Drone Launch Academy – FAA Part 107 Drone Exam Prep Course

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Welcome to drone launch Academy, my name is Andrew zammeti. I’m, an attorney with the law firm and at Phelps & amp Phillips in Washington DC. In addition to advising clients on the regulatory aspects of unmanned aircraft operations and ownership, I’m, a licensed private pilot.

I will be guiding hi and welcome to drone launch Academy. I’m Colonel Don Berghof, meteorologist and retired, colonel from the Air Force and CEO of two other solutions. Today, myself and major Nathan green will provide you critical information on how weather can impact your drone operations and safety and the tools at your disposal to have a safe and productive mission.

Today we will start as you fly your unmanned aircraft and subject it to climbs. Turns and possibly carrying certain items different forces are exerted on the structure of the aircraft. In this section we’re, going to talk about the effects that weight, balance and loading have on an unmanned aircraft.

When you’re flying your small UAS through the air, there are always four forces at work. The different types of weather we experience can be attributed to uneven heating of the Earth’s surface by the Sun.

This causes some pockets of air to rise and some pockets of air to fall. Also, the differences in heating and temperature caused pressure of the air to be different from one area in the neck, which is the angle of air.

If the angle of attack becomes too exaggerated, then the air will no longer flow smoothly over the wing and then connect back at the trailing edge which is required to generate lift. The air will start to break away from the wing, swirl and Buffett, destroying the lift.

The angle of attack at this point is called the critical angle of attack and it’s. Important to remember that term, because it is likely to come up on your exam property is greater than 500 dollars. Any accident report must be submitted to the FAA within 10 calendar days of the incident.

For example, let’s say you are hired by a film studio to take some aerial video for coming movie during the course of filming a car chase scene. You have mechanical issues that cause your drone to crash into one of the cars, the repairs for the damage to the car cost one thousand dollars and the replacement cost of the car is much greater than that.

This would be a reportable incident to the FAA. Since the damage to property other than the drone is over five hundred dollars in another scenario, let’s say you are hired by a real estate agent.

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