Drone Major Group: Global Drone Industry Network Organisation

[Music] the world of unmanned systems is evolving rapidly all emerging new technologies bring with them a wave of information and ideas to absorb and digest they also create opportunities to be exploited by those who are primed and ready those who are prepared will catch the wave as it passes membership of online information portals and networking sites is essential for anyone with a stake in any industry and the drone industry is no exception is the world's first global commercial organization dedicated to connecting supporting and trading with all stakeholders in the global drone industry at every level and across every environment surface underwater air and space is uniquely structured to provide the focal point and center of excellence for all stakeholders in the global drone industry including buyers investors operators manufacturers service providers standards bodies regulators and governments ecosystem comprises the world's first company to provide specialist services to buyers of and drone related equipment including advice and strategic consultancy to enable buyers to navigate the widening applications for drone advising on what is possible where to buy it how to implement it safely and effectively and how to establish through life maintenance systems our world-class service has generated a wealth of opportunities for our suppliers by assisting buyers all over the world to take advantage of the enormous benefits of integrating drone technologies into their business or organization the world's largest online drone Network providing unique connectivity for the drone industry and a key part of the drone major group the network acts as the only business accelerator for the drone industry worldwide providing vital support and added value to startups and young drone businesses across all environments surface underwater air and space the emerging industry is largely made up of new and developing businesses that need as much support as possible to grow and succeed provides access to valuable information experts finance facilities and special interest groups that enable a community approach to business development and problem-solving as well as a wide range of privileges and benefits for businesses in their early stages the voice of suas an open network of industry professionals which acts as the barometer for the drone industry by accessing the opinion and knowledge of the entire global drone market the voice uses the extensive network infrastructure it is completely free to join and enables all stakeholders to have their voice heard through surveys polls discussions and the ability to write white papers for independent peer review and possible publication the voice encourages thought leadership by making its output available to standards makers such as the British Standards institution and other national and international standards bodies worldwide as well as regulators and think tanks around the world if you want to catch the wave that heralds the dawn of the drone age then register as a member of the drone major group sign up using the link below and start networking with industry professionals and stakeholders

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