there are so many ways in which drones can be used and I think we’re still at the forefront of that industry taking off and again, if you look at this graph, you see how fast it’s gon na grow.

Then I think a lot of people are expecting the drone industry globally to to really take off, and what seeing right now is merrily. The beginning of this ya know it’s exciting to be here hiya and it is exciting to be a part of the industry, but it also goes to show that if you want to be around to see this industry grow, then you better focus on your business and Relationships with those in the industry as a whole, and I think, that’s extremely important to say hiya, but on this new show for Thanksgiving again. Thank you for joining me on the show. I really do appreciate it. Thank you so much for being here as well, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the new shows we have going on this year and this especially for 2020.

I think, like I said before, that’s next year’s gon na be a big one when it comes to Drona’s, definitely couldn’t agree more and also for everyone who’s out there. If you’re hearing this on Black Friday, don’t forget to check out the drone, you Black Friday deals just go to drone you Black Friday, comm or check out our Facebook Instagram. Oh, do you have any specials going on high afore you on drunk on Black Friday or what certainly, what things are exciting you? What accessories do you want to tell your wife right now that you want for Christmas and how can that help? Other pilots get their toys.

I mean tools underneath the tree as well. We’Re gon na be reporting on a whole lot of specials coming up. We have a few lined up with drone arts, unique specials that will be launching here on drone deejay. Of course, Amazon’s gon na have a whole range of specials as well across different industries or different categories. Dji has a number of specials going on, so we will be sure to have a list of all the the best deals and best offerings for both Black Friday as well cyber monday, so stay tuned and we’ll make sure we list them all drone DJs calm.

I’M excited I’m. Actually I wanted to ask you the question myself. If you know I know the Mavic 2 Pro is going down to a pretty low price point. Are you gon na be waiting for the Mavic 3? Are you gon na pick up another Mavic 2?

I’Ve already picked up ask I do too. I have money reserved for the new Hotel drone, I’m also reserving some money for the DJI method. 3. Pro do we expect to come out in January. I don’t think I need another method.

2 Pro I have one already. They are cheap, they are very capable. So if you don’t have one, I think it will be drawn. It comes recommend this. I don’t need a second one.

At this point, though yeah very interesting, I the only reason I bring it up. It’S one of the last Maddox that you can hack. I’Ve tried every way possible to hack my Mavic mini and finally, I just did it with a piece of tape. So hey what did you heck and what was the purpose? Well, I wanted attitude mode and I wanted you to turn off the stupid obstacle avoidance sensors, because you can’t fly that drone in any confined space cuz.

It constantly wants to land, so I’m trying to fly it through the tunnel and it’s just land land land like it’s just so annoying. So I finally just put some tape over the sensors and then I put a magic, a certain type of tape on the top of the drone, and I got exactly what I wanted so so it flies through the racecourse fine. Now or no. It still has that issue of it wants to. It doesn’t want to.

Let me reduce the the elevation throttle. Excuse me below, like, I would say, 25 % as soon as I do. It once to land still have that issue, but at least I now know how to fly it in attitude mode. So I’m excited about that and I will say you know what the Maverick mini did. Is it got a lot of people excited about drones again, and we’ve got to thank DJI for that.

So I think it’s great. Oh yeah, yeah they’ve reached a whole new market with a drone, that’s so capable and so affordable, and I think this Christmas, we’ll probably see those numbers, or at least we will see the orders go through drone DGA. So far, it’s been a really popular drone and I think yeah they’re reaching a whole new audience. The one thing I think we do need to point out both to DJI and the FAA. Is that hey, if you’re, reaching all these new drone pilots, you got to figure out a way to make them aware of all the drone rules and regulations, because a lot of people still have no idea where they can, it cannot fly and how far they can Fly how high they can fly all those good things.

So there’s an opportunity. There there’s also an opportunity to provide one seamless application that has correct information that offers fleet management, weather information and every piece of information that you would need to make a decision on whether to fly now. I know a lot of people use a lot of different apps to get all that together, but we’re excited because we’re gon na have a new guests on the show here pretty soon that has solved all of that and more and also has more SDK users than Any other application out there so really excited to see someone and just someone doing something, but I think everyone’s gon na like a lot in 2020. I, who is this come on well on that bombshell that is gon na. Do it for us today no but stay tuned everyone, because it’s definitely gon na, be news that you are not gon na want to miss and it’s gon na be interesting.

It’S gon na shake up all the apps, all the all the Kittyhawks, all the airmax, all that they’re all about to be like look, so I think it’s awesome. I love the fact that someone’s really focused on delivering the right information consistently in an easy API that also, I think, is gon na – have a huge impact on the industry’s ability to scale because think about this hiya. There’S a lot of applications out there that provide many different solutions, but there’s not really one application that provides all the solutions and well, I think we could be seeing that we will see all right. You got me curious and excited knows well, so when the show is done, you got to tell me more good. Well, that is gon na.

Do it for us today hi a Happy Thanksgiving, really appreciate you and look forward to seeing you next week on this episode of drone news, so thank you, you’re welcome and thank you as well looking forward to the next one I am as well. Well, everyone that’s gon na, do it for us today. If you found this, the show interesting entertaining or you learn something not widely known. Don’T forget to give us a like, give us or share and leave us a review on YouTube, Spotify Apple podcast or wherever you download the show, that’s gon na. Do it for us.

Today, though, my name is Paul. His name is haigha. Alright, get it right. Yeah! You got it right close enough close enough.

Well, that’s gon na! Do it for us today, thanks again for watching later [ Music ], you

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